Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 1092

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Altolean is actually true.

THIS mode, the assessment is the human eye.

pay attention.

The person who is only selected will win.

includes two parties of the battle!

is equal to saying that if a person is cleverly choosing yourself, then you will be killed directly, then she will resurrect, and then she will win.

or even, all people can negotiate who will lose, and then choose directly.

but that.

Reward will be divided by six people, and as long as the fighting person is slightly playing some means, it is very likely to swall all the Reward, and the five competition Opponent is eliminated.

This field assessment is the eye.

is not only the strength of Stueth, but also the degree of understanding of others.

This is also the quality of the auditors.

From all the rules, Rivisia is observing everyone, in fact, the rest of the people.

“If you have five minutes, negotiate, then you will choose.” The explanation of the sound finally appeared, and then it became quiet.

Altoli’s hands on the shoulders of the waist, straight.

looks at a circle.

“Since there is no START to Talk, I will say it first.” Altole Ya Yang said, “You should all recognize my name, or I have heard of my name, I am the Queen of Londones, Knight King – Altolia, swear by Knight’s reputation, if it is a battle, it will win the victory! “

Altolia has not hidden your pride.

she really thinks.

and Rivilia smashed his eyes.

It turned out that she is the “my king” in the county? It is the president of the Association of Prefecture.

will encounter Great Person like this?

As for the words that Altolia said, there is no doubt that such a Knight king is the glory of Impossible to fight for the holiday.

if she fights.

is very obvious, doing so, to prevent them from making a decision in the last time.

So the rest is only you can choose.

Rivilia has some regrets, if you know, you should do it just now, now, this situation, if you really have the battle between her and the two people, it is really not good. OK, choose to win yourself, or choose you lose.

, but if you regret it, there is no chance to change anything.

Two Light Beams, abrupt appears in the middle of everyone.

then quickly rotate on everyone.

has no doubt.

When the light beam is stopped, it is two people selected.

Rivisia is getting more and more tense.

However, the whole process does not have much time.

ultimately, stopped in the royal mikoto, and the dragon volume.

“Is it the closest of the Streamth of our two people?” Yukan Mikoto was surprised, but it also patively played.

“Now, start to choose a win party.” The sound of the prompt sounded again.

Yukan Mikoto and Dragon Rolls have not hesitated, and they directly selected themselves.

makes this decision.

means that in both of them, there must be one person to eliminate.

However, the rest of the people have a headache.

They have already guessed the result, these two people have no probability, which is not to choose Admit-Defeat, which means that their two will definitely fight, so that, the end is the result of the battle.

However, for Rivisia and the Others.

She is completely unfamiliar with these two people.

Can’t be estimated at all, WHO is stronger and who is weaker.

two choices?

With a little bit, Rivisia knows that she must make a choice.

“Choose Yumi Mikoto.” Rivisia finally biting Clenched the Teeth.

Nothing special reasons, just because, Yumu Mikoto looks older.