Scholar’s Advanced Technological System Chapter 1309

Half an hour’s interview will soon be over.

In the latter half, Lu Zhou said essentially the same thing as Louwen Xuan said at the press conference.

The only difference is probably what he said, and the persuasion has risen directly to more than one stage.

So, after a simple edition, the video interview landed on the same night and was broadcast in the golden period.

Lu Zhou, in his capacity as Director General IMCRC, also met the request of Director Lee to “creep” the Z particle and superspace theory on an open occasion.

Although in Lu Zhou’s own view, it was just a few rough things, the interview was long awaited for those who closely followed the latest progress of the Z particle study and the superspatial theory.

As long as three days ago, and even earlier, there was intense discussion about how the experiment would have an impact on the world if it succeeded.

Now, as the most authoritative Scholar in that direction, Lu Zhou came out and gave a clear answer to that question.

While this answer is not entirely consistent with the expectations of all of us regarding superspace, it can still be said that many people have met their vision of the future.

At the same time, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, far across the Pacific.

Although not Lu Zhou’s fan, a man who sat here in the suit was instructed to contact the Section for the first time after the interview show, which produced an English version of the show.

Half an hour of interviews were seen from the end, and when looking at the end of the show, the screen was rolling out, the President who was wrinkled into the head was not wrinkled.

See President brief remark, the adviser standing next to him reminds him of a word.

“China has completely dumped us in space technology.”

The heart cursed those toilets, and President expressionless said.

“You don’t have to say I know.”

Consultant: “I am not talking about the problems that old people often talk about… in the context of this interview programme and some information gathered before, we have reason to suspect that they chose Mars as a pilot site and are releasing signals of some kind of probation.”

The president looked for him, wrinkled him.


“Yes,” the consultant spotted nodded, “since the establishment of the orbital route of the land transfer orbit, the scarce minerals transported from the moon to Earth have made their moonwork start to taste sweet. In normal logic, they will certainly find a way to continue to expand that advantage. I don’t know if you noticed that, at the time of the first Mars rescue operation, the location of Mars was on the landing window, but they still used other spacecraft to supplement the rescue fleet to return to complete the entire voyage.”

Speaking of this, the consultant stopped and said, “But now, Mars are not at the landing window, and theoretically it’s much harder to get into orbit than a few years ago, but they still send a spacecraft.”

“Obviously, their input into space technology has never stopped over the years!”

After having listened to the last sentence, the President’s face has finally undergone a delicate change.

For a while, he stretched his hand to pick up the phone, assigned to the assistant to the Office of the President and spoke in the language of without the slightest hesitation.


“I have something important to discuss with him.”

And regardless of the signals released by China, the White House, far away from Lu Zhou in Nanjing, is switching on a little dress, sitting downstairs and running out of the door with electric sedans parked at the door.

Successful celebrations of superspace theoretical experiments were scheduled for the third day after the end of the experiment, that is, tonight.


However, for reasons of Lu Zhou’s absence, the celebration was eventually postponed to the present time.

As the cornerstone of the landmark in the history of Physics, it would be impossible to leave him alone, even if everyone could no longer wait.

After all, superspace theory is his work.

Others, while they have made a number of remarkable achievements in this direction, such as the Westprofessor’s Z particle gravity fluctuation formula, all seem to be lost in the face of this great discovery that changed physics – even the future destiny of human civilization.

Purple Golden Hill.

As the local Nanjing Hotel, which had held a number of international festivals, since the renovation at the beginning of the year, there has been a higher level than before.

speaking of that hotel is also a light of Lu Zhou, because Lu Zhou himself likes the environment, but where Nanjing and his related feasts are held, the location is basically chosen here.

It is also for that reason that this is a small, famous and noble hotel among local entrepreneurs and has become less famous at the international level.

At the party hall.

The guests in uniform stand together in groups of three or four, bringing together the little circles to talk to each other.

These include the Physics family of IMCRC and engineers of the Space Launch Centre, as well as politicians, as well as guests invited here for other reasons.

For whatever reason, those who are able to stand in this restaurant are not very well identified. And that’s what they’re talking about.

“You also found out,” Look at David professor standing next to the lengthy table, and David Claude said with regret, “That’s the possibility of changing the time curtain.”

At that time, when David professor showed him that idea on the white board, his heart was full of ideas, and even the idea of whether that guy’s brain was broken or not.

However, when the thesis on land professor was hanging out, his view suddenly generated a hundred and eighty degrees of transformation, which was defeated by the wisdom of this god’s friend.

Although it’s just a very vague idea.

But you can think of it with the land professor, and that’s quite a cow!

“We just find that even discoveries are not as good as a brain hole,” shrugged bladder, David macro said, “If the brain hole is to be found, it’s not just Einstein’s glory.”

On that point, he saw very open.

Rather than envy Lu Zhou’s achievements, he knows that even if he drills in that direction, there can be no gains.

Especially after he saw Lu Zhou’s thesis, he confirmed that.

In order to understand the complex algorithms, he has made every effort, let alone to organize his own rational language for this age, from the very beginning of the base.

It was at this time that David and Louwen Xuan were climbing to the macro of David and suddenly saw a familiar face from the crowd.

The man walked through the crowd, went to the front of three, smiled and raised champagne in his hand.

“Thank you, your formula has helped a lot.”

Being toasted by Lu Zhou, the face on the macro looks a little spontaneous, even if the glasses in his hands were brought up, even for a little bit of tension, they almost didn’t spill out champagne in the glass.

“No, I’m sure if it were you, it would be easy to solve it!

“Don’t think of me too much, nor do I know anything,” Lu Zhou laughed, picked up the glass lightly, and David professor, next door, continued to say, “Your sensitivity to the data is impressive, thanks to the fact that you did not treat the paranoia in the gravitational spectrum as an accident, or how long it is not known for the next time.”

David professor congratulates you.

“Just a small thing that’s not enough to hang on.”

“Every footprint that goes to the top of the mountain is of paramount importance and no step can be wiped out with the word” without adequate teeth “. I am confident that in the near future, people will make reference to your name when recording this history.”

It was sent to David professor and Lu Zhou continued to look to Senior Brother Luo.

However, he was not waiting for an opening, and Senior Brother Luo laughed and couldn’t wait to speak.

“And me?”

Lu Zhou was slight, and then said with a smile: “We’re too familiar, business blows up, and we’re free.” Come on, have a glass and wish you well. “

Listen to that, Louwen Xuan is in a hurry.

“Don’t! It’s important to me, isn’t it?”

Lu Zhou thought about it. It’s a little delicate.

“… there seems to be nothing to say.”

Louwen Xuan made a silent statement, and Lu Zhou met the next one.

“… I hope that this word will only be heard by myself.”

If someone hears it, remember it again.

That man is lost.

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