Seed of Longevity Chapter 917


Lei Dao suddenly stopped, while at the top of Lei Dao, there was a huge phantom that seemed like a world.

No, not a world, but a world!


next moment, the intensity of the internal boundaries of rado Body erupted, the power of the entire 10 times the territorial boundaries, the power of terror, the majestic engulfing, quickly formed a domain, falling down and fast-stalled with the five-party domain of the sun.

“This is…”

The sun is shocked.

It’s incredible that Lei Dao has displayed a very different force than it was before, you know, every one who asks Daoist, actually has one power.

After all, we’ve found our own saint’s path, or our ancestors’ path, and how can we distract the rest of cultivating without wholeheartedly’s own core strength?

The former ancestral Divine Body of Lei Dao, which is a typical force for the artificial repair of itinerant monk, is also known to see that the Daoist, the power and Lei Dao’s ancestral Divine Body are almost the same.

It’s pure fleshy body power.

But now Lei Dao has shown quite different forces, apparently not fleshy body, but it’s a domain, like his five-party domain, all domain.

How could that be?

“hmph, distract, and eventually people. It’s probably your strength before you get to Daoist? Destroy me!”

Sun’s coldly snorted.

I think Lei Dao was distracted, and the domain force should not be strong, so there was no sense of hiding, there was a direct outbreak of the five-party domain, and fiercely met Lei Dao’s territorial domain.


The two domain strengths of fiercely collided with each other, and they were more intact, tortured and tortured, both by Lei Dao’s territorial domain and by the five-party domain of the Sun.


Lei Dao is also surprised that, since his birth, the first energy and the regional domain’s power, mention on equal terms, seems to be evenly matched by one another.

Lei Dao used to display the power of the territorial domain, and then… without it, basically the domain strengths of the domain, can suppress all the enemies and overcome the absence of a vacuum.

But now, Lei Dao’s area domain power, fiercely’s collision has been directed at the five parties’ domain, and evenly matched, Lei Dao’s territorial boundaries have no convenient power.

The sun is as shocked as it is.

He’s no matter domain’s strength, and he’s no longer clear, no matter what, no matter what, no matter what, no power, no power, no power, no power, no power, no power, no more than a five-party domain.

但现在,居然和Lei Dao 的第二种力量纠缠在了一起,谁也不能奈何谁,这怎么可能?

And the point is that the Sun has gone all the way, but still can’t take Lei Dao, which has forced him to have a sense of crisis in his heart, and to look at Lei Dao, it seems that there is still room for a blade?

“Good, good, very good. It’s amazing that worthy of you ask Daoist that he can block my territorial domain, and that he can still block half of my territorial domain’s power, and nothing goes down.”

Lei Dao is truly a compliment.

Just, if you hear Lei Dao, the sun’s heart is heavy.

Half the power?

How could it be?

Is that just half of Lei Dao’s power? In any case, the Sun Imperial Capital cannot believe that this is just half the power. Maybe it’s just Lei Dao in fiction thats all.

However, the sense of urgency in the heart of the sun is real, and he’s really nervous, even a slight sense of crisis.

Lei Dao, whatever the angel is thinking, next moment, again mobilizes forces in the body’s area and starts to little by little to upgrade the body’s territorial boundaries.

Eleven, twelve, thirteen.

With the eruption of the strengths of the internal boundaries of Ray Dao Body, it is clear that the sun has felt a doubling of pressure. He had done his best, but had no use, and Lei Dao’s territorial domain efforts seemed to be endless and growing in source.

Every second, for the sun, it’s a pain.

“Must be a limit, it’s almost to the limit, and hold on.”

The sun looks forward to Lei Dao reaching the limit.

But from ten to thirteen times the size of the area, Lei Dao has a surplus and has no intention of stagnating. And the sun has reached the real limit, and its five-party domain will collapse at any time.

“Fourteen times the area!”


With Lei Dao’s impulse in the body’s fourteen times as far as territorial boundaries are concerned, the sun will never be able to carry it.

pu. “


five-party domain power of the sun, under the suppression of the power of Lei Dao 14 times the territorial domain, is finally intact, starting to collapse. Once the domain’s power collapses, the whole sudden collapse.

“collapsed? That’s 14 times the area, thats all.”

Lei Dao can’t stop trying to say something, but eventually it’s gonna stop. He really wants the sun to hold on for a while. Where is that? Lei Dao also has six times the strength of the territorial boundaries that has not been demonstrated.

