Seed of Longevity Chapter 918

Sun’s identity is not the same, it’s Daoist, and it’s a saint’s ancient urge to stay and see Daoist in the ancient territory of the saint.

Such a noble powerhouse, wherever it is, has a heavy weight.

Today, the sun has failed, and it is quite important that Lei Dao deal with it. The killing of the sun by Lei Dao does not seem to be strong, in accordance with the constant tension between the dianerant monk and the outrageous continent.

But once the sun is killed, that will inevitably lead to some very serious changes. In particular, Lei Dao is also in charge of Secret Realm, the first day of which Secret Realm was on the ancient ground of the saint.

a Good while, Lei Dao slowly said, “Sun, you offending this Lei this time, and it’s reasonable that this Lei should have killed you. But this Lei thinks that you cultivation to ask Daoist is not easy, even more hopeful in the future, and it’s a pity to kill. There is no undesirable hatred between us and the outrageous continent. But let you go, too convenient. So if you can buy 10 Secret Realm’s access quota, whether you let someone buy it or you buy it yourself, it’s a little expensive, the Lei will let you go.”

everybody startled in one heart.

That’s it?

Ten quotas?

Is this punishment?

In everyone’s view, this is no punishment. After all, every quota is now very “robot”, and many of the top lords or Great Emperor are scratching life prolonging categories of treasure on an urgent basis, hoping to be able to buy an access quota.

But ten entrants to quota, that’s not a small number.

At least, according to current standards, the sun should not take so many life prolonging categories of treasure.

However, the Sun is the custodian of the sanctuary of the ancient parade of the saint, who has a great power over the ancient boundaries of the saint.

It’s been a long time since the sun looked deep at Lei Dao and said, “The Seat promised to buy 10 access quotas for Secret Realm the previous day!”

Soon, the angel closed his eyes and began to contact other major lords in his podium and send him life prolonging the treasure category.

The sun may not have, but there is a lot of treasure in the holy humanitarian field, and there must be. He knew that he could not die, but that he needed oversee in the holy humane field, to give the saint a “look at” and even a whole frontier.

Since Lei Dao was willing to “let him go”, the sun would never be harder.

It’s just that he’s lost his face now, and he doesn’t want to see any more outside discussions about him, why don’t you just close his eyes and wait.

Lei Dao is delighted in one heart.

Ten entrants to quota, I didn’t expect to sell it so soon, if it were before, how long would it take?

And after this, the first day Secret Realm was on the ancient ground of the saint, it was very solid. At least, the influence under the sacred man’s ancient influence will not come back to trouble again, with a longer period of stability, or with access to quota for some of the top lords or top Great Emperor feel ease.

“Lord Ray, I’m going to buy an access quota.”

“Good, I bought one.”

“Lord Ray, we’re going to buy.”

This time, these supreme masters have “erupted”, and they seem to have great enthusiasm, and each and everyone are starting to buy.

The reason is simple.

Lei Dao did not really ask Daoist after all, although he had demonstrated a strong power to ask Daoist. And those who asked Daoist, who were absurd continents, had nothing to do with it, and that had finally allowed many of the top masters to fall short of their minds.

And now it’s different.

Lei Dao’s strength has defeated the Sun, allowing Secret Realm at least for a period of time, for a few months and for many years. As long as it stabilizes this period, the purchase of quota entry into Secret Realm comprehend Great Dao was not lost.

So many of the top lords are very exciting.

Lei Dao naturally came without refusing, selling 20 quotas in a short period of time, almost all of them being quotas purchased by the top master.

If you add 10 quotas to the sun, Lei Dao is now equivalent to another 30 quotas, at least 60 billion years of lifespan.

That makes Lei Dao very happy.

Although this is not the last night of violence, it is indeed a great harvest.


least 60 billion years of lifespan, enough Lei Dao has risen a lot.

Three days later, Great Emperor, the top Great Emperor of the Catholic Avenue, came with enough life prolonging categories of treasure to buy quota for 10 days before Secret Realm, purchased by the Sun.

“Can I leave?”

“Sun, you can leave anytime. By the way, Sun Emperor may even ask Daoist to promote one more time in many of the top Great Emperor, and the Lei has always done business with the child, and the Lord is treated equally with Great Emperor. As long as there is sufficient life prolonging category treasure, access to the Secret Realm in the first day is comprehend Great Dao. Moreover, there can be no fighting in Secret Realm, and security can feel at ease.”

Lei Dao laughed and said to the sun.

Where else can I see Lei Dao’s killing plan for the sun?

That’s nothing at all.


Why would you kill me?

Ten admissions to quota!


