Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1013


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Although there was a short-term covenant before.

However, as long as the members realized that the covenant had no effect, and almost destroyed the planet, the covenant was already invalidated by default.

So, even if someone notices what Namikaze Minato is doing, most people don’t respond.

The enemy is far beyond their imagination. They can run one by one. This battle is extremely sullen and unwilling to most members.

“hehe.” Orochimaru chuckled twice in the face of Namikaze Minato’s interception, “Namikaze Minato, do you know why I keep rejecting the’Ninja World Covenant’ you proposed?”

Namikaze Minato did not speak.

But, he didn’t rush to do anything, because he really wanted to know.

In his opinion, Orochimaru and Konoha should have no hatred that cannot be resolved.

“Because you are always the Hokage of Konoha.” Orochimaru emphasized, “You and Sarutobi Hiruzen are indeed different. You don’t put a butcher knife on your own neck, but you are the same in one thing. , What you care most about is just your favorite Konoha-whoever proposes the covenant is fine, but only people like you are not worthy of trust.”

Namikaze Minato’s eyes moved slightly.

Can’t deny it.

He does want to promote the Ninja World covenant, so that members from Ninja World can unite in the Chamber of Commerce world and have a greater right to speak, but in the final analysis, or for the group of companions around him Our interests.

This is indeed his limitation.

It’s just… Orochimaru really because of this reason?

“Look, here again.” Although Orochimaru is in the state of the soul in the phylactery, he is always paying attention to Namikaze Minato, “This kind of distrustful look, Namikaze Minato, obviously distrustful but always Putting words like’great righteousness’ and’alliance’ on the lips, this is more and more like your dear master, you should hate him very much.”

“…” Namikaze Minato was silent for a moment, and then exhales one breath saying, “truly worthy of Orochimaru Martial Uncle, I was almost shaken by you, but because of this, I cannot trust you. In short, as long as the Ninja World alliance cannot be achieved in one day, I will not be able to relax my vigilance against you day by day, so don’t want to pass it today.”

Namikaze Minato and Naruto are different after all.

Although his character is much better than the decayed Sarutobi Hiruzen, he cannot treat people who are not his companions, or even enemies, with real empathy like Naruto.

He cannot eliminate Orochimaru’s vigilance.

Even if this is the reason why he couldn’t make the Ninja World alliance, there is no way.

“hehehe.” Orochimaru laughed again, “That’s right, the real villain is much better than the hypocrite, Ainz, please let me go, you leave quickly, this man Won’t let me go casually.”

“Well, I can see it.” On Ainzurgon’s skull, the pu’ sound burned with red flames, and he directly put Orochimaru’s phylogeny under his clothes, “Although I don’t know what kind of contradiction you have, but one thing is clear to me. I will not do anything that would insult the name of Anzurgong like abandoning my friends!”

The vast magic power seeps from him.

The temperament of the Demon King is surging.

Ainzurgon doesn’t care about the jar.

In other words, in his heart, nothing is more important than companions.

“Worthy-of is Ainz, and it is as reliable as I expected.” Orochimaru did not continue to refuse, and even his tone became lighter. “Being friends with Ainz, I definitely did. One of the most correct decisions.”

Namikaze Minato can only show a helpless expression.

Although in his eyes, Ainzurgon is someone who was deceived emotionally by Orochimaru.

However, he also had to admit.

Orochimaru’s public reputation is that he is insidious, despicable, selfish, and sometimes dangerous, but he never deceives.

So Ainzurgon is not the only friend.

“Konoha’s Hokage, now is not the time for infighting.” A rough voice came, and Karp turned into a green light and appeared in front of them, staring at Namikaze Minato with big eyes like bells, “Not Good thinks about improving strength, so I think about how to suppress opponent. If you are a soldier of my subordinate, I promise to pull you to practice every day, and ensure that you have no energy to think about this kind of thing!”

Here comes.

Namikaze Minato facial expression is even more helpless.

Kapu is undoubtedly an upright person, a righteous person, but the unfathomable mystery has a very good relationship with Orochimaru, maybe this is why he can have two grandsons of pirates, a son of a revolutionary .

Of course, Namikaze Minato didn’t dare to say this. I was afraid that I would offend a bunch of people from different guilds.

He was just silent.

There seems to be a few people who have come to a stalemate, among the fleeing members, it is too conspicuous.

Saru raised his wrist and shot a deadly light cannon at the red dog rushing in front of him, without even looking at him, after all, Lava couldn’t absorb it.

It was looked towards Namikaze Minato.

“In front of me, dare you to stand like this?” Shalu said with a sneer, “You are still really not afraid of death.”

“Saru!” Son Goku rushed towards Saru, his imposing-manner broke out again, “I will never allow you to hurt anyone!”

Although these members will not really die.

However, when he was fighting, he fled to hurt other people.

Son Goku as a fighter is unacceptable.

This kind of Willpower actually made his power rise a lot again.

Even Sharu, who had absorbed a lot of energy again, couldn’t get away from Son Goku’s attack for a while.

“Okay, let’s disperse.” The white beard held Greatsword and looked at the two Son Goku who were fighting together again. The fighting intents on their bodies gradually gathered, “This is a battle between them. It’s not ours.”

The previous intervention was already a disrespect for Son Goku.

Now, withdraw here is perhaps their best choice.

Namikaze Minato was silent for a moment.

In the end, it was step aside.

Looked Ainz Urgon took Orochimaru away from the back, couldn’t help but sighed in a low voice.

“Hokage kid.” Karp patted Namikaze Minato hard on the shoulder. “It is good to yearn for peace, but alliances are not so easy. If you don’t really understand the wishes and demands of the others, the so-called alliances It’s just superficial effort, you still have to work hard.”