Seed of Longevity Chapter 919

Unboundless darkness, as usual darkness, all around the dark, stretching hands to five fingers, even Spirit Sense, is not a good messenger.

But at this point, somewhere in the dark, I don’t know when a silhouette came up.

This silhouette, too, can’t see how much it is, but it spreads a ray of light.

It is impossible to spread even light in the dark.


is strange, however, that the rays of light on that silhouette, as usual and invisible, will all be bright around the world.

If you look closely, it can also be found that not only is this silhouette, in the dark, there are still a few other silhouette. Just, these silhouette are hidden in the dark, and none at all, like that silhouette, spreads glorious rays of light.

“Sacred Man, that’s it. When the saint left the message, right here.”

Together, it sounds loud.

“The original ancestral, that Saint certainly knows it’s here. But when we get here, the sacred aura disappears, there’s something special here, and maybe we’ll have to work together to find out.”

The holy man is spreading gloomy rays of light.

He is a saint, a method that does not affect him, even in the dark.

In fact, there are many saints and ancestors gathered here.

In addition to the holy man, there are five Great Sage people, who are saints of the ancient, saint, saint and saint, all of whom are saints of the holy.

This part of the saint, of course, certainly does not represent the holy man of the entire homeland, but it is also a force that cannot be small, even known as terror.

Such a position, very strong!

In the dark, however, there is another battalion, which is the position of the dawn ancestors.

While only four grandfathers appear to be slightly smaller than the pilgrims, the power of the ancestral fathers can not be diminished in the dark.

The ancestors belong to themselves, and wherever they go, power will not be affected. Otherwise, the holy people, Primordial Spirit, were integrated into the homeland, the more far away from the famous continent, the less the power of the saint would be weakened.

As a whole, therefore, in fact, the four great ancestors are in the dark, not only without the wind, but also with some advantages.

The original grandfather hearing this, coldly said, “The Holy Man, we have an agreement to find the reason for the meteor of the saint, and then we strike each other. But it’s just this time thats all, if there’s a danger, we won’t go.”

“hmph, original ancestral, dont tell me why you don’t want to know about the meteor of the saint? Not much crap, find out why the saint’s meteor fell.”

You’re welcome.

This time, the five Great Sage people worked together, and in fact “uprooted” four grandfathers. These four ancestors are “passive”, and both sides need to work together and to defend each other.

“How can you lose me if you want to find the reason for the meteor of the saint?”

Suddenly, a lot of voices passed into everyone’s ears.

Both the Pope Popular Camp and the Origin Camp were minor surprises, followed by an immediate locking of a silhouette that suddenly appeared in the dark.

This silhouette is a priest!

“The original ancestral robbery! Are you here too?”

After the original ancestors saw this silhouette, bright glow in their eyes, the silhouette was the original ancestral robbery, which had previously blocked the outer space in the dark.

“Why can’t I come here so big? Besides, I’ve had a long time with the saint, haven’t I, the saint?”

The original ancestors looted like a smile yet not a smile looking at the holy man.

“It has always been you who helped me out of your original ancestral space and entered the clear world. hehe, interesting, interesting, interesting, and you seem to be in contradiction.”

Saints think it’s funny, smiling.

He has always known that there is some clear fight between the dawn fathers of the clear world, and even there has always been a mysterious ancestor in the dark that helps his people into the open world.

But it’s not clear who it is.

And now he knows, and that’s Saint Tribulation.

It is

clearly not a good thing to come here at this time when the ancestral air is complexion sank. After all, the concept of the original ancestral robbery is different from that of him, and it is not a road for their four grandfathers.

“What the hell are you gonna do, if it’s gonna be, a great war?”

The original ancestral vocabulary is sinking, even hidden with a slash of killing intent. He had no idea how many times he had sex with his ancestors, and neither side could have done anything.

“What am I doing here? Naturally, it’s the reason to help you find the meteor of the saint, actually, the meteor of the saint, and I’m very clear. ‘Cause then I was behind the saint.’

“What? Did you kill the saint?”

Saints Cleexion greatly changed.

