Scholar’s Advanced Technological System Chapter 1311

[“I never touched after the medal came home, and I’m not interested in the Nobel Prize.”]

[Alarm] Ontario professor “Wang” Nobel Prize!

“I’ll name a prize in my name to reward those young people who need help.”

[Lu Zhou: My trophy is too much. Don’t give it to me again!]


Looking at the news headlines on the phone screen, Lu Zhou’s eyebrows fiercely drew a few times, and the brains invisibly took a series of black lines.

It is clear that it is only normal to be interviewed, and it is common to present its views in the face of questions from journalists.

How can you be read this way?

Feel like you’re pretending to be forced?

The phone was also given to Senior Sister, Lu Zhou, who walked next to him, who finally couldn’t stand it and spit a word.

“Where’d you get so many news?”


‘ve been enjoying Lu Zhou’s side face, and Chen Yushan’s face shows a heartening smile and blinks.


“… why didn’t I?”

“Possible…” On this issue, Chen Yushan, with his arms, carefully thought about it for a while, and said, “Maybe because you don’t often search your name online?”

What do you mean?

Do you always search my name?


No wonder it’s not funny.

Conscious of that, Lu Zhou suddenly had some difficulty getting emotional, and look to the front side was somewhat subtle.

I caught him with a sharp eye change, and Chen Yushan walked next to him, just like he found a new continent, and he showed up his face. There’s a vibrant look.

“Huh? You have some red face.”

“No, you must have been wrong.”

“How could it be? Wait a minute. I’ll show you.”

Speaking of, Chen Yushan was going to take pictures of his cell phone, scaring Lu Zhou to rush her to stop her.

If this leaves her with evidence, her great handsome, handsome man’s image will be ruined!

“Look at what you’re exciting about, I’m actually filming it, not stealing it myself, not giving it to anyone. What are you so excited about?”

Look at Lu Zhou’s nervous, Chen Yushan pu chi laughed and didn’t go back to the phone, but said, “Speaking of that, didn’t you think you’d be so generous to consider what awards you set up with your name?”


When I heard the word, Lu Zhou had a little bit of a doubt, but it quickly reacted to what she meant, and it showed a little bit of an embarrassment on her face.

“Prize this… I think it’s too early. Although I do have that idea, do you always feel like I’m old enough to be crazy?”

“How could it be? Don’t you see how tennis friends are excited to start spending money on your plan?” Chen Yushan, smile, keep saying, “If you’re interested, you can tell me, even if it’s just an idea, I can help you set up a similar fund to manage this prize.”

“This… will wait until later. I’m still young, I’m not in a hurry.”

Lu Zhou at this moment has no heart to think about it.

Since he stepped on this little path to the astronomy, his thoughts had been completely occupied by another thing, so that he had always had a little distraction on the road.

If it were to be put on time, he would never have been so reconciled/drama by Senior Sister, and it would not have been possible to have nothing to do with it. There is no exaggeration that he only needs half of his power so that one word she can barely say.

The two men continue to move along the stairs, and soon came to the mirror of the road.

Looking at the fence door at the end of that ladder, and the metal plate that says, “University of Jinling Astronomical Observatory”, Lu Zhou floats a smile on his face.

Look to the face of Chen Yushan, with confusing faces, he speaks.

“This is it, we’re here.”

Said he took the key from his pocket, opened the lock on the fence door and walked in with the curious Senior Sister moved towards the building.

The Observatory is an in-school astronomical observation facility in University of Jinling, located on a small mountain in the school.

Although it is not sound, it is accompanied by an anti-radiological telescope of 65 centimetres diameter. The telescope is automatically controlled by computers and is one of the largest teaching telescopes in South-East Asia.

It is also this telescope that created the advantage of the University of Jinling’s astronomy system throughout the country.

In addition, there is a professional two-metre telescope here.

Today, however, Lu Zhou needs to be used primarily by the former.


an empty house with interest, Chen Yushan was curious to speak.

“It’s cold here like a ghost house.”

After taking out the key, Lu Zhou opened the door, laughed said, “After all, it’s the beginning of the year, it’s still the year. I got the key from Director educational administration department, and without accident, we could be the only guest in this building.”

To the observation room, Lu Zhou walked to the center of the observation room and set up that diameter 650mm anti-telescopes in the light of the steps of the note.

“Finish it.”

pats hands, Lu Zhou, two steps back, looking at his work for half a day, happy with nodded, turning around looking towards Chen Yushan.

“The time is just fine, and the angle is perfect. Come on.”

To the side of the telescope, Chen Yushan beneath his body, curious in front of the mirror.

And almost just in the instant of her visual contact with the stars, the alarm looks are spreading on her cheek.

She never had such a beautiful picture.

