Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 830


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My own this World was selected as the mission world at the same time. Intermediate members who accept the mission will come to his world to execute the mission.

And mission is-except all the ghosts in this World.


Tanjirou shuddered suddenly.

Get rid of all the ghosts?

Then his younger sister……

How come?

Tanjiro is going crazy, even desperate, why is it such a mission? Is the enemy coming soon? Or do you want to kill your younger sister’s enemy? But that was an intermediate member. Tanjirou, who had already accepted the relevant knowledge, knew very well that it was definitely not something he could resist.

Why is this happening.

When Tanjiro was caught in unimaginable pressure and despair, in a certain Marvel World within the realm, Misaka Mikoto looked at the “mission selected” interface on his badge interface, and was a little dazed.

I actually got it.

And the Mission Difficulty is judged to be extremely low, which is similar to the travel level.

She’s lucky, too.

Wait, the mission can also choose a partner to participate together, and the reward will be doubled.

“Sister Tony!” Misaka Mikoto took the badge and went to find her Tony elder sister.

For this mature and charming Tony elder sister, Mikoto Misaka has quite a good impression.

At this time, since I grabbed such a mission that was almost a free reward, I would naturally share it.

After all, she received a lot of care from Tony’s elder sister during mission world.

And Tony, no, Toni was also a little surprised after seeing the mission that Misaka Mikoto grabbed.

“The difficulty is extremely low, but there are ten Level 4 pot qualification rewards and the corresponding points recharge card. That’s okay, Mikoto.” Toni was obviously a little surprised. You can grab it.”

“Where, I just happened to see it.” Misaka Mikoto was a little bit embarrassed.

“Luck is extremely important in the Chamber of Commerce.” Toni extends the hand and rubs the top of the head of Misaka Mikoto, “This is your credit, it seems I have to give you some reward, um , How about improving your outfit Kinoe, I have a new idea recently…”

Indeed, robbing this kind of mission is basically luck.

No one knows when it will appear.

And no one can stare at the badge all the time.


Mikoto Misaka’s luck in this wave is better.

And what’s worse.

In the mission interface, it will also mark who robbed the mission, which makes people like Bee Eater Fuck Chi be very envious and jealous after seeing it.

I even contacted Misaka Mikoto immediately and asked if he had invited quota, but the defendant told Toni.


“Tony on my side is a playboy. Although Tony on your side is a female, but after all, it is a different-dimensional homomorphism. The worthy-of is the lily Eldest Miss. Don’t worry, I will have a good grudge with Shirai student. ~!” In the end, the bee-eater could only leave such a sentence full of resentment, and then hung up the call with panting with rage.

She decided to guard the badge interface all day!

I can’t keep it!

Mikoto Misaka didn’t take her words seriously at all, but elated and Toni paid the points needed to travel the world together, and then came to New World.

Although the difficulty evaluation of mission is extremely low, they did not relax their vigilance.

Firstly, we started collecting information.

“This is the Taisho period in Japan…there is not much energy concentration in the air.” Tony looked at the news from the micro-reconnaissance machine attached to his own machine Kinoe, and safely took his machine Kinoe back to within-the- body.

It seems to be the difficulty of travel level indeed.

This kind of difficulty, even without using Kinoe, is not dangerous for her.

Toni guessed.

This level of the mission can also have a reward. It should be that the Chamber of Commerce has just changed. It is because the meddlesome relationship has not been perfected. It is even possible that a large number of newcomers have not arrived yet, so such a mission can Give them to the members who have opened a lot of Level 4 cans and basically entered the ranks of intermediate members.


It is all about reforming welfare. After the newcomers start to grow on a large scale, there will be no such good welfare.

“That, Sister Toni.” Misaka Mikoto was holding his badge, obviously looking at the badge interface, “Did you see the mission description, this World…There is a cannibal ghost.”

“I saw it.” Toni understood naturally.

She has already roughly guessed the situation of this World.

A human-eating ghost, a struggle between humans.

“First, let’s change our clothes first.”

Toni snapped his fingers, and then, the nano clothes on her body changed in vain and turned into a Japanese style kimono. Even the eyes and hair color have been disguised.

But even so.

Compared to this era, her overly tall skeleton and overly plump figure still make her stand out.

Instead, Mikoto Misaka, who has grown into a high school student, is more like a noble girl who fits the temperament of this era.

Although they can’t do their best, they didn’t intend to hide in the first place. This is enough.


The two of them randomly selected a city that seemed to be prosperous and walked slowly over.

And when passing a village.

Toni suddenly stopped.

“It seems that we are about to meet the first ghost.” Toni glanced at the moonlight and extended the hand. A virtual projection appeared in front of them.

The picture is extremely bloody.

Even Mikoto Misaka, who has grown a lot, has a little changed face.

No doubt.

The one chewing at the corpse is a ghost!

“It turns out to be…like a human being.” Misaka Mikoto felt his stomach turn against him.

If you only saw wild beasts eating people, it wouldn’t be like this.

However, the appearance of this ghost is so much like a human being.

And Toni has already started analyzing the data.

“There is a high probability that the ghosts of this World were made by humans. They have flesh and blood, not a soul body of intangible materials. The body temperature is very low, but there are heart beating. Let’s go.” She just When I wanted to move towards that place and walk over, I turned my head and saw Misaka Mikoto’s unsightly face.


extend the hand touched Misaka Mikoto’s hair.

“Discomfort and anger are both normal and necessary, but we should understand from this feeling what we are going to do, rather than let this negative emotion affect us too much.”

“I know.” Mikoto Misaka took a deep breath, a lightning current flashed between the tips of her hair, and raised her head, “Don’t treat me as a child, I am Mikoto Misaka, a superhero no less than you.”

“I don’t admit this.” Toni also laughed, “No one is more popular than me.”

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