Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1088

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“Abandon?” Nagasaki wild rose didn’t even lift it.

“regret …”

Fu Hui thought that he was still lying on the bed Sister.

suddenly has a different kind of emotion.

He has always felt that the relationship between people and people should maintain basic distances, excessive concern and excessive disgusting will cause trouble to the rest.

but now …

He suddenly understood that he cares about his elder sister.

Sure enough, the five realizes Teacher are right, there is no curse, will not regret it when death.

Five enlightenment knead his fist, obediently and honestly followed Nagasaki wild rose in this corner, even slowed your breath.

He still doesn’t want to die.

Even now, it seems that it is undoubtedly, he also wants to keep himself to death.

maybe, this will make him less regret when he died.

Two people hide like this.

is at this moment.

is paying attention to their five awareness, and it is not allowed to grow up.

He can see that it is necessary to give up.

It was originally thought that he had to successfully prepare his inner heart. He didn’t think of it. The determination failed.

thinks like this.

Five Enlife can’t hold Looked Towards Nagasaki wild rose.

Is this in your expectation?

The reaction of everyone, what is the inner heart, what exactly, can you control this point?

Five entries suddenly feel.

On the road as a Teacher, he also needs to learn from this elf Beautiful Girl.

just …

“Even if it is two-faced, is your trial object?” Five awareness couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes.” Rivia Nodded.

“However, he is a finished madman.” Five Enforcement tried to convince Rivisia, “Everything is acting in accordance with his own preferences, there is no moral guidelines, and even likes to eat Child and women, he Even if you die, it will not succumb to any management and rule. “

The sky is on the ground, only a single respect.

This is the psychology of both sides.

As the king of the curse, the spell is aware of his understanding, perhaps more detailed than himself.

An uncontrollable person will bring you no trouble.

Only, Rivisia just said calmly.

“We have no right to deprive his opportunity, since the organization believes that he has the qualification of trial, then he must let him accept trial.”

In fact, they have the right.

Two-side boat is just qualified, but it is still unqualified as a member.

As long as Rivisia and the others do not do anything to him, then his probacity cannot be a member, and then, it will ultimately die in the Subordinate of the spell of the members already become a member.

however –

Rivilia does not think that you have this right.

CHAMBER OF Commerce, no good evil, no order.

is like a real world, even if the evil person, there is also his existence.

is the same in Eura.

There is no threat to the evil generation, and how can I have a hero who follows Observe Order?

“Rocky, Rivisia in your home will become an excellent auditor.” Even if Chen Mo, it will not give his own boast again, “can pass the table In the same way, it is reasonable to see its essence, this kind of rationality and wisdom are also the audit officials need. “

“Really?” Luoki suddenly excited, and even one arm of Chen Mo was hugged, and he was looking forward to him. “So, the father of the father Lord said, Rivie Is the THIS TIME successfully passed the assessment and became an auditor? “

Rocky is excited to have some congestion.

does not blame her so excited.

If Rivisia is really a godkine in this Time, then this matter can make her happy!

The gods Myself will find a quite part of the emotions that they want, they have been placed on “Child”.

Even more how.

This is a reviewer!

This is likely to be the first reviewer after Chamber of Commerce reform.

can almost means that Rivilia will have a bright future, and this future will also be shine on the rest of the Rocky people!

Look at the rest of the Spiritual God, envy of Rocky, you know how much killing this CHEN MO is.

However, Chen Mo doesn’t seem to realize the same, just Shake One’s Head.

“I have not said this, becoming the auditor still needs a certain luck, and a certain strongth, I just said that if Rivilia will not die in the middle, it is almost inevitable to be an auditor.”

If this is the case, CHEN MO still dares to say.

After all, Rivilia did show an amazing talent.

even so.

Rocky is still happy.

Chamber of Commerce is a place to grow up to members, as well as a place to chase dreams, although there is danger, but danger is just a context of competition.

So far, death, even lost their own badges, less pitiful.

and they are also IS Not That Absolutely Does Not Have hopes.

For example, Konoha is still trying to try to get from Konan’s hands, get the badge of Sarutobi Hiruzen and The Others from the Very Beginning, the badge has been in the hands of Konan.

They have died.

but maybe, there will be a day of resurrection.

“Okay, continue to see.” Chen Mo re-placed attention, put it in the picture.

Rivisia is also the same, put her attention, put on both sides of the battle that is fighting.

Dealing with this people who refuse to manage, think that the only way in the sky, the only way, is to completely smashed him.

either pick Accept Death, or, you will admit that you have a distance from the real Highest Paragon.

is a target.


Then it should be a requirement for Chamber of Commerce.

not –

With a head of Giant Dragon, two sides, although it is obviously not as easy as it is just like.

But his crazy expression has no reduction.

“Come, let me see how many heads do you have!” Two-sided booth is not only crazy, but even with obvious expectations, “I have no Delighted land in Delighted, this really needs thanks. You. “