Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1014


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What Karp said is simple and easy to understand.

However, Namikaze Minato can only remain silent.

Understanding the rest of people is so easy. If everyone can understand each other, there will be no so-called war in this World.

In the end, he just returned to his companions and relatives, and then left this place.

All members are no longer close to battlefield.

Rather, standing together according to their respective guilds, feeling the battle like destroying heaven extinguishing earth from a distance.

Both sides of the battle have extremely high strength control over their own strength. Even if every fist is punched with great strength, every movement exceeds the speed of sound, but it does not disturb the air at all.

Even so, the fluctuations caused by the battle are still heart palpitating.

Is this an intermediate member who is only one term ahead of them?

Compared with Chen Mo’s power like the Spiritual God of omnipotent, this kind of seeing and hopeful power of chasing makes people feel more heavy.

So much so that no one spoke.

Everyone is very quiet and suspended, looking, accepting the transformation that this perspective brings to themselves.

Then, one person broke the calm.

“wa, many people.”

Everyone looked over, it was a bald head in a somewhat funny tights.

Is a member!

“Mr. Saitama.” Trunks looked at Saitama with some surprise.

“Yeah, Trunks, you are here too.” Saitama raised his hand and greeted Trunks in a very ordinary way, and then glanced around, “Am I late?”

“No, Son Goku Uncle is still fighting the most powerful and evil human being.” Trunks pointed to a distance.

“Yeah, I’m watching.” Saitama was nodded, craned his neck, and was indeed watching the battle on the other side. It was still nodded. “Son Goku seems to be become-stronger again. It’s terrifying, obviously me I worked very hard, what is that insect? It can be recovered even if half of the body is broken…”

Everyone is staring at this bald head, which looks like a movie at home, and only feels that since the appearance of this bald head, the originally nervous, awe-inspiring, oppression style seems to have undergone some subtle changes.

Meeting Trunks and Son Goku.

In other words, this is also senior?

“Saitama…” On the 18th, staring at Saitama, “Is this the person that Court Academecian said we must be alert…Hey!”

Suddenly shouted on the 18th.

“En?” Saitama turned his head, “Are you calling me? I’m not calling, my name is Saitama.”

“Saitama.” On the 18th, her lower lip was pursed, “You should be stronger than Son Goku, why are you looking here? If it’s you…it should be easy to get Sharu out.”

Three years ago, when Saitama had just arrived in this world, he had a spar with Son Goku.

At that time, his advantage was still obvious.

Moreover, Court Academecian did not discover the reason why Saitama is so powerful.

So in the database on the 18th, Saitama is a more powerful person than Son Goku, and it is also the object of artificial humans that needs the most attention.

As for now, who is stronger and who is weaker…I am afraid they don’t know it, after all, apart from spar, they have not actually fought.

In the face of the question or request of the 18th, Saitama is just a very simple shaking ones head.

“There is no problem with Son Goku, this is his battle.”

“…” There was nothing to say on the eighteenth.

But Saitama’s eyes widened sharply, and Azurgon looked dumbfounded.

“Skull, skeleton…?”

“…is the undead.” If Ainzurgon had lungs, he would definitely sighed then said at this time.

“It’s amazing, there are really undead.” Saitama rushed to the front of Anzurgon, acting like the 18th who first saw Anzurgon.

The rest of the members also noticed.

Under the predecessor status and powerful strength of this big boss, it is an equally ordinary heart.

“Saitama…Senior?” The bee-eater flew his eyes around and flew over, “Have you never seen the undead?”

“Of course not, uh, not in the game.” Saitama can be considered a game fan.

The undead and so on, skull and so on, have only been seen in the game.

“Why?” The bee-eater’s voice was a little sweet and greasy, “You are members who are earlier than us. You must have been members for a long time and have been to many worlds.”

The rest of the members reacted at once.

The bee-eater Fuck Chi is a idiom!

But…not only did there be no members to stop it, but almost all the members focused their attention here, pretending to be nonchalant, and pricking their ears to eavesdrop.

After this mission, they have to merge with these strong “predecessors” to complete the mission together.

These are all necessary information!

Saitama didn’t think so complicated, just looked at Ainzurgon in amazement, while replied with regret:

“No, it means that I have been to a few worlds, and there is no such interesting world at all.”

“Hey—how come.” Bee-eater Fuck Chi showed a surprised expression. This is not a pretense, “But, you are seniors, aren’t you? Strength is still so strong.”

Many members also showed an air of disbelief.

Even they have been to many worlds.

In their imagination.

Predecessors who have reached this level must have experienced more missions in the world.

However, when Saitama talked about this, he was rather angry.

“Chen Mo, the scoundrel, said that the strength has not been reached yet and he has no permission to travel to more worlds. As a result, he only went to a few worlds, which is not so interesting.”

The freshness of Saitama comes and goes fast.

In the past three years, in addition to finding Son Goku spar and fighting in the doomsday dungeon world, overwhelming majority’s time is still in his own world, continuing to live the life of a weird spike killer dictated by interest.

There are even fewer weirdos.

After all, One Punch World also has many members.

looked at Saitama’s expression.

The members finally believe that this senior may not really be a character in the city, but is similar to Son Goku, and does not care too much about what he said should be true.

“President.” Lelouch’s voice suddenly passed to the bee-eater, “You can ask him something about the Doomsday copy.”

Chen Mo said clearly before.

After the two batches of members are mixed, the doomsday copies between each other are also shared.

In other words.

They can also go to the doomsday copies of these seniors to spawn monsters.