Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1091

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Rivia, naturally I don’t know that the Lord God is praying for himself, she is not nervously doing some actions such as absorption.

How is the luck of the can, this Time, she is already a big earned.

Even if only 23 blue rare items, for her, there is also a feeling of happiness, so will there will be a Purple epic alien Item, as if it is not so important.

Rivilia has no choice of rectification reality.

is directly selected on the System badge.

though, the Temperament, which specially brought, the same as the badge is coming, this is specially designed, even if the process of opening the jar can become simpler, but in any case, when the can Geo can’t be reduced.

and with the Dragon Roar of the two Purple sound.

The body of Rivia, also has a magical power that ONE ANOTHER.

Her eyes are obviously caught, it is digestive to get the power to get this, even her body, as if it is transforming, when her eyes look around, everyone can Feeling that Rivisia and the comparison were obviously different.

23 Level 4 jars, enough to make her Stregth, HEAVEN AND Earth Turning Upside Down.

is not mentioned, and there are two Purple Treasure.

“No matter how many times have experience, open cans or this place is incredible.” Rivilia looked his hand, feeling his own change, even her own, but also showed a surprised expression.

She can even affirm it.

If it is now, I met the one who just took a sniper gun, she won.

is as to talk to red and two Ceremony.

Rivilia recalls the corner of the Ice Mountain in the two people, not shaking one’s head.

is still difficult.

Although they don’t know their true strengthenth, but the power of the two people have some restraint, paying attention to the use point to break Surface, especially the two eyes of the two Ceremony, as if to discipline all kinds of flowers, if it is Life And Death Battle, Rivisia feels that he is a FAINT TRACE to live down the are’s no pictureibility.

However, she did not care too much.

After all, it has just become a member NOT VERY LONG, even now, it is only barely stepped into the intermediate member Level, and it is so fast that it is very rare.


Rivilia continues his trial in this 3rd Floor.

3rd floor trial, there is a variety of colorful.

is almost everything.

1st floor’s monsters, there are some even just encountered, it will take the initiative to attack, even if you want avoid, you will also have a variety of hidden traps, it will be transferred to a Battlefield, and others The same Bad Luck member is a life and death conte.

apart from this, there are also a variety of rawways, one accident, will return to their previous place.

even if you want to find the entrance to the next layer, it is very difficult.

The luck of Rivia is not bad.

After a difficult monster that can’t avoid it, she hid a transfer trap in time, then in the pocket, found the entrance of the Fourth Layer.

Currently Overwhelming Majority is concentrated on this layer.

to this layer, even, even the space begins to distort.

Sometimes, step by step, it will immediately disappear in the original place, come to a completely different place.

“Currently, Points is the highest, it is a jade.” The odd eye looked also in the Fourth Layer’s 埼 埼, “he almost did not avoid any battle, killing all the way, but I don’t know when I will touch it. To the absolute monster, then finish. “

is right, in this trial, there is a monster who does not win even the jade.

that is “must kill”.

is preparing for those who are too powerful for these Stregth.

After coming in, the Son Goku, who blocked Killing God, IF Buddha, if Buddha, if Buddhas Block, Kill The Buddhas, unfortunately encountered a battle of “must-end”, has been cleared.

The object of the battle is Iralos camouflage.

The “official STAFF MEMBER” around Chen Mo, not only in the help of Chen Mo, Stregth has a horrible snorkeling, the most important thing is that Shen Yi gives them part of the permissions, allowing them to be When necessary, apply to Chen Mo, use the transaction point to obtain a temporary powerful force.

Only this can only create a real “must kill”.

After all, SON Goku’s Stregth growth is really a bit fast.

In short, the first place is currently able to live, just good luck, but it is not necessary to get better, and many people behind are very tight.

“en?” Chen Mo suddenly gained micro-coagulation, revealing interesting expressions, “Is it activated? Special competitive mode.”

Don’t say anything with CHEN MO, Rocky and the Others has also been noticed.

Because Rivisia, it is also one of the special modes.

There are six people.

on a disk.

Everyone’s expression is not very good, in the human eye of Trial by fire, the most Terrifying in this trial, is not a fight against the monster, not a relaxed and high-reward trainee auditor Mission, and It is with the rest of the members, fighting directly.

After all.

Only members can understand the Terrifying of the member.

, this one, how to see the battle between members, can’t do it, or big.

This is even more likely to Rivisia.

She saw a familiar role among the remaining five people.

Ji Ji.

She is also there.

Rivilia is worried, but it must be installed.

In this case, no one can say what the situation will be, if people know that they are companions, maybe they start, they will directly for them.

“Hateful, even the Ai of my family is also inside.” Rocky is estimated to be the most worrying people in the gods, and the rest of her Glanced AT, I can’t help but Yelled, “This is not all old hands.” “

Chen Mo is also Slightly Nodded.

坂 Mikoto, Namikaze Minato, Altolia, Dragon Roll.

STRENGTH is not weak in addition to these four people outside two newcomers.

However, this is not a war.

“Special Athletics is open.” Explain the female voice rang, “In this mode, the two people are picked out, fight, fight, the rest, the remaining FOUR people have four opportunities, put the vote investment If you think that you think may win, if it is correct, you will divide Reward. If you fail, you will be eliminated. “

This is explained, and everyone’s expression is slightly changed.

“Is it like this mode?” Altolia seems to understand what, nodded, “This is the eye of the test,”