Seed of Longevity Chapter 923

The day before Secret Realm, Lei Dao smiled.

In that time, he sold five Secret Realm access to quota, almost 100 billion years of lifespan, which was pretty good.

Together with the previous 18000 lifespan, Lei Dao had enough 200, 800 billion years of lifespan. However, the two hundred and eighty-one billion years of lifespan, Lei Dao, had not been at all used to expand the body’s territorial boundaries, nor could he continue to expand it, and, once it had been expanded, Divine Body and the body’s territorial boundaries would be imbalanced and there would have been some unidentified serious consequences.

Lei Dao shifted the direction to bloodline cultivation at this time.

Just, bloodline cultivation, if you want to raise 1 per cent of the original ancestral bloodline, at least three billion years of lifespan, sometimes not enough. So now Lei Dao’s lifespan is a little worse.

“The sale of two or three quotas is almost the same.”

Lei Dao has a plan.

“En? Who’s here again?”

Suddenly, Lei Dao felt outside Secret Realm that there was a silhouette.


Lei Dao came directly and left Secret Realm to void outside Secret Realm.

Just outside Secret Realm’s entrance, a young man, silhouette, was added, a young man, and aura on his body was too close to him, like Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice.

“Who are you? Do you want Secret Realm to get quota too?”

Lei Dao said loud questions.

This time comes to find him buying the top Great Emperor access to quota, just some of the top Great Emperor, or the top master, who can’t match Lei Dao’s need for at least two billion years of life prolonging the treasure category of lifespan.

As a result, Lei Dao also rejected a number of people.

This guy looks like the top Great Emperor, and he doesn’t know enough life prolonging the treasure category.

“My name is Bailing!”

Young men do not seem to have listened to Lei Dao, but rather to their own opening.

“Great Emperor?”

Lei Dao naturally knew that the other side was respectful of Great Emperor, just, that name he never heard of.

It’s normal, too, that Lei Dao is an artificial provinerant monk, and has never heard that some of the top continents of the absurd continent are normal.

“I don’t buy quota, I’m here to kill people.”

“Kill people?”

Lei Dao tense in one heart, immediately vigilant.

Even if he was retarded, he knew that the guy who had come to the Great Emperor was not good at the moment.

“So do you take Secret Realm?”

Lei Dao asked.

“I came to kill you by the command of the saint! Remember, you die in my hands!”

“The saint is back?”

Lei Dao tense in one heart.

it’s too much information, and for a while he’s got some regained composure coming. He knew that the saints and their ancestors had temporarily disappeared, but it was possible to return at any time.

I didn’t think the saint had returned?

And this Great Emperor was sent to kill him.

Just, dont tell me what the saint of mine didn’t know he defeated the sun? Great Emperor, is this better than the sun?

“It seems that the crisis in my previous meditation came from the holy man. It’s just that the saint is obstructing the agreement between the saint and the ancestral, so there’s no way to deal with me personally, but the saint impossible has nothing to do with it. It seems that it’s time to sell a little quota, and if the saint takes Secret Realm, I can’t sell quota anymore.”

Lei Dao’s heart is urgent.

He has to sell quota!

Where is this?

He also thought he’d be able to sell 100 quotas, no, preferably a thousand quotas, and then his way of origin would be smooth.

How can you stop at this point?

The loss of Secret Realm the previous day, Lei Dao, who again wanted to get so smoothly a lot of life prolonging the treasure category, became even more difficult. You don’t know when you’re going to never come?

As soon as the Great Emperor’s eyes shine, when life and Death survived, Lei Dao was still thinking about selling Secret Realm to quota, and still thinking about doing business?

Is this… disregarding him?

Even when Great Emperor was so indifferent, there was a lot of anger in his heart. He dignified Great Emperor, the top question, Daoist, was ignored by Lei Dao?


next moment, Great Emperor did not scream, but did it directly, with thunderbolt Power of Ten Thousand Jun, apparently black flame spraying and burning void.

Hiddenly turned the whole void into a fire!

“This flame…”

Lei Dao startled in one heart, and when Great Emperor was in prison, he felt a little threat.

Such a flame goes beyond his imagination. It seems to be able to burn everything, and it’s hiding something close to the power of destruction.

Of course, it’s much worse than breaking power, but this flame is the strongest flame of Lei Dao has seen, even if it is directly packed into Secret Realm, the first day, which is to burn Secret Realm together as ashes.


Lei Dao shouted, then he manifest out of his ancestral Divine Body.


After Divine Body manifest came out, fist bombed.

“chi la”.

Some of the flames were extinguished, but there seemed to be much more fierce burning, even if Lei Dao’s original ancestor Divine Body was unable to stop and burn into ashes.

