Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1090

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“Your expression, is you guessed?” Five realms were a bit surprised.

“said what to guess, isn’t AT first to trial?” Tiger cums Yoy Ren Shake One’s head, “I am still strange, since it is trial, how can it be the kind of Impossible Fight, if you want to kill us, simply doesn’t need to be so trouble, then think, will you want to let us understand something, the result looks, it is really this. “

The words of the tiger sticks, let many people present in the scene have revealed the expression.

In fact, although some people passed trial, I feel unfathomable mystery.

Now five realms such that they have reacted.

so That’s how it is.

“This is why we will suddenly take trial.” Zen Temple was waving his long stick in his hand. “However, you are still slow, you should be the last batch of trial.”

Although it is said that the Tiger cum is said, but the Temple of the Zen Temple is the eyes of Looked Towards, THREE People.

I said, this trial is coming out of these three people.

“You are right.” Rivia Nodded, the first time on his face, “Trial, it is over, congratulations, success, then wait for you, will be One of you can’t imagine. “

“What?” Zen Temple Hiyebrow Raise.

It sounds like a pyramid scheme.

However, her expression has changed soon.

Because ONE After Another is only the beams that can be seen in the selected talents, suddenly Dropping from the sky, shining on everyone.

Everyone feels that his soul seems to be a strike, and it is constantly flying.

is over them.

There are three huge sun, which exudes an unprecedented glory, which represents three supreme evistence.

Rivia is also lifts the head.

This is the process of being a member?

“, you have not experienced this process?” Two Ceremony seems to have seen something.

“No.” Rivisia Shake One’s Head, “We should be a father and god personally recruited, even the badge is also from the hands of the Father, have not experienced such a scene.”

The expression of this sub-, red and two Ceremony has changed slightly.

is the member who chen Mo personally recruited?

Is that, is CHEN MO LORD? Is there a travel businessman?

still says that some people are too special.

If it is the former, it is better, if it is the latter …

Two people look Looked Rivisia’s eyes began to have some changes, they already have a kind of premonition, waiting until the THIME’s assessment, Rivisia may trigger the entire Chamber of Commerce A little wave.

and at this time.

rays of light, also shines on them, just asking if it returns trial.

All three have chosen agree.

They don’t stay again to see the reactions of these new members, this is not important, because they are all in their own trials, time is not leisurely to this point.

and as a Rays of Light strides.

three people have returned to the original place.

Everything around it seems that it is not changed, but everyone’s badges are all wear, prompting them, and they receive the Reward.

Rivia Glanced At.

眼 眼 minor search.

There is a purchase eligibility for 23 Level 4’s jars?

Reward actually will so rich?

23 Level 4 cans, single Points on Equivalent To 2 hundred thirty Level 3’s jar, value, more far more than, to know, in the Level 4 jars, the worst Item is also Blue Rare level!

Rivilia has a total of BLUE rare level to Treasure?


There is 23 full!

If the Purple Epique Level of Treasure, that is the SPLIT Second, there will be a huge change in HEAVEN AND Earth Turning Upside Down.

Rivilia finally knows why both Ceremony and the red 她 o bviously is not interested in the audit officer, but still have to participate in this auditor trial, just one of the REWARD, it is not small, If your luck is better, even enough to make them more than the rest of the people.

is like the current Rivia.

“Reward is not bad.” Two CereMony also showed a little satisfactory look, she looked at the rest of the person, the reaction of several people, Taking in the entire scene.

The heart is probably understood.

The Reward obtained by Red, should be similar to himself.

But Reward, Ni Vili, should be more than two of them.

is nothing more envious.

This Time’s Trainee Auditor Mission is basically a full design and responsibility of Rivisia, if not her words, they still don’t necessarily get so much.

“The next layer of channel has been opened.” Xiqi said, “Let’s go,”


Rivilia and two Ceremony are Nodded.

No one says Reward.

Some things, good understanding is good.

, when they passed the level of the 3rd Floor, they found that each of them became one person.

It seems that the one of the second Layer is the mission of cooperation, while 3rd floor will be separated.

Rivia is not regret, or SIGHED IN RELIEF, the red and two Ceremony in the previous layer, is a good person in Character, but at the same time, it is also a generation of killing.

There is no doubt if the 3rd floor has a competitive mission.

then they will kill the swords of the WITHOUT THETEST HESitation.

It will not really die anyway, no one will be in this regard.

Rivilia, even if you got so many jars, there is no confidence with them.

From this perspective, it is separated, but more better.

but now –

Rivia Looked Towards has a badge.

I didn’t use a jar just now, worried that there are so many cans, gain so much power, will see what is seen by the other two because they can’t control it.

but now there is no such concerns.

seems to have seen what she wants to do.

is watching her gods and I am curious.

“How many awards will you open?”

“The luck of the Elf CLAN seems to have always been very good.”

“This luck doesn’t have much place in Chamber of Commerce.”

Rocky is even more hands, closed, a detedilian pray, I hope she will smoke some big prizes.

I don’t know if it is spiritual god, who is praying.

Does the father of God?

but Chen Mo is next to her.