Seed of Longevity Chapter 828


How horrible is it to have 100 large World Units united into a shaped frontier?

When Lei Dao exploded in the frontier, the head flowed out a vast frontier, another world, with a great sense of oppression.

Even the supreme King Demon, at this time there is a sense of anxiety.

The World Series, general human domination, is in fact only 10 large worlds, and then it comes to a build-up that turns into frontiers and achieves.

A little stronger, and a dozen of them all.

As for 20 big worlds?

Not at all, none.

And Lei Dao?

Not dozens, not even dozens, but a hundred big worlds, all together, turned into frontiers, how many times more powerful than an ordinary lord?

I’m afraid it’s not that many times or dozens, it’s not even 100 times that simple.

Moreover, human domination, by itself, is a very horrendous outbreak of power, far beyond the general horizontal domination.

Thus, as Lei Dao displayed the strengths of the frontier, the storm generally engulfing into the dragons, suddenly, the king Demon of the Dragon, who had just contacted, even if array resisted, the earthquake was shaken.


A lot of king God and Demon’s dragons felt like they were going to be torn apart, but array helped them resist for a while, and then they couldn’t support it.

“bang bang bang bang”.

A dragon with a king, God and Demon, was directly powered by Lei Dao’s frontier.


It’s all just a crunch!

Lei Dao is dealing with these kings, God and Demon, completely oppressed, those king God and Demon Dragons, without a single resistance, which is still in the case of array.

If there’s no array, I’m afraid it’s even more insurmountable.

“How did that happen?”

of the array, the Nine Days Great Emperor, each and everyone’s turn pale with fright, was very shocked. How could it be so hard to withstand a single blow when dozens of king God and Demon’s dragons, even formed great array?

And in the face of just achievements, Lei Dao, a king, God and Demon, was crushed, killing and wounding.


Next moment, Nine Great Emperor immediately mobilized array and no longer mobilized one 10,000 array forces, but immediately mobilized 10 per cent of the array, moving towards Lei Dao’s repression.

Even the top Great Emperor is being suppressed!

Although the pressure of the Lord of the Bull has thus been drastically reduced, they have to take Lei Dao suppress and kill first, otherwise the array will be broken by Lei Dao.


The next minute Lei Dao flew directly into the black coffin, and the black coffin rose dramatically, leaving great array with power, and landed on the black coffin without a single piece of print.

“haha, three old muds, Die!”

At this point, the Lord of the Buffalo faces upwards laughed heartily, where he can’t see that Lei Dao is helping him, and it is crucial that Lei Dao’s power goes beyond the idea of the Lord of the Bull.

And even that black coffin, it’s horrible, and even the array of the Dragon tribe doesn’t know nothing about it.

Thus, at this opportunity, the Lord of the Buffalo exploded in full strength, and one set of suppression lived in three top Great Emperor Dragons. Under the clouds, the array of the Dragon tribe can only regroup all power against the Lord of the Buffalo.


At this point, Lei Dao came out of the black coffin, and on the rise of golden light, he blinked into the sky dragons of those king God and Demon.



strengths of the frontier have erupted again.

This time, he was so quiet in the middle of many King God and Demon’s dragons, and then released out of the body’s boundaries with impunity.

Lei Dao stood by and majestic of the frontier, just like volcano eruptions, went crazy, moved towards all directions bacteria. If the dragon is covered by Lei Dao’s frontier, as long as it is the King Demon, without achieving Great Emperor, there is little resistance and direct pressure.


Full pressure!

Lei Dao was standing in void, but there were countless king God and Demon Dragons surrounded by the strengths of the frontier, which had created a huge countervailing.

One time, even the Nine Days Great Emperor stared.

“Stop it!”

However, the Nine Days Great Emperor also reacted immediately, but unfortunately it was too late for them to do so.


As a large number of king God and Demon Dragons were directly crushed by Lei Dao, a formerly powerful array of flawless people broke up, array was no longer able to maintain and collapsed.

the brake that array collapsed, the Nine Days Great Emperor was given a little backlash.

Of course, this backlash isn’t really anything, but the key is that there’s no array, and what do they take to kill the Lord of the Bull?

“haha, three old mud, array is broken, you’re dead today, and the entire dragon tribe is going to be destroyed!”


Lord of the Bull naturally felt the following, and he had a great excitement in his heart, and even he had no idea that Lei Dao could break the dragon great array.

Without the Dragon Great array, what can the three noble Great Emperor dragons do?

This moment, when aura had been crushed by the Lord of the Bull, seems to have been inspired by a general surge in imposing a further surge in its body, and there is a hidden tendency to break shackles.

