Scholar’s Advanced Technological System Chapter 1310

Louwen Xuan worries about what happened at all.

In such private settings, no one would take too seriously the reconciliations between friends.


In that connection, Lu Zhou also used a solemn tone in his address to the party, expressing his highest appreciation to those individuals and groups who had made outstanding contributions to IMCRC, the certification of superspace doctrines.

“… All the significant Great Accomplishment fruits we have achieved in the field of Physics since a thousand years ago are beyond the power of cooperation. Without so many good people, our work will be difficult and even impossible.”

“Thanks to all those who have contributed to this noble cause, whether it is cumbersome or seemingly insignificant, I believe that there must be some kind of undetected value behind it. And one day, whether in the future of tomorrow or beyond tomorrow, it will be excavated and absorbed by our civilization.”

“Although the name is not our quest in this field, I hope that all of us will be on top of it if a stone tablet is to be commemorated for this celebrating moment.”

The party room rings applause.

The atmosphere on the ground has been pushed to the peak with the impetus of applause.

People meet each other to celebrate this time when this note is destined for inclusion in the history.

At the end of the crowd, the Lords with white hair lifted their sleeves and lightened their eyes. At this point, Professor Li Rongen, University of Jinling physics, went next to the old man’s house, and laughed said:

“Did you ever think about it?”

Look at the acquaintance, Lower’s busy putting his hand down, seriously coughing.

“What do you think?”

“Think of your own student growing up to the height of today.”

Look at Professor Li Rongen with a smiling face, who was silent for a while and suddenly sighed.

With some sensational voices, he said.

“I just thought this kid would be a little bit simpler, and I tried to get him out of here and read it, and I never thought about that many.”

The eyes fell on the stage and looked at that young face, and suddenly there was a disgusting smile on the face of the Lords.

“Without thinking that he is less than thirty years old, I have doubled all my expectations for his life.”

Not just the Lords didn’t think that most people didn’t.

This just took a Nobel Prize card, not even half a year, and a new Nobel Prize was born soon.


It is also for that reason that the Nobel Appraisal Commission was in a rather embarrassing situation.

You said that if this Nobel Prize were to be awarded to him, he wouldn’t have taken a Physics prize last year. So many people are still on the back, and many people have left themselves dead and are not ready, and there are some things to say.

Moreover, in accordance with the practice of the Physics community, if last year was a theoretical Physics award, this year’s award would have to be awarded to cohesion. Two consecutive years have been awarded to theoretical physics, and they are not very well and well regulated.

But if you don’t give it to him, who dares to say that you are better qualified than superspace theory?

Even the Higgs particles are afraid to say that, they are more important than superspace theory.

After all, the discovery of this color is much more than just filling the loopholes in the standard model and saving a shaken building. And the discovery of superspace theory is tantamount to a direct update of people’s understanding of the concept of high world and space in the universe.

Using this particular physics nature, humankind even has the hope that quality substances will achieve a reality of super speed under low-speed status.

Said it was Creation of the World, which was quite modest.

Lu Zhou, however, did not have an evaluation for the Nobel Prize.

During media interviews after the end of the festival, Lu Zhou answered the question with a serious kiss when BBC journalists forwarded the glove to him and asked whether superspace theory would bring him a second Nobel Physics Prize in his life.

“It would be better to leave the nine million kroners’ medals and medals to those who need it more, without considering me, and in fact I don’t need more honor to prove what.”

And when it comes to exports, journalists around him have a shocking voice at Downton.


“Are you serious? You know, the Nobel Committee’s Review Committee may see this news, and if there is any misunderstanding that may be…”

“Do you think I’m like someone who loves jokes?”

In the face of countless interviews, Lu Zhou diluted laughed and continued to say, “I am certainly serious, and I very much hope that they will be able to think more about some good young people, whose findings need to be recognized and sponsored. In fact, if they don’t intend to do this, I’ll consider setting up a prize to do it.”


atmosphere on the ground is boiling.

If that’s what people say, it sounds a little paranoid.

But from Lu Zhou’s mouth, no one would think he was paranoid, or even think he was too modest.

If he wishes to follow the next Nobel Prize, there is hardly any vacuum, the Nobel Physics Award will be awarded to him by the Nobel Prize in 2024.

After all, this is the discovery that will change the historical process of humankind, and since relative theory there has been no theory that has been outstanding to that extent.

Now, however, after Lu Zhou made such a “declaration of abstention”, the Selection Committee for the Award could, at least, lose at least a few hair.

If Lu Zhou does not participate in the selection, the majesty and David professor of the “Z particle” formula will undoubtedly become a hot candidate for the 2024 Nobel Physics Award, the most promising of which is the 9 million kroners.

After all, the importance of this formula was recognized by Lu Zhou’s relatives, and the conclusions of that thesis also appeared in the form of a quote in Lu Zhou’s thesis on “Superspace theory”.

If it is not possible to award a prize for “superspace doctrine itself”, it is equally an indirect recognition of other work in that direction.


only more unfortunate thing is Senior Brother Luo.

If he joined the research project earlier, the nine million kroners’ bonus might have been one of them.

Unfortunately, however, the time he joined was too late and had hardly been able to produce any particularly significant research results, and it was open to looking at the potential of the entire research orientation, all of which had been dug by a person with his own strength.

When journalists on the ground, as well as nearby Physics, were shocked by the generosity of Lu Zhou’s statement, the news was like a wings, flying all over the world along the Internet.

And it turns out to be the same.

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