Seed of Longevity Chapter 830

Know the scenes, familiar dragons, familiar lords, even a familiar scene!

Lei Dao has no hesitation, and in this case Lei Dao already has a very familiar “operating glove”.

“Little black!”

Lei Dao I shouted in a low voice.

suddenly, the little Black Heart Council, the black coffin came out of it, and flew out of the body area.

Black coffin opened, Lei Dao turned into a light flying into a black coffin.


The next moment, the black coffin flew out and hit Medicine Garden, and even the great array of a lot of dragons Great Emperor, was hit by Lei Dao.

“Who dares to go into great array?”

“A black coffin?”

“Now go into the great array of Dragons, why not courting death?”

“I don’t know who’s so reckless?”

He saw the black coffin, and he ran into the dragon great array, and he put his eyes on the black coffin for a while.

But for the blackcoffin who manipulated it, there may be no attention to God how big it is.

Only Lord Azure Lotus, the word “ge-deng” in his heart, has changed very hard.

She saw everything all the time.

It’s Lei Dao!

Lei Dao drilled into a black coffin and then manipulated it into a dragon great array.

Just, Lei Dao, how dare you do that?

Even if Azure Lotus Ruler had the heart to stop, she would not petence, and Lei Dao had manipulated the black coffin and flew into the dragon great array.

hong long.

The black coffin fell from the sky, and it fell into the ground.

Seeing this black coffin, the chiefs of the Ming world look at each other in dismay, I don’t know what’s going on, but those dragons Great Emperor, with nine respectful dragons Great Emperor, have changed their face, almost cried: “Why is this terrible extraterritorial demon?”

These nine priests, Great Emperor, have no idea about this black coffin, even though they have the worst memories.

That’s the master of this black coffin, the evil extraterritorial demon, the great array in the Meddle Dragon pool, which led to the collapse of Dragon Great array, the loss of effort and the rejection of the Lord of the Buffalo.

And now, this scene seems to be rejuvenating, and this black coffin appears to appear, not to predict their failure?

“Come on, take all the dragons off and go now!”

“The dragon fruit is not completely mature, and now it’s too big to take off the loss to wait? Maybe the Rescue will be here soon, and this is what the great saint said to us personally.”

“Of course I will not doubt the great holy man, but this evil extraterritorial devil is here, that he will let us lose our presence in the Dragon pool, otherwise how could the situation deteriorate to this point?”

“What, is this extraterritorial devil destroying the dragon pool?”

“Damn it, this extraterritorial devil!”

“The destruction of the layout of the dragon pond has prevented us from killing the Lord of the Buffalo, which is why it falls to such a difficult situation. However, the dragon fruit is now taken off, the loss is huge, isn’t he an extraterritorial devil? Even if it doesn’t break his treasure, can we use array to keep him in jail and let him walk hard?”

“Good. Cut him out. Make him feel bad!”

For some time, the dragon Great Emperor seems to have found new ways.

“hong long long”.

So many days ago, Great Emperor launched a array attack, shelling over the black coffin. Just, like the dragon pond, Lei Dao’s black coffin didn’t even leave a mark.

This screen also prevents all the rulers and dragons present from enduring colour.

“Did the Dragons just hear that the master of this black coffin, ruined the plastic of the dragon Great Emperor, let the monsters take the dragon pond?”

“Seems like that.”

“Dont tell me that the black coffin is a supreme master, the one with the Lord of the Bull?”

“In any case, the black coffin appears to be a variable. Now these dragons are trying to block the black coffin, so we can’t let them grieve, wish, together, take the power of the dragon great array.”

For a while, the masters of how big masters started to grow up. Nor are they stupid, and they naturally know that it is time to cooperate with the actions of the black coffin master, and even that they view the black coffin master as the key person for a reversal of the situation, and have placed great hope on it.

Only Azure Lotus Ruler’s mouth slight.

She hesitated, should she say Lei Dao’s identity?

