Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1089

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The madness of the two sides is still exceeding Rivisia.

he should be very clear.

Waiting for him, will be an endless battle, which has been continued forever, and the result of from the very beginning has been destined, he will die, die on his weak.

However, the two sides don’t care.

is right, now he shows the appearance, just don’t care.

His action and manners are decided according to their preferences, and refuse to change, and refuse to make in accordance with any person’s heart.

“No.” Two Ceremony suddenly start to Talk, “The one in the heart, there is very few dead lines, only a weak existence, five realms have been correct, his Impossible will yield. “

“Dead Line …” Rivisia did not react.

is a sudden shock.

“You have already seen the deadline of Character?”

Although the red eyes of the two Ceremony, it will become more and more powerful as her Stregth, even “concept” can kill.

But can see the deadline on the Character of others, which is still too exaggerated. To know, she can see the deadline, which means killing.

“just because his Stregth is much smaller than I weak, and the concept of seeing is very vague, it is entangled with the deadline of the soul.” Two Ceremony did not hide the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAbility.

is useless, it is useless.

Every time she can grow, her Strength will grow.

It is said that it is straight to death, it is better to say, it is her Stregth growth, leading to the “concept” that she can understand. More and more.

and five realms, although I can’t understand what they mean in their words, but I can guess a probably.

“Self-esteem this Thing … also eliminated?” His heart sinking.

If there is no such ate, there is no self-esteem, then he will turn into a curse for the purpose by fair means or foul, and it can be satisfied with the Temperament of Other Side. Other Side’s recruitment conditions.

, it is a bit bad.

However, Rivisia Shake One’s head.

“Cannot use such means to directly change the Temperament of others, which is manufactured, just lack of potential PUPPET.”

Chamber of Commerce has a clear request.

Five enforcement.

then Sighd in relief.

But he is increasingly unknown. It doesn’t understand the organization of other Side.

“Let them continue.” Rivisia seems to be not intended to do.

time, a little bit.

All people have faced their own challenges, some of whom successfully passed trial, such as East Tangneu, this Robust Man originally has a strong inner heart, although the personality is slightly prominent, but he Almost no strength, it has reached the requirements.

There is also a Buddhist Zen Institute, and the situation in the East Tanganti is almost.

She was originally in the hardships. Continuously tempered itself.

It only needs to be slightly grinded, it can easily reach the requirements of Chamber of Commerce. It has little thing like this, almost no need to do too much.

Of course, some people are determined to fail.

For example, the Zen Institute is really compiled. She is too obsessed with the Zen Temple, that kind of jealousy and no solution, let her lack sufficient attention to their own growth.

It is determined that it is insufficient, so that self-abandonment, such people cannot meet the requirements of the association.

, in all people, the most insisted is two-sided.

He has started to do not know how many battles, Giant Dragon’s Stregth, originally even the level he can’t easily solve, but in this time again, he seems to feel his own The limits are the same.

Laugh in crazy, crazy fight.

The more difficult, the more enjoy it.

as if it is not worthwhile, nor is it.

is only, he still has a limit.

Mantra, has been reduced in Continuously.

After another time by Giant Dragon’s tail, Fiercely’s scanned.

The tiger cums are out of date.

“is enough.”

“What?” Two sides, then felt that they were forced to go back, couldn’t help but shout, “Kid, you want to die? No, you think you and you What two people can stick to? “

“What can you stick to what?” The sound of the tiger cums, Simply did not shake, “I have already understood, even if it is as strong as you, the so-called ‘special’ of Doesn’t Exist is. Before you are more powerful than you, you just die without valuable. “

“Little Demon.” has always been a laughter of two sides, now, with obvious anger, “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“and a poor ghost that can’t see his own Streg is talking.” Tiger cums said, no matter how both sides of the hustle, but the two-sided hunger is also thoroughly suppressed inside his body.

even even a mouth, he does not let him appear.

is also at this Time, the surrounding environment, suddenly changed again.

channel, restarted.

has changed back to the previous size.

The tigerous cums are swayed in the place that the volulta is hiding, and there is a place to hide.

“Hey -! Can you fight?”

“Of course.” Nagasaki wild rose came out, revolving around the tiger kerge, TSK TSK sounded, “Your injury is completely recovered? If you are hurt, you will call both sides. Come out, isn’t it possible to fight endlessly. “

looked Nagasaki wild rosewell appearance, Tiger cums are only two-handed.

“This … he is probably not willing.”

People like two sides, they have been taught by him, and they are still in the body.

I want to get it.

He is afraid that it is unsatisfactory.

However, it is a pity that the tiger cums have been fully understood, even if it is as strong as him, it is not a special, I want to die, I want to do it like Grandpa, only It is powerful in Continuously.

is AT this time.

The shadow on the side, suddenly appears, the spread of the speed, the three people are directly involved in it.

When they opened their eyes again from the dark, they found that they had returned to the factory, and there were a lot of people.

, including their Teacher, five realms.

“This is … What is going on?” Fu Haihui did not understand.

“The answer is that you have completed your trial.” Five enlightenment hands, Said with a smile, “Congratulations, you have completed transformation.”

“… So, those really try?” The expression of Tiger cums, it seems that there is no change.