Seed of Longevity Chapter 924

“Okay, that’s what I’m asking Daoist!”

Lei Dao had a glimmer of sight, and he seemed to have been trapped in a huge flame of extinction, all over it, and there was nothing to do with his boundaries.

But Lei Dao isn’t all in a hurry.

Even hidden some excitement.

That’s the power he imagined to ask Daoist!

It seems that the angel who was confronted before was a “fake” question to Daoist, and that’s what happened to Great Emperor in the immediate prison is to really ask Daoist, even if Lei Dao had 20 times the power to suppress.

“Since you’re really asking Daoist, that Lei also impolite.”

next moment, Lei Dao no more hiding.


Thirty-five times the intensity of the geographical boundaries erupted, the strengths of berserk’s geographical boundaries quickly formed a huge domain, and Lei Dao’s head, and even more a huge world.

“This is…”

It is clear to everyone that Lei Dao is the source of terror pressure.

Anyone can feel that the imposing way on Lei Dao seems to have climbed to pinnacle, and that even further distances can feel its horror.

dont tell me this is Lei Dao’s real strength?

Of course, the most shocked, the most shocking, or the Great Emperor, the Great Emperor, who was supposed to be in prison, had ten consecutive tickets, but now? Lei Dao broke out for a while, and it seemed like he had all worked before.

Even at this moment, Lei Dao’s imposing way, has completely overruled his imposing way.

pu. “

In a moment, the fire of the Great Emperor was extinct. Not even a piece of struggle. It’s all gone. Even if his extermination is strong and strong, there is no way to face Lei Dao’s 35-fold territorial domain.

Heavy pressure is even more embedded in Great Emperor, and Great Emperor unwavering will be imprisoned.

Even Great Emperor, there is no possibility of struggling.

“How can your strength be so strong?”

Great Emperor with his face is unbelievable.

He was hired by a saint, and himself was the top question, Daoist, Lei Dao just made it, and asked Daoist thats all, how could he be so strong?

Great Emperor really is hard to believe.

Lei Dao, indifferently said, “Your path is strong! But it’s a little bit worse, and since you’re trusted by the saints, you’re ready to pay the price, this is the price, are you ready?”

Lei Dao can feel Great Emperor in prison.

Just, no more strength.

He extends the body’s territorial boundaries to 35 times the whole time, otherwise it would be difficult to hide Great Emperor.

And for Great Emperor, Lei Dao has no pity.

He moved the killing plan!

If anyone hits Secret Realm’s idea, Lei Dao will never wait!

And what if Lei Dao stays in prison for Great Emperor, without much life prolonging the treasure category to buy Secret Realm quota?

“So, die!”

next moment, Ray Dao Body’s intraterritorial boundaries are struggling, with Great Emperor face upwards yelling, and the flame of extinction trying to erupt, but it is only that Lei Dao’s territorial boundaries have given unwavering suppression.


Great Emperor was finally not blocked by Lei Dao’s 35 times as strong as the territorial boundaries, instantaneous explosions, large bodies were transformed into blood mist, dignified Great Emperor in prison, top asking Daoist, that’s all.

Seeing this scene, many Great Emperor, the Lord around, seem to be unbelievable.

“Design? Great Emperor falling?”

“How could Great Emperor fall in prison? Even when you ask Daoist, Great Emperor, that’s the top question. Daoist, it’s better than the sun.”

“What is the strength of Lord Ray? It seems that… is much stronger than when confronting the sun.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I suddenly told you that Lord Ray became the original ancestor.”

How big lord, Great Emperor, staring at this scene.

Great Emperor meteor.

Lei Dao is like killing Great Emperor with his hands.

It looked in danger before, and it looked like it was the wind, and it might actually be Lei Dao, not at all the power thats all.

It is inconceivable that Lei Dao’s power has risen to this level.

Even these Great Emperor, the masters of the field, were shocked, and, in fact, were shocked by the fact that they were watching the radinerant monk of this great war.

Even the faraway saints, the sun, the depths of the heart are extremely shocked.

The sun has overestimated Lei Dao.

He even thinks Lei Dao can win.

But victory is victory, killing is killing, which is completely different in two ways.

Great Emperor was the top question, Daoist, and it would fail, and it was normal, after all, not the ancestors. But the murder of Great Emperor in prison was very shocking.

That’s not even the holy man.


But the others are just shocked, and the saints are angry!

The saints are very angry!

He paid a huge price.

Half the eternal sun was given to Great Emperor in advance, but what happened?


