Self-Cultivation Of The Female Goddess Chapter 415


When the atmosphere between Su Yanqing and An Mu was extremely suppressed, Shen Xuan had to speak. He didn’t say anything to An Mu, but stared at the older child Su Yanqing coldly, “You have to watch me get angry. Are you happy?”

Su Yanqing saw Shen Xuan’s unhappy face, and suddenly couldn’t say what he said, coldly snorted, and stopped paying attention to An Mu.

In order to make Shen Xuan happy, she normally tried her best to coax Shen Xuan. Tens of millions of men dreamed of making a clothing room for him. In fact, she didn’t want to make Shen Xuan angry at all, or to see Shen Xuan is not happy.

However, Su Yanqing is still very upset with An Mu. He is obviously not a sibling, so how can he be so close…

An Mu gave Su Yanqing a slightly unexpected look. He didn’t expect that the big star would stop talking when Shen Xuan said a word. He obviously looked very unwilling, but he could only sullen and stop talking…An Mu They didn’t expect the relationship between the two of them was so good…

“Sister Mu Mu, don’t care about her, this person has the opposite temper and appearance.” Shen Xuan said to An Mu with a little helplessness.

“It’s okay, her reaction is normal.”

An Mu smiled indifferently, and said: “Since I like you, I will naturally reject the women around you.”

Su Yanqing hearing this couldn’t help but froze for a while, didn’t expect the woman to even speak for her, but she could not hear An Mu talking about it immediately.

“But Su Yanqing, did you forget that you are a big star?”

An Mu looked at Su Yanqing with a serious expression on his face and said: “We, Little Xuan, are very pleasing. I am not surprised that you like him, but if you really like him, I hope you can think about him. As a A celebrity with countless fans, but you are in public because he is rivaling for love like an ordinary person, which will cause him a lot of trouble.”

Su Yanqing was a figure standing at the top since she was a child, and she could barely bear Shen Xuan’s preaching to her. At this moment, her face suddenly became difficult to look like, saying:

“No matter how big the trouble is, I will stand in for him, and I will rival for love because you are here. As long as you leave, nothing will happen.”


Shen Xuan felt that Su Yanqing made a lot of sense, so he drove her away.

As soon as she left, the atmosphere immediately became harmonious. Of course, there was not much harmony. Both of them could feel that a pair of eyes were secretly staring at them at this moment.

“I didn’t expect that she would actually be such a person.” An Mu said somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Shen Xuan sighed helplessly, and felt sorry for Su Yanqing.

“Although she looks very difficult to deal with, sometimes she is like a child.”

An Mu looked at Shen Xuan like a father with a headache and an immature child. He couldn’t help but smile, and a little bit distressed, he picked up a dish for him.

“It was not easy to take care of her before, thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s not hard to work hard, but sometimes I find her to be particularly annoying.”

Shen Xuan saw An Mu’s discoloration, knowing that she had misunderstood what she meant, and explained: “She has a complicated family situation. When she was a child, her mother and father were divorced and betrayed by friends, and then ran away from home. She has been alone since she was a child. Life, and refused to contact people, I was the first person to take care of her, so she has a strong dependence on me.”

“She is the person who I told you before is very insecure, she should be afraid of me being snatched away, so she reacted so fiercely to you just now, and now she will listen to me obediently, but also afraid of me I’ll be so angry that I don’t care about her anymore.” Shen Xuan explained to Su Yanqing, he naturally didn’t want Su Yanqing to have conflicts with his cherished family.

“It turned out to be so, no wonder the possessive desire is so strong.” An Mu understands nodded. As a doctor who has studied everything, she naturally understands this psychology.

Almost all extreme people are affected by the growing environment and the people around them, especially in childhood. Some trauma can change a person’s lifelong personality.

“She is actually not bad and takes good care of me. I will make money so quickly, thanks to her blessing, so I want to help her. Compared to before, she is much better now, she just Lack of personal guidance.” Shen Xuan didn’t hide much from An Mu. An Mu is not only his gentle big elder sister, but also a rare friend he can talk to.

An Mu was not dissatisfied when he heard this, but couldn’t help but laughed, and reached out and touched Shen Xuan’s head, “Our Little Xuan is really gentle.”

Originally, An Mu wanted to ask Su Yanqing if he really liked him, but now she knows that this question doesn’t need to be asked, like this kind-hearted, gentle boy, who would not like it…

Su Yanqing in the distance almost didn’t rush over when she saw this scene, the woman actually touched Shen Xuan’s head again and again!

In addition to Su Yanqing, many people are paying attention to Shen Xuan at this moment, whether it is the kitchen or the waiter at the front desk, seeing this scene has a kind of flies eaten, and the cabbage feels like a pig.

Even if they think that such a beautiful actor must be a black mushroom, seeing this scene with their own eyes still caused a lot of trauma in their hearts.

As for men, it is unbearable to envy. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful women like Shen Xuan.

For a gentle and warm girl like An Mu, even Ye Cheng couldn’t help being a little envious. He bit his thumb and really admired Shen Xuan’s witty method. I don’t know how cold it is in front of others. In front of the woman, she pretended to be cute.

Shen Xuan, who was helplessly touched, didn’t know that he had been unconsciously labelled as scheming by many envy, jealous boys.

The most helpless thing about Shen Xuan towards An Mu is that he always likes to touch his head.

He couldn’t resist this yet. An Mu loved him since he was a child and was qualified to touch his head like an elder.

An Mu couldn’t help sighing after a few strokes, and then solemnly said: “Although you have a good idea, my sister still doesn’t want you to get too close to her. You have been with her for so long. You should know how sensitive her identity is. I don’t want you to get involved in trouble in the future.”

“My sister has seen a lot of wealthy people. Most of them have been chasing money all their lives. Then in the end they realized that only their family members are the most important. Most likely they would regret not spending enough time with their families. I think Her mother will come to her sooner or later, think about it when the time comes, if she knows that her daughter looked towards us, an ordinary person like us, will she bother you, and her fans.”

Shen Xuan was taken aback by An Mu’s worry. She didn’t expect that she had guessed so accurately.

“I hope you can go back with me and keep your due distance from her.” An Mu said his thoughts seriously.

Without waiting for Shen Xuan to say anything, An Mu added: “Su Yanqing itself is also very dangerous for you. People like her who depend on you extremely, if you reject her in the end, she may do everything. , You may all be imprisoned by her…”

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