Seed of Longevity Chapter 920

“Naturally try it.”

Saints don’t believe so in the original ancestral robbery, even if it seems to be somewhat contradictory to the original airspace and the rest, not a heart, but always to their ancestors, unlike their saints.

So, the saint Spirit Sense swept out of the source corridor.


When Spirit Sense of the sacred man extended into the source corridor, he found his Spirit Sense completely disappeared. Yes, completely gone, Spirit Sense was a whole, especially the saint, Spirit Sense, even bigger.

But now a part of the sudden disappearance is very obvious.

Even this part of Spirit Sense is not so valuable, but at least this proves that this source is now very, very simple.


very likely that the original ancestors are talking about really.

As for the saint’s personal entry into the source corridor, he could not dare.

Even now he’s just a very powerful master of war clone. In other places, clone was extinguished, causing a great loss to the saint.

But if it’s at the source corridor, clone dies once the meteor falls.

Like a saint, dont tell me I’m not clone on the way to the source?

But the saints are still dead.

See the horrors of this source.

“Oldman, try.”

Suddenly, the ancestors opened their mouth.

He went a step forward, and he threw a bright glow in his eyes, and then he seemed to have taken out a seed.

If Lei Dao was here, he’d be surprised.

Because, it’s a life seed!


With the original ancestral air taking out the seed of life and swiftly turning the seed into a massive life. This is a new and unprecedented life, a life created by the ancestral sky.

That’s the void creature, the way to create life.

“Great Creator, thank you for creating me. What do you say?”

This huge body of life, compliments to the ancient ancestors.

“Go, get into the source corridor.”

“Yes, the great Creator!”

It creates this life, so that life will always be faithful to its ancestral airspace, even if it lets it die, and it will go steadily.

Then this life quickly hit that small “black light”, with only the size of thumbs, and everyone would like to know how the source corridor could “swallow” this huge life.


Just, next moment, when this huge life comes close to black light, suddenly, black light grows up and swallowed it in the instant. It’s not even good to have a hand rescue in the first place.

Then the shadowless of that life disappeared, and there was no link between the original space.


Elephant Air Complexion sank.

“It seems that really is a source passage.”

“I didn’t think that the source passage had appeared so early.”

“Didn’t they all show up in the old age robbery? Or, close to the age robbery.”

“This age is almost over?”

“I remember, this age seems to have been millions of years, right?”

Many saints and their ancestral hearts are slight.

The emergence of the source corridor is not a good sign.

That means that the time has come.

It should have been billions of years, but now, it seems, maybe not that long. A clock has 1.2 trillion years, but it’s not fixed to one day.

It is possible that no more than 1.2 trillion years will come. It is also possible to spend more than 1.2 trillion years, not fixed.

The emergence of the source corridor seems to give a sense of urgency to a large number of saints and ancestors.

“If it’s a source corridor, it’s classified here as forbidden area, and in a short time, the source passage will not be information, maybe one day we can explore the secrets of the source passage.”

The primitive air slows down started talking.

What he said was “forbidden area”, actually the forbidden area in the eyes of the ancestors and the saints.

The source passage, anyone can come and see, and anyone can explore it.

But once they fall into it, that’s gonna be meteorological.

However, the source corridor also represents an opportunity.

If some of the saints or ancestral fathers who have been identified as unable to cross this era, the source corrupts. If it is true that it is successful or a little bit more information, then all the remaining saints and ancestors are great things.

Therefore, information from the source line will not only be concealed, but also need to be disseminated in the sacred and ancestral circles.

“Well, the source corridor has been found, and that’s a good thing. That’s all the holy thing. What do you think?”

Ancient said solemnly.

This time the saint muster large forces, isn’t it a heart panic? The saint will fall, which means that the other saints will fall completely.

And now, finally, it’s the reason why the source passes to the present world.

The source corridor is basically under the control of the original ancestors, which means that the ancestors still do not have control over the methods and forces that can completely kill the saints.

That is enough, and at least the holy man is satisfied.

“This is the end of the holy thing. However, the era robbery is about to come, and some old fellow people are beginning to wake up from their sleep, and perhaps the situation in the wilderness continent and the clear world will change considerably.” I hope you’ll be able to stay in the next era. “

After all, five Great Sage people, such as the Holy Man, the Holy People, immediately turned around and left the dark world and moved towards the homeland to return.

Only the ancestors and the rest were left behind.

shua. “

The eyes of the four grandfathers were brought together in their original ancestral spaces, their ancestral plates, their ancestors and their ancestral summers. Now the saints are gone, and it’s time to settle between them.

