Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1011


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“The undead, really have such a creature?” The 18th has a novel look on her face.

Man-made people may still exist in reality, but the undead, they are things that are not even in the underworld.

This time, on the 18th, I almost really believed what these people said.

After the initial novelty, a desire was born.

“Since you can come to our world, then we should also be able to go to your world.” The eighteenth’s expression is full of excitement, as if he has found some interesting game.

Except for being an artificial person, she is actually not much different from an ordinary person woman.

I like clothes and video games.

I will be moved by being pursued and paid.

“This…” Ainzurgon didn’t know how to answer.

“We don’t count this.” Konan said, “In our’organization’, we are only some of the weakest people. We don’t have the right and status for you to join, even Son Goku seniors. No, he is just slightly stronger than us.”

On strength alone, Son Goku may be much better than them.

But when it comes to its position in the Chamber of Commerce, it is also limited.

Because, Son Goku is the same as them.

They are only intermediate members.

And Konan specifically said this to see if he could raise the banner of Chamber of Commerce, so that the two cyborgs in front of him could cooperate with them. After all, Son Goku’s strength is stronger than them.

Unsurprisingly, hearing this on the 17th, looked towards Son Goku directly.

“You also joined that organization?” He was surprised.

“hahaha, that happened three years ago, time flies so fast.” Son Goku laughed, without denying it.

“Three years ago…” The 17th seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly reacted, “so that’s how it is, at that time, the place that Grot Court Academecian has been unable to understand, so that it can The human who defeated Vegeta, but was only an ordinary person gene, also came from the rest of the world?”

“You mean Saitama, right? Saitama is very strong.” Son Goku nodded.

Gro Court Academecian’s monitoring of Son Goku and the others continued until the time of the battle against Frieza.

Although he could not observe Chen Mo, he has seen Saitama.

I even collected Saitama’s blood and genes.

The result is naturally useless.

Saitama’s power comes from the gift of his universe. The opened limiter has nothing to do with genes. Apart from marveling at his power, the Court Academecian can get nothing, even till the end, Gro Court Academecian couldn’t understand what some seemingly illogical things were going on at that time.

Now, Seventeen seems to finally understand what it is all about.

“Didn’t expect there will be such a thing.” No. 17 hands around the chest, lightly snorted, “putting it that way, Son Goku, will you become so strong, is it related to this organization?”

“It’s not a small relationship.” Son Goku did not deny it.

His progress over the past three years has even surprised him.

“We will receive the mission, and after completing the mission, we will be able to receive a reward. From the reward, we can get an item that allows us to enhance our strength.” Namikaze Minato interjected, with a warm smile, “So you don’t have to worry about our The other purpose, because defeating the man named Sharu is our only purpose.”

I have said everything that should be said.

The rest depends on the decisions made on the 17th and 18th.

“Is that cyborg called Sharu?” The seventeenth glanced at the eighteenth. “If we swallow us, we can become stronger? The guy Gro has created such a cyborg, huh, I still In those words, if you have the courage, he will come and I will get rid of him.”

“Hey, No.17, don’t be careless.” No.18 frowned slightly, “Able to escape from Son Goku, strength should be stronger than you.”

“So what? You want to say that I can’t even escape?” The seventeenth looked around the people around, “Or, you really think we have to hide under the protection of these weaklings ?”

“Son Goku is always better than you!” The 18th also increased his tone, and seemed a little angry.

“But Son Goku can’t protect us for a lifetime.” On the 17th, he flew directly, “You are willing to follow them for a lifetime, just follow them, but I will not do it.”

The voice fell, and he moved towards the distance and flew away directly.

“This guy!” Fiercely stomped on the 18th, and the mountain was shaking.

This kind of scene is something that the rest of the people did not expect.

One left, one stayed.

What do you do next?

Members also feel a bit tricky.

“Young Lady on the 18th.” Lelouch, who was unremarkable among the crowd, suddenly started to talk, “Could you ask, what is the relationship between you and the 17th?”

“What’s the relationship?” No.18 looked over with a slanted eye. “According to the data, we were brothers and sisters before we were transformed, but we didn’t feel anything. After we became cyborgs, we were completely irrelevant to the past. Up.”

“The memory may change, but the connection between bloodlines is not so easy to cut off.” Lelouch seemed to affirm his own thoughts, “If I guessed correctly, Mr. Seventeen did it for you. Did it.”

“What?” The 18th obviously didn’t respond.

But many members are looking thoughtful.

“The current situation is obvious. Sharu’s target is you, and Sharu is not the opponent of Son Goku. If you are with us, Sharu will inevitably hide in the dark and look for opportunities.” Lulu Shu analyzed, “But as Senior Seventeen said, Senior Son Goku is unlikely to guard you all the time.”

“So that guy, intends to use himself as a bait to attract the artificial man named Sharu out, and then solve it by himself?” The 18th reacted suddenly.

As artificial humans, they naturally have their own ultimate means.

That is self-destruct.

On the seventeenth, maybe I really have the idea of ​​being together with Sharu perish if I can’t beat it!

“Then we have to catch up as soon as possible.” Son Goku’s figure also flew up suddenly.

As soon as the voice fell, there was a bang not far away, and a huge air wave explosion sounded.

It’s already fighting!

Sure enough, Sharu has been looking for opportunities near them since the very beginning!

The fighting rumbling sound comes and goes fast.

When everyone arrived, what they saw was the scene of Sharu’s tail curled up on the 17th.

He was bound up and down to death, his face flushed, and his eyes filled with great anger and shame.

As Lelouch analyzed.

He really planned to bring Sharu out by himself, at worst perish together.

However, Sharu’s strength far exceeded his expectations.