Blackcoffin Master, just a promotion to the Lord, is it a bit of a fall in their hopes to be placed on a man who has just succeeded in God?

However, Azure Lotus Ruler finally didn’t say anything.

Lei Dao has been involved in this battle, so now that all the lords will work together, otherwise there will be no hope for Breaking Heaven dragon great array.

With the power of the masters, suddenly, the dragons Great Emperor are under a lot of pressure.

They would have to separate a large part of their power from the blackcoffin, but with the strength of their Lord they would have to split up a part of it, leading to a weakening of the power to ban it.

“Little black!”

Lei Dao is very calm.

Look at this, little black flash.


Next moment, the black coffin is struggling to get out of the dragon great array, but this time, Great Emperor unwavering suppression of black coffins, and no attack on black coffins, it’s just trying to lock the black coffin.

Even when it’s dark, it’s hard to get rid of great array.

Lei Dao can temporarily resist the erosion of death in the black coffin, but cannot stay in the black coffin for a long time.

“Little darkness, no dead pearls, even if they will not die, they will fall under the dragon tree.”

Lei Dao clenched ones teeth, order the darkness immediately.

“Yes, Master!”

Little darkness also knows that it is almost equal to the “energy” of the black coffin and that once it is consumed, it is difficult to supplement it again.

But now Lei Dao has ordered that there is no misgivings in the dark.


Next moment, a layer of dead gas wrapped up a black coffin, with a surge in death and a horrific imposing way out of a black coffin.


Next moment, the black coffin is like the same string arrow, spreading out of the land, and blinking eyes have come under the dragon tree.

“Come on, take the dragons off!”

There are dragons Great Emperor loudly shouted.

Just, it’s late.

With the black coffin coming under the dragon tree, and then one hand came out of the black coffin, and palm came up, and blinking eyes turned into a hidng sky and covering the earth’s hand, and moved towards a dragon tree.

Hundreds of dragons have disappeared in the instant and have been captured by great hands.

“Drop the dragon!”

Those top dragons Great Emperor, each and everyone are outrageous, killing intent. Just, the most recent noble dragon Great Emperor, has a certain distance from the black coffin.

Even with the attack, Lei Dao has regained his hand and returned to the black coffin.

“Dragon fruit will come to hand, immediately withdraw!”

Lei Dao had a chimney in the fire this time, and it was clear that the dragons had become smart, not attacking the black coffin, but blocking the black coffin.

Once it’s too long, Lei Dao can’t stand death in the black coffin.

To that point, even Lei Dao would be in danger.

For a while, Lei Dao was also more careful, and he knew deeply that no opponent could ever be looked at.

Next moment, the black coffin is stuck again.

Dignity Dragon Great Emperor, who can’t stand it, comes directly to the black coffin, even in spite of everything, trying to open the black coffin. Just, no use, no black, these days Great Emperor couldn’t open the black coffin.

But then Lei Dao was really trapped.

“Do you want to leave the black coffin? Just, can I resist the siege of the top Great Emperor?”

Lei Dao somewhat hesitating.

What is more important is that Dragon great array hasn’t broken yet. Once Lei Dao left the black coffin, it could be stuck at any time by dragon great array, and Lei Dao would be in trouble.

He can’t show faster than he can.

hong long.

Suddenly, a position shaken, and many lords used the opportunity of Great Emperor’s distraction to blow up Dragon Great array.

suddenly, a lot of dragons Great Emperor faces the ashes of death, even each and everyone, staring at the black coffin.

“That’s the black coffin, and we’re losing a lot. Dragon pools and dragons were taken away by those extraterritorial magic because of this black coffin.”

“Damn, we can’t shake this black coffin, or even drag it away, and then give it to the great saint, and see how long can the extraterritorial devil be hidden in the black coffin?”

“Unfortunately, it’s too late to leave now.”

A lot of days ago, Great Emperor, now knows that the Great Emperor has gone.

Even dragons are swept away. What else do they have to stay in love for?