“The original ancestral robbery! You’ve been messing around a couple of times, don’t you want to let the Ming ‘all collide with an antique continent? I won’t let you do it.”

Origin Air ice-cold tone, unwavering staring at the original ancestral robbery.

This ancestral robbery, fought another era with him, no one could touch convenient, very troubling.

“Why, you four still want to do it?” haha, you can’t kill me. ”

The hijacking of the original ancestral family is a source of self-confidence and does not seem to be afraid of the four grandfathers, such as the original ancestral space.

“I can’t kill you, but I can suppress you!”

“By you? You should know that I’m probably at the same rate as this time, and you’re bode ill more than well. If I don’t have hope, I’m not going to break the source line, but I’m doing everything I can, at all costs, to create some chance, and whoever obstructs my last hope, I’m going to die!”

The original ancestral robbery spreads a brutal aura.

This powerful ancestral, who has experienced seven major hijackings, is now on the verge of a riot and appears to have erupted at any time.

The ancient ancestors did not speak, nor did the other ancestors speak. Then the original ancestral robbery left, and the missing shadowless was gone, as if it had never been.

Both the ancestral air and the rest are silent.

“Ancient, you…”

Origin somewhat hesitating.

He was the original ancestor of this age, and according to the formerly probability, the original ancestral could basically override the first time era robbery without question.

But the old motherland is in trouble.

As in the case of the hijacking of the original ancestral air, there is a great probability, but this time is a big robbery.

“feel at ease, the original ancestors can’t override the wind. How much money have I had with my ancestors? Even if he’s crazy, I can stop him at all costs!”

The rhetoric of the ancient ancestral vocabulary is no less solid.

But whoever knows that once it actually walks that step, then the primitive air and the original ancestral robbery will probably be meteorological.

“Let’s go, get back to the source, for the time being, we can’t explore, go back to the ravage continent, develop some good seeds, and maybe one day somebody can take over his ancestors and get out of it. And by that time, maybe we don’t have to get hurt by the age robbery anymore.”

Ancient space indifferently said.

That’s his idea, and it’s completely different from the original ancestral robbery.


hoped that there would be other ancestral fathers above their original ancestors and that even the era robbery could not be destroyed.

it’s actually a great existence like that, and perhaps, the old age robbery can’t be a grandfather anymore.

That’s the hope of the ancestors!

But that hope, it’s slight.

After all, this age has reached the end, and it has only given birth to an original ancestral thats all, not even a second ancestor. As for the original ancestral, it’s just an ordinary ancestral thats all.

To take precedence over the original ancestors, too, simply impossible.

“The era is approaching, and some old fellow will wake up, and there are also ancestral hijackings.”

The original home air gaze at the source, Sighed, then turned around and left the source.

“Nine billion years of lifespan!”

In Secret Realm the other day, Lei Dao doubled all life prolonging categories of treasure refining, eventually adding so many lifespan.

Lei Dao had sold only thirty quotas.

But then another one after another had the highest lord buying 10 quotas, almost 40 quotas.

These 40 quota life prolonging categories of treasure, which were brought to Lei Dao generous’s harvest, all nine billion years of lifespan, thought was incredible.


40 quota, combined with the previous thirty quotas, was equivalent to 70 quotas sold, and thought was incredible.

This time, there were so many lifespan, and Lei Dao didn’t have any cruelty.

I don’t know why Lei Dao has a sense of urgency, and it seems that there is a danger in the meditation that is coming.

This feeling of heart tide, Lei Dao hasn’t been there for a long time.

But with his current realm, once there’s a tide of heart blood, most of it’s not empty, and there’s certainly a reason. So Lei Dao’s heart is hidden in a bit of a hurry.

“What kind of danger does it come from?”

Lei Dao thought that he was currently at greatest risk, not just in possession of Secret Realm.

It’s a “treasury”, quite hated.

Although Lei Dao defeated the sun, it did not mean that it would be possible to deter someone.

What if there’s a strong question about Daoist Realm?

So Lei Dao has such a heart tide, and it doesn’t feel like an empty cave, maybe it’s really dangerous.

“How can it be so hard if you want to be quiet, cultivation, to walk far away from the path of our ancestors? The original ancestral bloodline has reached 2 per cent, but it’s just that it’s not as strong as it is in the body’s area.”

Lei Dao Heart clenched ones teeth, suddenly determined.

Of course, he wanted to be reassured to strengthen the original bloodline, and to use all lifespan to upgrade the original ancestral line, from 2 per cent to 100 per cent.

But the situation is not allowed!

This time, Lei Dao will use all lifespan on the expansion of the body’s area.

Who gives him a sense of urgency in his meditation?

If there is a real danger, power is the most important.