Seed of Longevity Chapter 829

“Lord Bull, you’re not going to rob me of Draon primordial spirit?”

Lei Dao, watch out for the wings.

These gods are not easy for Lei Dao.

Even if the three noble dragons Great Emperor were killed by the Lord of the Bull, the three gods were captured by Lei Dao.

The Lord of

the Buffalo isn’t always that small, is he?

“Well, the Seat doesn’t care about the three gods in that area? The Seat is just an empathy. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Lord of the Buffalo is generous.

He came to the Dragon tribe with a very determined heart, and he didn’t succeed, and who could think of it? However, if Lei Dao hadn’t broken the Dragon tribe array, it would be inconceivable for the monsters to rule today, to flee, to get back to life and to remember the ancient ancestral mystery during their lives.

No one can remember the ancient ancestral mystery between life and death, much more when it comes to the fear of death, and then actually die.

In fact, the Lord of the Buffalo was more interested in Lei Dao’s “black coffin”, but he did not ask. In the eyes of the Lord of the Buffalo, the black coffin is so strong, and in the face of the great array of the Dragon tribe, it is possible to resist it, even without a white print, why is it so horrible?

You know, even if the supreme lord broke into the dragon great array, maybe it was tough and even dangerous. After all, even the Lord of the Buffalo almost fell in a dragon great array.

Such treasure, of course, can only be owned by the ancestors.

Lei Dao was able to obtain such treasure, but only Lei Dao from the original space, and he was afraid to listen to treasure from his ancestors.

“Lord Bull, if the dragon tribe is broken this day?”

Lei Dao asked.

“What else? You’ve taken the gods from the top three, Great Emperor. What is the resilience of the Dragon tribe? feel at ease, this day the dragon tribe is extinct and there is no second way. But if you want to scratch the Tresure tribe, you have to hurry up, or you can’t wait until the Rescue under the sanctuary of the saints arrive and say there may be another battle.”

Just say, “pu tong” flies into the dragon pool directly down. His purpose this time is the Dragon Club, except for trying to remember the mysteries of Zoo during his life and death.

Without knowledge of the ancient ancestral ancestors, the dragon ponds can also bring the flesh of the Lord of the Buffalo back once, and this is also a rare opportunity for the Lord of the Bull.

Maybe this time after this reshaping of flesh, the Lord of the Bull is stronger and closer to his ancestors!


Lord of the Buffalo has entered the Dragon Club and Lei Dao has already used the Dragon Club so that Lei Dao can no longer use it. He has to search the treasure of the Dragon tribe, especially life prolonging the treasure category.

The Lord of the Buffalo is right, and the saint will certainly send a reinforcement.

Moreover, the chiefs of the city, and impossible really, occupy the dragon tribe for a long time, would otherwise fall into a war with the ravages of the continent, and would be attacked by the gods and Demon sources of the ancient continent.

That way, the clear world really can’t afford it.

So, the Ming Jinerant monk was never the first to build a base point, and then to have a ancestor, so God and Demon of an ancient continent were afraid not to attack easily.

And then, occasionally, out of the position, ”Search” treasure, so long and again.

Tinerant monk was never thought to occupy the entire homeland, because it was impossible to do so at all. As for the possession of the land, that would also require a lot of people, from the point of view to the wilderness continent, where would that many have hands?

To do so, the dianerant monk must be repaired in the clear world, and the absurd continent could repair itinerant monk with local advantage.

现在天龙部落被攻破,众多主宰都在哄抢treasure ,Lei Dao 也得抓紧时间。


Next moment, Lei Dao turned into a light and disappeared over the dragon pool.


fact, near the Dragon Club, it’s the core area of the Dragon tribe.

“Medicine Garden, the Dragon tribe must have Medicine Garden.”

In Lei Dao’s heart, Spirit Sense was cleaned, and Medicine Garden of the Dragon tribe was immediately found. As a large tribe, the Dragon tribe must have Medicine Garden.

Medicine Garden has a variety of precious heavenly material, earthly treasure, which is used to refine the “medicine pill” unique to the homeland. Some “medicine pill” effects are very good.

However, it is not necessary to repair itinerant monk in the Minor world, all directly refining these heavenly material, earthly treasure, which has little effect.

“Huh? There’s still fighting, there’s a dragon guarding Medicine Garden?”

Lei Dao feels a little weird.

He just looked around and saw the dragons running away, and that’s all. The dragons of the Dragon tribe don’t escape, is it not the dead end?

And Medicine Garden, there’s still fighting.

When Lei Dao came to Medicine Garden, he discovered that Medicine Garden was a fierce battle at the dominant level.

Of Medicine Garden, there are dozens of dragons with respect for Great Emperor layers, and it seems that great array is also formed to resist the attack by the masters of the outside bees.

Moreover, these Great Emperor levels, and nine respects, Lei Dao, are very familiar, were the ones who formerly formed Great Emperor levels in Dragon Great array.

Just don’t know why the nine noble Emperor levels fled from the dragon pool, and then came to Medicine Garden.

“En? Senior Sister?”

Suddenly Lei Dao saw a very familiar silhouette among the masters, and it was Azure Lotus Ruler.

At this time, however, Azure Lotus Ruler, together with other major lords, is struggling against the great array of the Ten Days Great Emperor, which appears to be very intense.

“What are you insisting on these days, Great Emperor?”

Lei Dao felt a little weird.

It’s always a demon!

Lei Dao thinks this has to be investigated clearly, and he hides that maybe the opportunity comes again.