“No, how can I kill the saint? You should all know how I killed the saint, Primordial Spirit, who sent the void of an ancient continent. In fact, the saint fell in meteor, and he wanted to look for the mystery of the era robbery. So he entered a place.”

“Search for the mystery of the Chronicle robbery, entering a place? Which place?”


“What, the source passage again?”


words of the original ancestral robbery fell, and all the saints were surprised and even silent.

If the saints, their ancestral ancestors, are well aware of the entire civilization, the absurd continent, and even the darkness, in fact, the ancestors and the saints know a lot.

After all, long years of age, once again, there is a big time robbery, even if the era is more intense, and eventually there is a clear, dark, absurd continent.

Every exploration, basically dark, clear and absurd continents, also know very much.

But the only thing that is unknown, whether saints or ancestors, is as deep as the source passage.

The reason is simple. The source passage is dangerous!

Anyone who walks into the point of entry to Daoist, both ancestors and saints, dies.

That’s a complete meteor.

Like a saint, completely meteor.

Only, however, the source passage is not found by anyone, but is random, sometimes in the midst of an era robbery, and sometimes in ignorance.

Some of the ancestors or saints, if they think it’s not a big time robbery, will try to break into the source corridor once the source passage appears.

But eventually, without exception, all saints, ancestors, go to the source corridor, all fall.

Nobody knows what the source passage is.

people say that the source passage may be the only route to the outside world.

Dark, clear, absurd continents, three of them, actually like a giant egg crust, they’re just the world in the egg shell, and there’s a bigger world outside the egg shell.

The source route is the only route to the outside world.

Of course, it’s just a saying thats all.

In fact, many saints and ancestral fathers feel this nonsense, and they prefer to believe that the source corridor is a very dangerous barrier that contains the strength of terror.

Neither the ancestors nor the saints can carry it.

“The saints have been looking for the origins of the era robbery, and then he actually found it, which is the point of origin. I don’t know how he found the source corridor, whether it was on his own initiative or accidentally encountered, and in any event, the saints found the point of origin, and felt that the point of origin was the source of the Great Age robbery, and then went into the source corridor. As a result, everyone saw it, the saint was completely gone.”

Speaking of it here, the original ancestors also showed a glimpse of grief on their faces.

Saints are dignified saints, undying and unextinguished, who are also dead, and have a feeling of relativity, whether their ancestors or their saints.

“Wait a minute. Why are you hanging with the saint?”

The original space frowns asked.

suddenly, the eyes of all saints and ancestral fathers were also expected to rob their ancestral families.

Indeed, they want to know why the original ancestors were together with the saints.

“The reason is simple, I need a saint. This is the eighth century, this time the big robbery, and I didn’t have any certainty. So I found the saint, and he pushed the crown of all the saints, the ancestors. I was hoping he’d find the origins of the Great Age robbery, and maybe find a way to override it, and I didn’t think…”

The original ancestors robbed shake ones head, regretting.

“The original ancestral robbery, since you witnessed the saint entering the source corridor, do you know where the source passage is? In such a short time, the source passage will not disappear so fast.”

Saints solemnly asked.

“Of course, don’t you guys be near the source passage right now?”

“What? In the vicinity?”

Many saints are nervous with their ancestors, start immediately! Find out.

The source passage, which is a terrifying land for countless ancestors and saints, and no one wants to enter the source corridor without unfathomable mystery.

“Sources, most saints and ancestors don’t see them, do they? If you don’t see it, maybe it’s hard to know where the source passes…”

Just say, the ancestors rob their hands.


suddenly, the darkness struck, followed by a slight light in the dark. This light, which is also “black light”, seems to be integrated with the perimeter of darkness, making it difficult to detect.

But everyone is a saint, a ancestor, or a sensible discovery of the difference between “black light”.

Everyone stared.

That black light, like the size of the thumb, is even smaller, so it appears in the dark world, with no eyes. However, no Spirit Sense, no force entered it, no reaction, no trace.

“That’s the source line!”

The original ancestral hijacking looks heavy, said solemnly.

“So small?”

everyone was surprised.

How did the saint get into the source of such a thumb size?

And how did the many saints, their ancestors, fall into the source corridor?

“No, you can try.”

The original ancestors robbed indifferently said that the face was calm.

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