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Toni’s popularity is indeed exaggerated.

In her world, someone once made a list of “Most Wanted to Get Married”. Since this list appeared, Toni has been firmly occupying the first place, even the number of votes is higher than the second place. Many times more.

If you want to ask why.

Because of the number of people who voted for her, there are no less women than men.

Wealthy, beautiful, and arrogant, that’s just such an exaggeration.

Even if Misaka Mikoto is unwilling to admit defeat, facing Toni’s popularity, there is a sense of powerlessness that he cannot catch up.

Obviously she is also very popular in the school city.

In short.

Two people approached the place where the ghost was all the way.

When I found out, there were no surviving victims there, so the two of them didn’t worry, and rushed over slowly, but when they approached, Toni suddenly stopped.

“Someone is coming,” she said.

“People?” Misaka Mikoto quickly realized who Toni was talking about.

In the other direction, a petite woman with a butterfly wing pattern, like a butterfly, is approaching quickly.

It is the Butterfly Ninja.

Misaka Mikoto at first was still a little worried, but she soon discovered that this woman came for this ghost.

light and graceful figure, silent and fast.

Judging from the energy concentration of this World, being able to reach such a level is obviously a rigorous training.

At Toni’s sign, she decided to wait and see for a while.

At this moment.

Butterfly Ninja has come silently behind the ghost who is being gorgeous oneself.

Start to talk softly with a gentle tone: “Good evening, Mr. Ghost.”

The ghost’s body visibly froze.


After he reacted, he jumped forward quickly, turned in midair, and lay on all fours like a wild beast.


“Aiya.” Shinobu Shinobu’s smile was still gentle, “It seems to have disturbed Mr. Ghost’s meal. It’s really sorry.”

“Human?” There was an incredible expression in the ghost’s eyes.

Is this man crazy? Could it be that you didn’t see that he was eating people? And how did humans come silently behind him.

And Butterfly Ninja looked around all around.

“Could it be said that these people were killed by Mr. Ghost? This is not good, it should be done well.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Just trifling humans, and dare to appear in front of this Sir without authorization.” The ghost licked his tongue and looked at the woman in front of her with her petite body and delicate appearance. desire.

The skin is so delicate, it must taste good.

Maybe you can enjoy her fearful expression.

“Well…” Butterfly Ninja obviously felt the desire of the ghost, and narrowed her big eyes. “It seems that she just became a ghost, not very long. It’s really good luck to meet me, but it must be Punishment works.”

If it is some old-fashioned ghost, seeing the knife in her hand and the costume under the Yuori, you should be able to know that she is a member of the ghost killing team.

But the one in front of him is obviously just a little demon.

The first time I met the ghost killing team, I met her, one of the twelve strongest people, “Zhu”.

It’s good luck.


The ghost pounced on her.

The ghost was pierced.

The ghost poisoned and died.

The entire battle process did not exceed ten seconds.

The specially-made Longsword in Ninja Butterfly’s hand slashed through the beautiful flowers, but did not put it away, but aimed at the direction of the other side.

“The two little elder sisters over there, don’t you plan to come out?” Her gaze had already looked towards where Toni and Misaka Mikoto were.

After all, neither Toni nor Misaka Mikoto deliberately hide their figures, and it is normal to be discovered.

And Toni has already walked out.

Wearing a kimono, even if she hides her hairstyle and eye pupils, she does not look like a person from this country, because the skeleton is too big, the height is too high, and the outline of her appearance is quite different.

But Butterfly Ninja does not at all focus on her looks.

but aura.

It seems…not a ghost.

“Saw a wonderful battle.” Toni walked along with a feeling of awe-inspiring power and raised her head slightly. “Giving full play to her speed advantage, supplemented by the following poisonous means, it ended quickly. Fighting, it seems that you have been professionally trained and have a very hard fight.”

She has collected all the data about the battle just now.

It can be seen naturally.

What is the cruelty behind this seemingly flat and fast battle.

from the very beginning, is to rush to create life and death.

“Thank you for your praise.” Butterfly Ninja was also somewhat unable to judge the origin of these two men.

Not a member of the ghost killing team, otherwise she wouldn’t know her, but she doesn’t look like an ordinary person either.

An ordinary person would not dress like this and wander outside at this point in time, and saw ghosts, saw this disgusting scene, and saw the fight just now, without the slightest panic.


Aura who didn’t feel the breathing method.

Butterfly Ninja paid special attention to the breathing of these two girls, they were all ordinary.

“You two, don’t you introduce yourself?” Butterfly Shinobu asked finally.

The palm of the hand holding the sword is already slightly hard.

It’s the ghost who hides the aura of his ghost, and the probability becomes the greatest.

“Don’t be wary.” The arrogant side of Toni’s character clearly appeared, and the corners of her mouth were raised. “You can think of us as Spiritual Gods sent from the sky to solve all ghosts for you. , You will no longer have to go through this kind of fighting battle soon.”

Butterfly Ninja kept her smile, but tilted her head.

Obviously a bit dazed.

So… is it a mental disorder?

“Sister Toni, let’s bury these people.” A voice suddenly came from behind Butterfly Shinobi.

Butterfly Shinobi’s body stiffened.

Turning his head in surprise.

Mikoto Misaka, who was still standing next to Toni just now, didn’t know when she came to the place behind her, where the corpse face was deathly pale, watching the ghost that had been poisoned to death.

When is it…?

“These people died in the hands of ghosts, and I don’t know if there will be bacteria and viruses and so on, they should be destroyed.” Toni said, and did not ask the ghost to study.

In her opinion.

A “weak” ordinary person can kill this kind of ghost so easily.

worthy-of is the lowest difficulty.

Is it ruined?

Misaka Mikoto glanced at Butterfly Ninja, as if he was hesitant to show her power in front of her.

After all…for people in this era, that might be a bit too shocking.

And Butterfly Ninja, already feels that he and these two are not the same.

Why don’t you understand?

Looked at her awkward expression, Toni suddenly became playful.

“Human.” She said with one hand on her waist and smiling at Butterfly Ninja, “The one standing behind you, but Thor!”

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