“financial” of the Sun’s God gives Lei Dao a visual view, and if it allows Sun Dao to give more publicity to Secret Realm the first day, that follow-up will bring the unimaginable benefits to Lei Dao.

And fight for treasure.

What else are you going to break?

Still risking?

It’s useless to catch this first day Secret Realm. It’s enough for Lei Dao to earn a full basin, even more than those of the top Great Emperor for over 100,000 years and millions of years.

In front of absolute interests, what can be done with a small conflict?

The sun looks dark, and he’s lost his face now, but look at Lei Dao, where do you care about face? The heart of the sun can’t help but be a little sigh.

Maybe Lei Dao can grow up so far and become a powerful question for Daoist, the real reason is, shameless!

The face is thick, and the sun is a coach.

The angel also failed to respond, leaving with people directly and missing shadowless in the eye.

Lei Dao didn’t care, but he kept secret Realm the first day, and he waited quietly.

Thirty quota life prolonging categories of treasure were sent to Lei Dao, and he started refining, and only if life prolonging treasure refining was transformed into lifespan and Lei Dao was completely felt at ease.

Many of the top Great Emperor were brought together in the parade of the ancient saints.

everyone’s eyes are gaze at the top of the sun.

“Lord Sun, Dont tell me we’re done?”

“Good, Mr. Sun, we don’t have that many life prolonging categories of treasure, and we can’t get into Secret Realm at all.”

“The first day Secret Realm was on our terrain, we could be close to the water station for a month, at least in Secret Realm, to comprehend Great Dao. I didn’t think that even this right was now denied.”

“Mr. Sun, why don’t you think about it again? Demon, a region outside of the region, is so rampant, is there any other questions about Daoist’s friends? If we can talk about Daoist, Lei Dao is definitely not a opponent, and we can take back Secret Realm.”

Within the hall of the hall, these top Great Emperor, you speak to me, and it seems very angry. Moreover, some options have been devised, but they need the sun to come out without exception.


Suddenly, the sun’s shouted, the whole hall was shaking, and everyone felt the anger in the shouted of the sun, and for a while the hall was quiet.

The sun’s eyes are cold, and the heart is more angry to the extreme point.

He failed!

He’s all gone!

Lost in Lei Dao’s hand, lost face, and where are these top Great Emperor?

I was thinking about taking back Secret Realm. How?

Besides, did Secret Realm have anything to do with him the other day?

Even the top Great Emperor is encouraging him to talk about other questions about Daoist, this possible? Which one asked Daoist was not in cultivation’s own path, and one of the first days Secret Realm had nothing to do with asking Daoist. Lei Dao was so strong that no one asked Daoist if he was willing to go to this mess.

Even the sun God wouldn’t want to.

And he’s had enough!

“The first thing about Secret Realm, that’s all! You want to get into Secret Realm the first day, and then find a way, you’re working together on Lei Dao also good, and you’re not dealing with that Seat anymore. The Seat is not Lei Dao’s opponent, and you see, dignified top Great Emperor, each and everyone’s collaborators, and you want this Seat to help you take back Secret Realm the other day? Do you have any more faces?”

“hmph, however, the Seat has to persuade you to go into Secret Realm comprehend Great Dao, the first day, or not to think about the mess. The honest collection of life prolonging category treasure, the purchase of an access quota, or, a few months later or several years later, Great Dao in Secret Realm disappeared, is too late for you to enter Secret Realm.”

Just say, the sun is just gone in hall.

The whole hall has been transformed into absolute silence, the same silence. Many of the top Great Emperor are mutually took a glance, looking at each other in dismay.

They naturally feel the anger of the sun.

Just, they didn’t even think that the sun would let go of it.

dignified asks Daoist no more. What else can they do?

They seem to realize that this is the only way to buy a quota in Lei Dao’s hands only by collecting life prolonging categories of treasure.

As for the sun?

I’m sure it won’t take care of them anymore.

After all, not only did the sun pay a huge price, but even lost its face, but the lack of confidence was a major event for a dignified man to ask Daoist.

The sun will never come out again.

If they want to take back Secret Realm, maybe only wait for the return of the saints.

It’s just, once the saints return, even if they recover Secret Realm the previous day, do you really allow them to enter so many top Great Emperor unconditionally?

That’s not necessarily true!

“thats all, Lei Dao is now great, and we can’t help him anymore. Let’s get a quota to Secret Realm comprehend Great Dao as soon as possible.”

Many of the top Great Emperor has also largely abandoned its intention to recover Secret Realm.

It’s the only way to buy quota for life prolonging categories of treasure.

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