Soon, Lei Dao found the reason.

After that dozen Great Emperor levels of dragon body, there was a golden tree.

The key is this golden little tree, where dozens of gold and red fruits have come to light, which seem to be filled with a disillusionment and a precious look.

But the point is, Lei Dao doesn’t know!

Lei Dao concealed that this golden tree was crucial, but preferred Lei Dao not to know.

“Just ask Senior Sister.”

So Lei Dao went directly to Senior Sister Azure Lotus Ruler sound transmission: “Senior Sister, you’ve been attacking Great Emperor’s great array, and why? Is that golden little tree? What treasure is that?”

“Lei Dao?”

Azure Lotus Ruler was a little surprised, and her Spirit Sense swept and finally saw Lei Dao under Medicine Garden.

Azure Lotus Ruler complexion sank: “Lei Dao, how did you get to Medicine Garden? This is the core area of the Dragon tribe, where you can meet the Dragon at the main level, where you have a big pride and you dare come here, and don’t die?”

“hehe, Senior Sister, I was just in the dragon pool, promoted to the Lord. At the speed of my Kun Peng Divine Body, even powerhouse at the dominant level cannot catch up with me.”

“Are you still in the dragon pool?”

Azure Lotus Ruler doesn’t know what to say anymore.

Dragon pool, is that a big pride in Lei Dao district? And it is a battle of the Lord of the cows, and even if they were the supreme gods, they would have to hide far away.

Lei Dao is fine. How dare you go to the dragon pool?

And most importantly, Lei Dao is still alive?

This is fantasy story!

Even Lei Dao gained the advantage of reorganizing the flesh in the dragon pool and promoting it to the Lord. Azure Lotus Ruler felt very silent, and she even felt that Lei Dao was not the son of God and had such a good luck?

However, as soon as the Kun Peng Divine Body of Lei Dao is concerned, even Azure Lotus Ruler is amazed. She knew Kun Peng Divine Body’s strength, and once the Lord had been achieved, then at Lei Dao’s speed, as long as there was no siege, there was nothing to fear, even the Lord could not catch Lei Dao’s speed.

Even in this chaotic tribe, Lei Dao really has the capacity to fish in troubled water.

Think of it here, Azure Lotus Ruler also started talking: “The golden tree in the distant middle is called the Dragon tree, and the dozens of fruits on it are called dragons. It’s the foundation of the Dragon tribe, a dragon fruit that can give birth to the Dragon tribe, a king demon, even if it’s good luck, a dragon Great Emperor!”

“Moreover, the effect of the fruit is not only useful to Dragon Race, but, in fact, to our masters and even the masters of the flesh of the Minh world, the role of the dragon pools alone. Dragon pool, we’re dont go to think about it, but the dragon fruit, can try it, maybe get one or two.”

Lei Dao got it.

So these top lords are staring at dragons.

And the dragon Great Emperor has to protect the dragon fruit, which is the foundation of the dragon tribe.

The Dragon tribe is two big to the baby, the Dragon pool and the dragon fruit.

These two, combined with treasures, will be able to grow to such a point today, with the size of the Dragon tribe, together with these two, which, if normal development, will only grow stronger.

Without the birth of a saint, the only influence of the Dragon tribe, that would certainly be one of the top tribes of the entire absurd continent, otherwise the saint would not be given high hopes for “blocking doors” in front of the city, and would be dedicated to monitoring the many masters of the city.

Regrettably, today the tornado ponds are dominated by cows, and if the dragon trees are robbed again and the fruits are left, then the entire dragon tribe will be over and will never be repeated.

Now the Dragon tribe must have received information, and a large number of other tribes, powerhouse, have come to support the Dragon tribe, and as long as they support it for some time, they will have the opportunity to protect the Dragon Tree.

“So, the dragon fruit is precious, even the Lord?”

“Good, this is one of the treasure most needed by the Lord.”

Azure Lotus Ruler seems to have seen Lei Dao in his eyes, Lei Dao, is this an idea of the dragon fruit? But the dragon fruit was covered by the array of Great Emperor’s Dragon, and they couldn’t even attack so many of their masters, especially Lei Dao?

“Tornado, good treasure, as long as I get these dozens of fossil fruits, I don’t even need to search life prolonging the treasure category personally, release the information, and naturally there will be a lot of lords who will collect life prolonging the treasure for me to exchange the dragon fruit.”

Lei Dao has no heat in his heart.

Azure Lotus Ruler was anxious to remind me, “Lei Dao, don’t mess up. That’s Great Emperor’s great array, even if you move faster, and once you break into great array, your speed will be crushed by great array, and I can’t even help you.”

Lei Dao’s eyes slightly squint, look to the top of the dozen days of Great Emperor.

“Is it a dragon great array again? Huh? Why is this scene so familiar?”

Dragon great array, treasure, strong lord

These images, this scene, let Lei Dao get familiar, aren’t they the same as the previous dragon pool?

At the Dragon Club, there were many powerful dragons, God and Demon, forming great array, even holding the Lord of the Buffalo, and the Lord of the Buffalo will soon be unsustainable.

The dragon pool is also treasure.

Dragon pools, great array, the Lord of the Bull.

Dragon fruit, dragon great array, people how big masters.

What’s the difference between these two?

“Looks like I’m out again!”

Lei Dao took a deep breath, and he always felt like he couldn’t leave him anywhere, so big’s absurd continent, missing his landlord, it wasn’t so good!

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