Seed of Longevity Chapter 925

“What do we do?”

At this point, Lei Dao is the only one in his mind.

Saints, he can’t stop.

Absolutely not blocked.

As for the escape?

Actually Lei Dao tried long ago, and he wanted to cross the shuttle space, and actually could do it, but the distance from the shuttle was very short and could not even avoid the scope of this palm of the sacred man.

that palm, hiding the sky and covering the earth, surrounded by 10 li.

That is to say, these 10 li void, completely surrounded by the holy man, this palm, under his control, including void, has become vain.

What’s the use of Lei Dao’s shuttle?

He doesn’t have a way out of 10 li now.

So Lei Dao fell into the Death Bureau for a while and seemed to have no chance to escape.

first time, Lei Dao taught the feeling of “no way to escape”.

“Dont tell me I’m really dying?”

Lei Dao muttered.

He felt a little less authentic.

For a long time, it seems that every time he is at risk, he can face the guilt of homicide. Besides, he hasn’t been in danger for a long time.

It almost relieved him of vigilance.

This has led Lei Dao to feel the danger of meditation even if the tide of heart bleeds, but he still has to leave Secret Realm the previous day, unless he can sell Secret Realm’s access quota.

greed, which has created the situation now in Lei Dao certain death.

Now Lei Dao has understood.

He felt the danger from meditation, not to seduce Great Emperor, but to the holy man! Only the holy man can put Lei Dao in the crisis of certain death.

Just, Lei Dao now knows it’s too late.

Master, hide in the black coffin. “

At this point, black voices are very anxious in Lei Dao’s mind.

“Black coffin?”

Lei Dao moved in the heart.

He remembered, and he had a black coffin, which was loaded with a corpse of suspicion of the ancestors, and the black coffin material seemed to be irreversible.

Maybe the black coffin can block a holy man’s shot.

Just, it’s not absolute.

Black coffins can block the holy man’s hand, and now Lei Dao has nothing to do with it.

But now there seems to be no other way.

Just as Lei Dao is ready to drill into the black coffin, suddenly a familiar voice sounds.

“Sacred man, dare you take over old man disciple?”


next moment, big void, just ripped off a mouth.

It’s not a space accent, it’s an anarchy between continents and the darkness.

Immediately, it flew out of it a leaf, a huge leaf.

This leaf, Lei Dao, is no longer familiar.

That’s the Cave Mansion of Master’s original ancestors!

next moment ,始祖空从叶子当中飞了出来,直接extend the hand ,同样是hiding the sky and covering the earth 的一掌,迎着圣人元的一掌拍了过去。

hong long.

Lei Dao was in the center of the explosion, and the rest of the horror could tear Lei Dao’s original ancestral Divine Body. But good at Master seems to have left a part of the power to protect Lei Dao, leading to the amateur of the saint’s hand with the ancestral air, where Lei Dao can’t.

“The original ancestors!”

Saints angry roar.

The original ancestral masterpiece not only broke his attack, but even made him difficult to face.

“Sacred Man, you dignified the saint, you shameless, old man still face!”

The ancient ancestors stand up, and their eyes are far from sharp.

And he stood here, as if he were a great mountain, a thick, strong one, and it seemed that no one could cross it.

The holy man has lost his breath, and he’s angrily roared: “What, do you really want to shelter Lei Dao?”

“Lei Dao is old man disciple. What, when Master can’t asylum disciple?”

“hahaha, good. You’re good, when Master’s not safe from disciple? But you have asylum with disciple, the great Great Emperor, who was killed by Lei Dao, is the Saint Disciple, the Saint Saint shouldn’t have been?”

“Not as skilled as a man. Dead and white Die!”

It’s also a tough time, but the saint won’t let Lei Dao go. Where else would he speak to the saint? It’s not clear, it’s still a fist.

Even if they make them Saint, they become their ancestors.

“All right, all right, all right! Speak very well, not as good as a man, but the Saint Saint will not let his disciple die in vain.”

next moment, what seems to be the determination of the saint.


suddenly, Celestial Phenomenon changed significantly.

The whole void is like the cloud top, the dark, and then the same silhouette, one step out of void.

It’s all like a saint.


These are all sacred people’s incarnation!

Saints, all incarnation is being called back.

The rumor is that the saint incarnation thousand absolutely is hard to kill a true saint. Once the saint brings incarnation together, that strength will rise to an incredible level.

And now, the saint is calling back incarnation, the paranoid ancestral spaces are not moving, and it seems that the saint is in the process of being called back to incarnation.

One, two, five, ten…

With the arrival of another incarnation, suddenly, void densely packed, it seems that all of them are incarnation of sacred human beings, and that the power of terror is even more daunting.