Great Emperor was killed by Lei Dao, who paid so much, but failed to reach the goal, and how could the saint not be angry?

Moreover, the Great Emperor cannot even kill Lei Dao, nor does he know who else can kill Lei Dao.


next moment, silhouette of the saint has disappeared.

“Huh? There’s also a treasure.”

Lei Dao reached out and beckoned, and the group was distributed with warm rays of light treasure received. This seems to be half treasure, not complete treasure, but in the hands, Lei Dao has a very sober mind, and the whole body’s spirit seems to have recovered to Peak-Stage for a while.

This is a rare treasure!


However, next moment, Lei Dao’s heart alarmed his life, and a feeling of no less danger was surrounded by his heart.

Immediately, void broke.

This is the real void broke up, and flew out of it a silhouette.

This silhouette, divine, noble, hegemony, seems invisible, and anyone who sees this silhouette, whether God or Great Emperor, seems to have a sense of worship.

Holy man!

This is the saint!

And not incarnation, but true body!

In fact, the saints have incarnation, and also true body.

But the so-called true body, which is actually the strongest incarnation of fighting strength, will take a long time to recover once true body is consumed.

In general, the saint will not move true body.

But now, the saint true body comes.

And this saint, Lei Dao, is seeing, and that means the saint!

“Lei Dao, you destroyed this Saint Saint Avenue, killed the Saint Disciple, and even the Great Emperor, who was invited by Saint Saint, was killed by you. You do have some ability, but that’s it. The Saint will make you justice today!”

Thereafter, the holy man came out of palm and shot Lei Dao fiercely.

that palm, it’s the holy man’s hand of anger.

Otherwise, why would the dignified saint true body leave himself to deal with a master?

that palm, it’s a sacred man’s maniac.

He tried to do everything he could, and even asked Great Emperor to go to prison, so what happened?

Great Emperor is dead!

It’s a piece of shit!

So, now the saint, he’s only automatic, even if he’s out of hand, can cause some unpredictable waves, but what? He’s trying to kill people now. He’s trying to kill Lei Dao!

Whatever it takes to kill Lei Dao!

“The saint…”

Lei Dao opened his mouth, and he wanted to say that he didn’t deliberately destroy the Stadium, just, is that useful? At least in terms of results, Lei Dao did kill Great Emperor, destroy the Spirit Avenue, and the saint said no disease.

But only Lei Dao knows that the result is one thing, the process and the motive are another! He really didn’t think about destroying the Stadium, up to the top, just trying to shave treasure thats all over it.

Just, it’s clear that the saint won’t listen to his side.

No, the saint would not have listened to him.

It’s just a piece of control. It’s gonna kill him!

The bullshit!




This is the saint!

As long as the saints decide, that is the truth, even if there are thousands of mouths, they cannot be argued.

So what can Lei Dao do?

He can only carry it!

strongly resist!

Hopefully, we can resist the palm of the sacred man.

“O saints, the saint of aloof and remote, the palm, who can’t stop will die, but why is there no fear, fear, fear in my heart, but there is a glimmer of excitement?”

Lei Dao thinks he’s not crazy.

Others repair itinerant monk, hear the name of the saint trembling, fearing, and fearing to conquer the saint of Supreme Supreme. And Lei Dao? He destroyed the holy humane field and killed the saint disciple.

Now the saint is not scared, but excited?

Even Lei Dao thinks he’s not crazy.

“Origin Divine Body!”

“Thirty-five times the area domain!”

Lei Dao dares to be any slow, quick manifest out of his ancestor Divine Body, just 2 per cent of his ancestors Divine Body, the method of Lei Dao’s last life protection.

And 35 times the size of the area, it’s all Lei Dao’s power.

“chi la”.

Just, it’s not working.

Lei Dao’s 35-fold territorial boundaries, almost crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood editions, were easily destroyed by the holy man’s hand.

Ray Dao Body’s internal boundaries are also completely silent.

Not the opponent, not at all.

Both sides are not at all a level.

Even Lei Dao has a hidden feeling, not to say that he’s 35 times the territorial boundaries, even if it’s 50 times the territorial boundaries and 80 times the territorial boundaries, it’s not possible to be the enemies of the saints.

Saints, that’s another level of life!


The territorial domain has completely collapsed, just a handful of thats all, Lei Dao is hiding a landslide, and there’s no way to feel, even if there’s courage to resist.


A strong sense of crisis, surrounded by Lei Dao’s heart.

Maybe he’ll die!

Saint prestige, so far!

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