The rotten sky is like a brilliant flashlight, and one after another shining star is like a precious stone in a mineral hole, from which mysterious and beautiful rays of light are thrown in the dark.

It’s been a long time since she looked at the sky, and she was in love to move her eyes out of the glasses.


Up and up, Chen Yushan threw his eyes on Lu Zhou, whispering.

“I’ve never noticed that we have such a rotten view on top of our head.”

Lu Zhou laughed said, “Because, in general, we are not as far as we can see and only through such tools. You can try to put it up, so you can see it closer.”

“Can you help me?”

“Happy to work, my YouHighness Princess.”

To the side of the reflective telescope, Lu Zhou brought his eyes closer to the mirror and carefully refocused the frequency and angle of the telescope.

Chen Yushan, standing next to him, has been watching his face, suddenly feeling that heartbeat has accelerated somehow.

At this point, Lu Zhou of the telescope is being carefully tried and suddenly said.

“Speaking of that, do you remember what day it is today?”

Not exactly from that senses, come back to his senses, suddenly challenged by someone you like, Chen Yushan’s cheek, and some of them have lost their mind.

“Ah, when, of course, remember! At the beginning of the year… no, right, February 14… today, it’s Valentine’s Day!”


Seeing Senior Sister rarely showed a panic and looked back at Lu Zhou, who looked at her eyes, had to laugh, let go of the telescopes that had been tested, straight up.

“I thought you forgot.”

“How can I forget this important day?”

Unheartedly turned a white eye, Chen Yushan struck his chest lightly in Lu Zhou, protesting his capture.

But soon, when the sight fell on that telescope, her voice was as soft as a lover’s festival chocolate.

“speaking of that…”

“What’s the matter?”

“The love festival goes to the observatory to see the stars, and it’s always romantic.” Because of the lack of glossary, Chen Yushan doesn’t know how to describe his feelings at this moment, but always feels that the heart jumps fast, and the cheeks are hot.

She’s sure this doesn’t come from Ho. Raymond, it comes from a particular feeling.

Maybe that’s romantic?

Over the past many years, she has not had the feeling of anyone else.

Looking at that heartening pretty face, Lu Zhou’s face has also flourished a smile.

“Really? Actually, I was worried that you wouldn’t laugh at my straight man.”

After all, it’s too hard to see the stars together than to see movies or shopping. Not all of us can get to the beauty of the stars, as does Lu Zhou.

“How could it be? As long as it’s the memory you’ve created, I like it. And…”


cheeks were hot, Chen Yushan looked at the telescope, and then looked towards the windows open, “I didn’t find it before, but there was such a beautiful view…” Can I see it again? “

Lu Zhou laughed, did a quote.

“No problem, it belongs to you, no matter how many times.”

Without hesitation, Chen Yushan again walked next to the telescope, and the universe in the mirror had been brought together on a single spot when she once again put it on.

It’s like it’s full of stars, it’s all integrated together and turned into one of the brightest ones.

That beautiful color, once again, contains a vivid color.

“It’s beautiful.”

Because it’s so beautiful.

As for her, she had no idea what words should be used to describe this visual impact.

Go next to her, Lu Zhou.

“Skywarf five, 11.9 light years from our sun. I wanted to show you more than a neighbor, but now we’re in the northern hemisphere, we can’t see the South Gate II.”

“Is there anything special about it?”

“It is not like other famous stars, but only in many of the stars outside the solar system, a very common star, such as the three stars that Naked eye can see directly, and not even a well-known name.”

“I thought it had something to do with love.”

“It’s a little darker than those supernovies, and ancient people want to find it less easy, so they don’t have the opportunity to leave any old rumors.” Lu Zhou laughed, continue to say, “But it is thanks to that, history has given us such a valuable blank page, which gives us the privilege of being our legend.”

That sound went into the ear, and Chen Yushan felt that his cheeks were slightly hot, and it was hard to light pei for emotional reasons.

“… I didn’t think you’d become a whisper… and you were honest, and when I didn’t know, how many girls did you lie to me?”

“You’re the first.”

hmph… “

There is some sense in the heart that Chen Yushan slight his face and buried his face on the telescope.

Took note of that red ear, Lu Zhou, standing behind, showing a smile on his face, whispering.

“You like it?”

“I said, and your memories I like.”

“I mean this star.”

“Of course, you told me that you were going to belong to us at the top of the day.”

“Well, I want to give it to you.”

The time in the observation room was as suspended.

Hearing this sudden, Chen Yushan removed the muscle from the glasses, and some looked at Lu Zhou blink.

“Give it to me.”

Look at that heartening pretty face, Lu Zhou’s face shows a smile of sunlight, whispering.

“Remember that lover’s present I said before?”

“I want to send you a star.”

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