Terrifying imposing tricks directly outweigh the three top Great Emperor’s dragons, even the Great Emperor, without great array, and the three top Great Emperor’s dragons have lost their chances and even become problematic.


No resentment!

All the dragons are unwavering to Lei Dao, and hate Lei Dao blade.

In particular, Kowloon Great Emperor, at a time when Qi locked Lei Dao, they were going to kill Lei Dao in order to leak regret of the heart.


Just, the Nine Dao Emperor just moved, and the silhouette of Lei Dao has flew out. There’s no great array, and these days Great Emperor couldn’t lock Lei Dao.

As for Lei Dao?

That’s impossible.

Lei Dao will not die, but cultivating to small accomplishment stage, the speed of the world, and the supreme lord will not be able to keep up with Lei Dao’s speed, and these ordinary Great Emperor?

“Slowly, too slow.”

Lei Dao travels like a leisure, traveling in a lot of dragons.


long as it is not Great Emperor, Lei Dao travels, and even does not have to do so, the strength of the body can be lightened, all the king God and Demon will be killed.

Lei Dao shake ones head.

It’s so easy.

It was also so easy when he came to an ancient continent, either in the face of Great Emperor or in the face of a king demon.

The top Great Emperor couldn’t catch Lei Dao’s speed, almost putting Lei Dao on the ground of failure.

As for the King Demon, the power of Lei Dao’s frontier now cannot be blocked at all, and any king God and Demon can be shaken only if the boundaries are lightly shocked.

Lei Dao first time felt that the royal demon of the absurd continent was too poor and too weak.

It would be too easy to kill these king God and Demon if the power could prevail over the king God and Demon.

From that point of view, the King God and Demon seem to be far away from the Lord of the cant compare with the Minh world, at least on life protection, far away from the Lord of the cant compare with the Minh world.

In the clear world, the masters can cross the shuttle space.

Even more powerful than the Lord, but as long as it is not possible to seal space, it is easy for the Lord to flee.

And these king God and Demon?

In front of Lei Dao, it’s not even fighting, it’s a slaughter on the side!

One, five, ten, twenty…

Lei Dao didn’t know how many gods demon had been killed, and he even had experience. As long as it comes near the King Demon, the power of the frontier shocks the body of God and Demon, and then the strengths of the frontier are surrounded by inescapable net, and the gods of God and Demon fly out of the edge of the frontier area, and then Lei Dao was directly captured in the body world.

While it is not known what these gods can do, it will certainly be useful if they are followed by slow observation, research and research. Living with the gods is much better than extinction.

So Lei Dao is now traveling in a lot of dragons, hitting a few royals once, and then harvesting the gods, so don’t be easy.

Lei Dao is not fighting, but a dragon!

“These gods, even if they don’t study anything, can be sold to the Lord. How many life prolonging types of treasure would you be able to change?”

Lei Dao even had a tacit calculation of how to maximize the interests of these gods.

As for danger?

There is no danger now, and now the danger is the Dragon tribe.


When Lei Dao flew over the dragon pool, moved towards all around, and found that there was no one around, no, there was no one.

“Huh? Where are the dragons? Why not?”

Lei Dao was surprised to find out that there was no dragon anymore.

Even if Lei Dao’s nine-year-old Great Emperor had been chased, shadowless had disappeared and had no idea where to go.


Lei Dao raised his head, just to see the cow master divine might, fist hit Great Emperor a day, which was the top dragon Great Emperor.

Then this noble dragon Great Emperor screamed, “The Lord of the Bull, the saint will not let you go.”

Next moment, the top dragon Great Emperor was blown up by the cow master fist.

Lei Dao’s heart moves, silhouette flies right away to the Lord of the Bull.


A little golden light flew out instantly, and Lei Dao’s frontier was placed immediately around all around, and that golden light hit the edge of the frontier, and there were some gods.

“Take it!”

Lei Dao knew it was the goddess of Great Emperor, and he wouldn’t let go. Besides, the Lord of the Bull was here, and he followed convenient.

“haha, your saints will not do it, and you will die, and the saints will not do it, give me Die!”

The Lord of the Bull is extremely crazy, and both hands capture the two top dragons Great Emperor, tore directly, suddenly, the body of the Dragon Great Emperor is torn apart, the two gods want to flee, and Lei Dao, who was buried in the vicinity of the border, was caught in the body World immediately.

The Triple Great Emperor, Death!


The Lord of the Bull stared at Lei Dao at the moment, and that hot look, even made Lei Dao feel different.

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