However, now Lei Dao does not have any more power to continue the regional boundaries, leaving it 14 times as strong as that. Otherwise, he would have blown 20 times the size of the area, and perhaps the domain of the Sun God would have been crushed into powder in the instant. And then, with the sun Imperial Capital, it will be crushed by Lei Dao’s territorial domain.

Lei Dao, although there was a killing plan, so far he felt that it was unnecessary.

i really don’t have to kill the sun.

It’s also a question of Daoist, the family should be rich, and, like this powerhouse, there must be a lot of friends, maybe Daoist.

Even if it’s not Daoist, it’s the top Great Emperor.

Perhaps there is a need for comprehend Secret Realm Great Dao.

If you need it, this is Lei Dao’s potential “guest”, how can you kill yourself? Moreover, even if the sun is to be killed, it will not be in the interest of how big it is, but it will be done with respect to the saint.

Well, Lei Dao is very clear, and he has been guilty of sacred human beings and destroyed all the holy human venues. Although he is undoubtedly, the holy man may not even care if he’s not interested.

Once the saints return, Lei Dao can be in trouble.


‘re guilty of a sacred man, another saint? This is not desirable, and while debt is not overwhelming, Lei Dao prefers not to convict all saints as long as he wants to break up in an ancient continent.


is no conflict between Lei Dao and the Holy Ghost.

The top is Secret Realm, the first day, it’s just a small matter of thats all, normal competition.

If he kills the sun, it’s different.

The nature will become very serious.

Even if you’re the original fathers of the Ming world, not really and the saints can beat you to death, it’s a limited battle to fight thats all, a dominant in Lei Dao District, and kill the saint?

It’s not wise!

Moreover, Lei Dao now considers the most important thing for himself to be his “business”, or, for the sake of “business”, a proper “compromise”.

So Lei Dao retrieved the strengths of the territorial domain and stood up and looked down, as if he looked down on the sun, indifferently said, “God, you failed!”

The sun body vibrated, and then the whole man was like he lost fighting intent.

Yes, he failed.

Even if he hadn’t been hurt, it was just the five-party domain power that collapsed thats all, and for the sun, there was no damage, but he knew that he had failed.

His domain power, not against Lei Dao’s domain power. And lost domain power, and he would be oppressed by Lei Dao domain at any time, and the victory was gone.

Even, Lei Dao wants to kill the sun, that’s all with no difficulty.

In other words, now the sun’s life and Death are in Lei Dao’s hands.

He’s asking Daoist!

He didn’t even think that a dignified man asked Daoist, that he didn’t die on his way to shock the saint, and that he would die on another pride and ask Daoist.

And it’s a respectful question for Daoist!

Cut it!

Unmatched cuddle!

“You win, Lord Ray.”

The sun says so.


As the sun’s voice falls, the countless top Great Emperor and the top lord around the war, each and everyone are as if they can’t believe their eyes, and they can’t believe the scene.


The sun has failed!

The old medal asked Daoist, who had not done it for over 100,000 years, and who had been born in an outrageous continent, Brilliant, and even had been summoned by a saint, with hope to hit the strong existence of his ancestral ancestors and failed.

This is so shocking.

Even if Lei Dao used to do his part by repressing hundreds of noble Great Emperor and the supreme lord, he hegemony Secret Realm the previous day, and far from being so shocking.

That’s Daoist!

Almost “no failure” to ask Daoist.

That’s how Lei Dao was defeated, and Lei Dao seemed almost to have defeated the sun with crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

“How could Lord Sun be defeated?”

“Not only did it fail, but it was so tragic that there was no vacuum, but even the Lord of Thunderbolt could easily kill the sun.”

“This is incredible. This is incredible. We have a great respect for powerhouse! At last, under the Emperor’s seat, a great powerhouse has been born!”

“Even if Imperial Capital fails, who dares to hit the landlord’s idea of Secret Realm the first day?” haha, this day, Secret Realm, is estimated to be in the hands of the landlord for a long time, perhaps, the landlord’s access to quota, actually, could consider… “

Some of the top masters have already had some ideas.

In fact, those life prolonging categories of treasure, these supreme masters have collected a lot of time, but they are still waiting. After all, Lei Dao has not met a “weight” powerhouse.

If Lei Dao was beaten and even killed, what if they paid life prolonging the treasure?

So many lords are watching.

Now Lei Dao has shown his horror, and what can they worry about if the sun Imperial Capital fails?

The first day Secret Realm will certainly be in Lei Dao’s hands for a long time.

This access to quota, you can buy it!

“God, you’ve failed, and since you’ve failed, you’ll pay for it!”

Suddenly, the eyes of the people are concentrated on Lei Dao.

They want to know how Lei Dao handles the sun?