Moreover, the previous day Secret Realm seemed to be incapable of being burned into ashes.

Lei Dao startled and angry at the same time, the day before Secret Realm was his very essence, and he had considered Secret Realm the first day as an object in the bag, so that someone could destroy Secret Realm?

“Area domain!”

next moment, Lei Dao didn’t hesitate, and the body’s territorial boundaries exploded, not ten times more, but just 20 times more directly!


Twenty times as much as Lei Dao’s area domain comes, and the flames of the sky are covered.

This is Lei Dao first time using 20 times the power of the territorial boundary, even if it was originally against Sun, Lei Dao only used more than a dozen times the power of the territorial boundaries, and it should be fourteen times the strength of the territorial boundaries, and the sun will not be able to survive.

As far as 20 times as the domain is concerned, Lei Dao himself is not quite clear.

“chi la”.

As Lei Dao’s territorial domain comes, Great Emperor first time in prison, there’s a slight change in face. He can feel the strength of Lei Dao’s territorial domain, which seems to be with no opportunity, trying to suppress him.

It was just that there was a black flame around him, and the constant burning of Lei Dao’s territorial boundaries made it impossible for Lei Dao’s jurisdiction to suppress Great Emperor.

“Well, an extraterritorial devil asks Daoist, you’re the strongest question I’ve ever seen for so many years! It’s just, no use, my flame is the power of the miracle robbery, the fire of the world, and no power can stop it! Burn me ashes.”

Great Emperor in prison, suddenly, black flames have risen.

For a while, the flame starts, even if Lei Dao’s 20 times as much as Lei Dao’s domain strengths can’t be resisted, and the burning is about to collapse.

Lei Dao’s mood is extremely dizzy.

Fire extinction?

It is also the power to act like the devastation of the age robbery, and it is not surprising that there is a sense of familiarity that may be somewhat similar to the power of extinction.

But it’s far worse than the real power to break.

Lei Dao has a huge world on the top of his head, and there are countless worlds in it, and this is his area! There is also a territorial power that forges a huge domain that will cover Great Emperor in prison.

The Great Emperor is burning a horror black flame, which moves all directions, and has also formed a “flame domain”.

In some sense, it is also a domain.

black fires burn everything, even Lei Dao’s area domain, burned into ashes, and even space distorted.

This screen has attracted many of the top powerhouse concerns.

No attention or no. It’s too big.

At this moment, the saints are in the intersection of ancient times.


saints are talking about what they’re talking about.

Suddenly, the saints, said with a smile, “God, look at these two fighting, what’s going on?”

suddenly, there was a picture in front of the sun.

In the paintings, Huh was Lei Dao, who was dealing with Great Emperor in prison.

“Great Emperor? He showed up, but why did he do it to Lei Dao? For a first day, Secret Realm doesn’t have to…”

The sun looks shocked.

Great Emperor, he knows, that’s the top question of Daoist.

Even if it were him, it was far from hanging out Great Emperor.

Even before he became Daoist, Great Emperor was famous asking Daoist. For so many years now, even more than ever, it has reached a very uncertain level.

Saints said meaningfully: “Lei Dao destroyed the holy human venue, killed the disciple of the sacred human being, and you think the saint won’t do anything?”

“So, His Majesty, King of the Holy Spirit, was looking for Great Emperor to deal with Lei Dao?”

“Good, the saint’s got Great Emperor in prison, and I’m afraid it’s paid a lot. Sun, you’re defeated by Lei Dao, who’s the one who won these two?”

The sun grows up.

In fact, he saw Great Emperor, Black’s extinction flame, actually terrified to extreme point, just because he didn’t know why he always felt Lei Dao’s more terrifying and more uncertain.

“Your Majesty, I think Lei Dao might win.”

“Oh, why is that? Don’t you think Great Emperor has the upper wind now? Besides, Great Emperor is the top question of Daoist!”

The saints had some accidents.

“Because Lei Dao is more uncertain.”

“Deep and unpredictable?”

The saint’s ancient hearing of this, the eyes are shining, and I don’t know what to think about.

“Your Majesty, they fought in the boundaries of His Majesty for the first day Secret Realm, don’t you meddle?”

God can’t stop asking.

“Meddle? Why meddle? Now more attention is being paid to this fight than the Saint Saint Saint, the Saints, the ancestral plates, the ancestral spaces and so on. Let’s see, this time the saint and the ancestral air will be right again.”

The saint is ancient sighed.

Actually, he doesn’t want meddle, but he can’t meddle.

The saints are much stronger than the saints. Both are watching this fight. How’s he meddle?

well, do not know, let the saints fight with their ancestors.

Of course, finally, Lei Dao and Great Emperor great war in prison, just as it seems now that Lei Dao’s situation is rather bad.

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