In the distant void, the saint’s old eyes, the whole man even stood up: “It’s real, the saint’s real!”


The angel also watches the sacred man’s one and another incarnation.

Every incarnation seems to be easy to destroy the Sun’s God, and so on Daoist, what, or dozens of Paramount 100 incarnation?


number of incarnation countries is increasing.

Ten, twenty, fifty, eighty, 100

Turning around, the number of incarnation in void’s sacred human being exceeded 100, and it appears that it is not counting.

“Is this the saint?”

Lei Dao muttered.

Now he’s got a white face.

Hundreds of saints incarnation, even though incarnation was a little weaker than the one he had done before, is never the right Lei Dao to fight.

And this incarnation, for the holy man, has hundreds of furniture, even more.

What are you gonna do?

Even Lei Dao is desperate.

This is the saint!

Supreme’s saint!

It is no wonder that no Great Emperor has ever challenged the saint, awe-inspiring, an incarnation alone, enough to kill any Great Emperor.

What if Great Emperor is stronger?

Moreover, an incarnation is not enough to have two, three to thousands.

It’s not at all a level, no mention on equal terms.

Now Lei Dao also understands the strength of the saint.

Lei Dao seemed to have a little ambition to think he was in the body’s area, hundreds of times more, so there was hope that comparable with the saint.

Now think about it, he thinks it’s too simple.


saint Supreme, can’t it be that powerful?

“Disciple, you know what the saint is doing now?”

Master’s original ancestral indifferently said.

“Yes Master, holy Supreme, disciple finally realized.”

Lei Dao is also honest with the answer.

“All right, let’s go to Cave Mansion for the master first time, and this time, the saint is real, and you may not bear the rest of the game. This time, for the teacher to knock on these saints.”

It is

also clear that the ancestral air is serious.

This time the saint is real, and he also needs to demonstrate the awe-inspiring of his ancestral ancestors.

Once two men fight, then Lei Dao can’t bear it.

Lei Dao couldn’t stop saying, “Master, can you keep the first day Secret Realm? After all, the first day Secret Realm was disciple, it would be too bad if it were destroyed.”

“The first day Secret Realm? haha, Naturally someone’s in custody. What, do you think after this, Secret Realm will be yours? Go on, there’s something you can take, or you can’t wait.”

Let’s just say that when the original ancestors waved, Lei Dao was moved to Cave Mansion, where it would be safe, even if the saints were with their ancestors, to shake Cave Mansion.

Lei Dao’s got a little bit of it.

Besides him, who else will protect Secret Realm?

“Dont tell me… is it a saint?”

Lei Dao eyes shine.

Yes, it must be a saint.

You know, this is the ancient place of saints!

The saints are all returned, and there is no reason why the saints will not return. Moreover, great war between the saints and their ancestral fathers is only the power of the saint to protect Secret Realm.

Just Lei Dao’s a bit sorry.

If it were the saint who had conserved Secret Realm, then where would Secret Realm have his share after the war?

Lei Dao is a little upset!

The day before, Secret Realm was his rock tree, but now it seems that the rock tree has to be crowded, but he has little power and no reason to do it.

Everything else is waiting quietly, and even the beginning of the space is still waiting.

In fact, the original space is not the first time I’m dealing with the saint, but every time I do, only one or two incarnation thats are all, all of which are the absolute upper ones.

This time, however, the holy man was real, and it was different to call back all incarnation wars.

The saints are very different from their ancestors, even completely different.

Sovereign ancestors belong to themselves, but the saints are different.

The saint Primordial Spirit, who had sent the absurd continent void, was able to mobilize some of the forces of the absurd continent, undying and unextinguished, but was less powerful than their ancestors and needed to use the forces of absurd continents.

Thus, the saints fought directly, dependent on incarnation.

The real fighting power of the saint, basically incarnation, the more incarnation, the stronger fighting power. Just, every incarnation needs a lot of blood and natural resources for the saints.

Basically, the more ancient saints, the more ancient times they experience, the more they accumulate, the more they accumulate in incarnation, the more terrifying they accumulate.

These ancient saints, really incarnation, all summon out, may not take over convenient even if they are the supreme ancestors.

That’s what the saint is.

He’s an old saint, too.

At this point, his summon incarnation is growing over time.

Finally, the saints stopped summon incarnation.

His whole incarnation, basically summon has arrived at this void.

Looking at it, densely packed seems to be the incarnation of the sacred man, and anyone sees it creepy and frightened.

“What do you think of the incarnation accumulated by this Saint after three centuries of robbery?”

The saints stand up and watch coldly stare at their original ancestral spaces.

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