Seed of Longevity Chapter 744


Lei Dao relaxed, in front of the Lord, he’s under a lot of pressure.

The harvest was, however, substantial, and the Lord had responded to Lei Dao’s request and even sent a million contribution points to Lei Dao, which had given Lei Dao a surprise.

“How much life prolonging category treasure can be obtained by a total of 6,000 contributing points?”

“And the world in Heavenly Wolf Race, well, the life prolonging treasure in large and small worlds, has to be searched and I have to supervise myself.”

Lei Dao knows that the World Searched Life prolonging category treasure in Heavenly Wolf Race is the highest priority. Lei Dao was able to cross the shuttle space this time, despite a dramatic increase in power and even to upgrade his life to great accomplishment stage.

But Lei Dao remains inviolable.

So this time Lei Dao has to get better.

With space shuttles, Lei Dao has been on the ground of failure, and then the attack. In this regard, the power of the world in the World Series is undoubtedly the strongest cultivation system, and Lei Dao has to make good use of the life prolonging category treasure available for expansion of the world.

So Lei Dao went directly to Heavenly Wolf Race World, and started to “oversee” the World, where Heavenly Wolf Race started a search for a World, which was also a very big “engineering”.

It is not a person in Lei Dao, who is the priest of Great World, who is responsible for guarding the Great World, who can mobilize all the respects, the true God of the Great World, and help him “supervise” the World, and then “Search” the life prolonging categories of treasure in the World.

In this regard, the great dignity of the volcano is also somewhat untouchable.

He, of course, has received orders from the Guardian, just to make Lei Dao so “supervised” that there can be some contradiction.

Finally, however, Lord Firauro ordered that all Heavenly Wolf Race World, all of which would collect life prolonging categories of treasure and then send them to the Gods Great World.

It was a long process, and Lei Dao wasn’t anxious, quiet waiting.

In the past, Lord Heavenly Wolf Race was killed, his great dignity and respect escaped, dead, and basically Heavenly Wolf Race could be declared extinct.

As for Heavenly Wolf Race, who fled, the Guardian God’s temple in the North was ignored. All of the impossible was extinguished, with a fish that escaped the net, and, in any case, those who fled Heavenly Wolf Race were already ethnic, without roots and without any threat to humanity.

The only threat or scorpion.

When Heavenly Wolf Race was destroyed, humans directly bore the Scorpion, and although this time the Scorpion retreated, in fact, the Scorpion did not have much damage and no big pride had a meteor.

It’s just a little bit of a loss, thats all.

Scorpion, it’s a big threat!

Since then, the Highness of Guardian God in the North may not have much war, but the pressure must be greater than it was before, because the Queendian God in the North would face the scorpion directly in the future.

Time is a little past, and it’s a month to turn around.


five parties, Guardian God, have been standing in the North’s Paladian God’s temple, and there is no movement on the other side of the scorpion, which seems to have calmed down and left.


Scorpion impossible really fought on the North’s Highness Guardian God on a massive scale, and after all, once the war started, it was the Guardian God Palace, even the war against humanity as a whole.

Without absolute certainty, Scorpion will not be so reckless.

For a month, under the supervision of Lei Dao’s priests and true gods, the great dignity of the volcano has led Heavenly Wolf Race World to gather life prolonging treasure in all worlds, and thus a large number of life prolonging categories of treasure have been sent to the Gods Great World, followed by Lei Dao.

Now Lei Dao is in the secret room, and he announced seclusion.

Lei Dao has been waiting for so many days, and now life prolonging the category of treasure is almost there, even if Lei Dao converts life prolonging class treasure at 6,000 contribution points, to the Gods Great World.

Lei Dao, this time it’s ready to do a big job.

“It is certain that only 10 standard communities will become Great World and become great. That big pride must be the bottom of the advance, even I can kill! A little bit stronger, it must be a solid foundation, and it must be 20 standard lines to turn into Great World. As for the best dignity, it will be necessary, perhaps dozens of the world with Paramount hundreds of standard lines, to become great dignity.”

Lei Dao took a deep breath.

He’s in the body world, and now there are 10 standard lines, but that’s not enough, far from enough.

Lei Dao’s goal is not to become a great pride, but a lord!

What’s the potential of the ten standard communities? Don’t ever want to be the Lord!


you want to be the dominant, Lei Dao thinks, why do you have to turn over 100 standard worlds? And maybe that’s just the most basic criterion, maybe hundreds more.

Anyway, Lei Dao is a long way!

Lei Dao has been harsh this time, and it must be “hard” to expand in the body World, the World Series, which is, in fact, the owner of Lei Dao.

Even if he was an accomplice, there was a subordinate part.

The World is the master, Divine Body is the backup!

