Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1012


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One round.

It was just one round and was caught on the 17th.

“tsk tsk.” Son Goku in front of Sharu looked, and everyone around him, “I thought it would take longer to wait. I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so soon, should I be thankful , The seventeenth is an idiot.”

“Yes, hateful!” The seventeenth twisted vigorously, but it was useless.

You can’t even want to self-destruct. Sharu seems to understand his methods well and there are ways to restrain them.

“Let go of him.” Son Goku squeezed the fist tightly, “Your opponent is me.”

“Don’t worry.” Sharu laughed twice, “It will be your turn soon.”

His tail swayed slightly, his mouth suddenly opened, and he swallowed the whole life of Seventeen.

“The seventeenth!” The eighteenth cred out in surprise.

“hahaha, you all person, will die under the stupidity of the 17th.” After Sharu swallowed the 17th, the aura on his body exploded again, the terrifying aura surrounding the whole body, and After the rays of light, his whole person has completely changed.

If it was like an Insect before.

So now, it’s more like some kind of alien creature.

The mouthparts disappeared, the limbs have more muscles, and the posture is taller and Yamato is taller.

“so that’s how it is …..” Son Goku seemed to understand something, “No wonder you have Frieza’s anger on you.”

“That’s right.” Sharu moved his neck, “Frieza has the ability to deform. Although this is not a real Complete Body, it doesn’t matter. After I swallow the 18th, the entire universe, No one is my opponent either!”

“The whole universe?” Son Goku’s peng sound, golden raging flames burned, and he has turned into a super Saiyan, and the iconic cold eyes of those Saiyans seem to be silent Taunting,” Frieza said such things, and the seventeenth also said such things, but they are just viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. If you have seen real power, you won’t dare to say that. .”

“The real power?” Sharu sneered, “I’ll let you see it soon, but before that, let’s get rid of the losers.”


Saru’s figure appeared directly behind a member.

The tail pierced in behind him, but within a short time, he sucked the member completely.

Suddenly, all the members avoided.

Some members immediately blessed themselves with a bunch of defensive skills, looking Sharu with horror.

Can’t see clearly, can’t hide!

However, even Son Goku-senpai couldn’t even react.

“It turned out to be another power that has never been encountered before.” Sharu looked towards all the members, as if looking at some very tempting prey, “I have a feeling, as long as you swallow you, even It’s me who became the Complete Body, maybe I have the opportunity to be one step further!”

If you swallow the 17th and the 18th, you can become a Complete Body.

This is because the bodies of the seventeenth and eighteenth possess endless energy.

However, devouring these weird people can bring him more means!

“I have said, your opponent is me!” Son Goku seemed to be irritated, figure split second rushed to Sharu, waving fist is fiercely smashing it.


This fist was caught by Sharu’s palm.

“Do you think I will still be afraid of you? Son Goku.”

Saru’s deformed lips curled upwards like humans.

But then, the eyeballs suddenly burst.

Because Son Goku has a knee, right in the middle of Sharu’s belly.


The two men fought fiercely in midair. Every punch was silent, but it was so close that even the members could not see clearly.

Fortunately, they never thought about fighting this level on their own.

Konan thrown out a stack of talisman, accurately covering Son Goku’s body, continuously blessing him with defense, strength, and even speed, and Ainzurgon and the others also reacted immediately, one after another The blessing of BUFFcontinuously is on Son Goku.

They just need to participate in the battle.

After opening the cans to the current members, they basically have some scoped methods on their hands.

Even Tsunade raised his hand and shot Ake burst.

The scorching little sun covered the entire battlefield, giving one’s own gain and giving the enemy suppression.

There is really no similar method.

A painless ranged attack on two people can also be regarded as an assist.

Although shame.

However, in the face of this level of battle, all they can do seems to be assists.

“Hateful!” After being beaten by Son Goku again, Sharu seemed to finally endure the limit. “A group of insects, this is not a fair fight at all!”

Raising his hand is an air wave attack from one after another, not at Son Goku, but at the members all around.

A series of explosions continued to sound.

Some members were hit directly, and annihilated.

Only this time, dozens of badges flew into the sky and returned to Icarus’s palm.

“Retreat! Retreat all!”

Bee-eater Fuck Chi took the lead in commanding the members of his guild to retreat.

They have used means to attack, there is no need to stay here.

However, there are also people who are not afraid.

“hahaha, this is still the most exciting battle!” Roger’s rough voice resounded across the sky. Just now, with his excellent knowledge and domineering, he barely escaped a few waves of aura, as if it was regarded as What an interesting adventure, but extraordinarily exciting.

In the final analysis, the test promised under the ability to read does not allow him to shrink.

As a result, Sharu simply gave up Son Goku.

Fleeing while fighting, the members rushed towards fiercely moved towards.

“Quickly open the Transmission Gate.” Orochimaru’s voice changed a little. At this moment, he was just a phylogenetic in the hands of Ainzurgon, with no actionability at all.

However, Namikaze Minato’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Ainzurgon.

“I’m sorry.” This Fourth Hokage had an apologetic face, “I can’t let Orochimaru get those 100 jars. If his strength continues to grow stronger, it will be difficult for Ninja World to have real peace. .”

That’s how you can speak, and the screams have been heard constantly.

Son Goku’s strength may be much stronger than Sharu at the moment, but it is difficult to prevent him from massacring all around members.

The real trial in this mission has already begun.

Orochimaru did not expect that Namikaze Minato would intercept them at this time.

“If you stay, you will die.” Orochimaru couldn’t help but shouted.

“It doesn’t matter.” Namikaze Minato’s expression didn’t change in any way, “My strength is not so strong.”