Only now, otherwise, stay here is a sacrifice of nothing.

Even if I don’t feel guilty, I can only leave at this time!

As many days as Great Emperor left, many lords moved towards the black coffin.

However, Lei Dao also knows a move outside the black coffin.

He almost didn’t think about it, and he flew out of the black coffin immediately.


Even silhouette didn’t see that Lei Dao had arrived next to the Dragon Tree.

“Gentlemen, this dragon tree, the Lei smiled!”

After all, Lei Dao captured it directly, moving the area of ten zhang, even the trees with mud. With the power of Lei Dao now, a dragon tree in the relocation area is naturally with no difficulty.


“Just Venerable Lord?”

“Lord aura, right.”

“Isn’t this Ray? Now you become the master?”

“Lord Ray? The disciple of the original ancestor, who auctioned the thunder of the bloody tree?”

“Ah, he took the dragon trees directly, plus the dragon fruit, Lord Ray, and that’s why he’s doing something hard to re-auction the dragon trees and the dragons?”

For a while, many lords have reacted, and some of the mistakes have changed in their eyes.

Under the eyes of the crowd, many lords naturally dared not to kill Lei Dao, after all of them were the ancestral disciple. But it seems possible to leave Lei Dao with a dragon tree.

It’s treasure, too!

“Gentlemen, the dragon pool is still in use, and you’re in such a hurry, and you don’t even have a dragon pond.”

Lei Dao like a smile yet not a smile, after saying, the whole man quickly turned into a light and disappeared in Medicine Garden.

At speed, even the top lord now wants to follow Lei Dao, even with a dragon tree.


“Can’t catch up, it’s too fast.”

“Lei Dao, a newly promoted god, is so afraid to be involved in the battle of the Dragon Tree, taking the dragon and the dragon trees under the eyes of Great Emperor, the supreme master of the many days, which is a chill in the fire!”

“But the landlord succeeded, and if I was right, the landlord cultivating technique of the Kun Peng. Did you leave the Kun Peng technique? The Lord of Ray promoted the Lord with the Kun Peng technique at no rate, and the supreme lord could not catch it. If there is no siege, no one can stop the Lord.”

“thats all, thats all, didn’t you think we’d do a lot of work, spelled out, and then convenient, Lord Ray? By the way, Lord Ray said,” The Dragon pool, in the Dragon pool, we still have a chance to restructure our flesh? “

“The Dragon pond was acquired by the Lord of the Buffalo, the Lord of the Buffalo had already been the supreme master, and he used a dragon pool to be basically useless, and we had to go.”

“Yes, the Dragon Club is always taken away by the Lord of the Buffalo. We have a chance to go to the Dragon Club.”

For a while, many lords and lords left Medicine Garden and moved towards the dragon pool.

Now they can only hold gaze at, and the cow lord has a little “top master”, not take the dragon pond, otherwise, they won’t have nothing to lose this fight to death.

Just, when they rushed to the Dragon pool, they suddenly heard a little noise.

“hong long long”.

suddenly, a giant dragon pool, “moved” by the Lord of the Bull, to the air, and then went empty in a nice smile.

“hahaha, who wants to reorganize his body with a dragon pool to find this Seat, remember to bring treasure…”

The sound of the Lord of the Bull is back in everyone’s ears.

Lots of masters look at each other in dismay, and there is no pain in the face, nor know what to say.

What about the top lord of the deal?

What about the bull master’s festival?

How can one now have a sample, just like the Lord of Thunderbolt, this is an outbreak, a sweep, and a treasure.

The dragons are gone, the trees are gone, the dragons are gone, the dragons are gone, the gods, the lords, and their lives come to the tribe of the Dragons.

“Yeah, and Medicine Garden, don’t rob this Seat, this Medicine Garden, the Seat wants it!”

suddenly, all the Lord, the Lord, put their eyes back on Medicine Garden.

A fight. It’s inevitable.

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