Of course, Lei Dao is very clear, how much can he “try” to what extent, or how many lifespan can he add to the life prolonging category treasure he received this time?


within the secret room, life prolonging category treasure, before Lei Dao, has accumulated as mountains. Lei Dao took a deep breath, and the state had been adjusted to the best.

“Let’s go.”

Then Lei Dao swallowed his mouth and immediately swallowed a large number of life prolonging categories of treasure.


Divine Body of Lei Dao is all like a tremendous shock, a large number of life prolonging categories of treasure, increasing the vitality of Lei Dao and increasing Lei Dao’s lifespan.

Lei Dao can feel clearly that his lifespan is increasing. However, he can also feel that, with his lifespan increasing, he needs more and more valuable life prolonging categories of treasure.

Another 10,000 years of lifespan, a life prolonging category treasure might have been needed before, and it might now take two or even three pieces, and consumption was several times higher than before.


time, however, Lei Dao prepared too many life prolonging categories of treasure, not to mention those scratched life prolonging categories, but only life prolonging categories treasure converted by Lei Dao with 6,000 contribution points, would add a lot of lifespan.

1 million years, 2 million years, 3 million years, 4 million years, 5 million years

Lei Dao’s lifespan, almost rapidly growing as a unit of “millions of years”, is also a big mouth, as in the same horror rare beast, consumes a lot of life prolonging the treasure category.

Soon, Lei Dao’s lifespan added countless years!

And that’s just the beginning.

Since a countless years lifespan, Lei Dao has been more disregardful of everything, with a huge Divine Body, why don’t you just swallow all life prolonging treasure categories into the body?

suddenly, Lei Dao lifespan grew more terrifying.

One countless years, three countless years, five countless years, seven countless years

Finally, Lei Dao’s lifespan reached 83 million years ago, and that was a complete stop.

Lei Dao immediately mobilized the exotic energy and looked at his body data.

Lei Dao (2 18 years old)

Life patterns: the priests.

Lifespan: 8,300 twenty, 36,000, 200, 70, five months in nine.

in the body world: 10 standard communities (can upgrade)

No death: great accomplishment (can upgrade)

Indeed, Lei Dao’s lifespan increased by more than 80 million years.

That’s how horrible it is.

“What are the limits of the priests’ lifespan?”

Lei Dao opened his mouth, and he went back to a question.

Do the priests have lifespan limits?

In fact, Lei Dao has hardly heard the truth since he came to the Guardian God Palace. As far as respect is concerned, Lei Dao has never heard of any limits.

However, Lei Dao felt that there must be lifespan limits.

It’s just that his lifespan has now increased by more than 80 million years, but it’s still possible to upgrade, even dramatically, Lei Dao’s suspicion.

God, isn’t there a lifespan limit?

After all, the priests are God!

Maybe Grandpa doesn’t know this question, maybe the Lord knows.

But the most important question now is not the lifespan limit, but how to “digest” for more than 83 million years.

“There seems to be only one Perfection above the great accomplishment of the Death God, and if it can be upgraded to Perfection, do not know what realm’s power will be?”

Lei Dao looks forward to dying, Perfection, and once Perfection, it must be a level of dignity, not even a general dignity, and it’s probably a top pride!

Otherwise, why would the old Kun Peng of outstanding fame be seen as the strongest cultivation technique in the family?

So Lei Dao focused on God, and was prepared to try not to die, and see how much lifespan it would take to upgrade it.

“Had you been consumed for 100 million years, lifespan, raised to death?”

“What, 100 million years lifespan?”

Lei Dao opened his mouth, almost staring.

It takes only one countless years of lifespan thats all to upgrade it to Perfection, and it takes 100 million years of lifespan.

Lei Dao still needs 100 million years of lifespan, and the others need more youngster to cultivating to Perfection?

200,000 years? Or one hundred years?

Lei Dao thinks this simply impossible, not even someone else, will keep cultivating to Perfection.

“No, not to die. The Kun Peng’s cultivation technique, almost built for the Kun Peng ethnic group. Other races take cultivating, and there must be different kinds of things that take longer, even if not cultivating. So, even if I used the energy, even if I was able to cultivating to Perfection, that would require a lot of lifespan.”

Lei Dao’s slowly regained composure’s coming.

It’s not dead, maybe it wasn’t used to cultivating people from other races. Even if the original greatness gave rise to death, it was not estimated that someone would be able to put its cultivating in Perfection.

However, this is finally an opportunity to cultivating to Perfection.

“100 million years, not really much. I was in the body world, and if it were to be extended beyond 100 standard lines, it would also take 100 million years of lifespan, and the World Series system would still be built for human beings. So it seems that the World Series is more powerful than the Kun Peng?”

Lei Dao’s head is shining, muttered.

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