Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 832


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The in deadly earnest look of Toni, who is looking at Butterfly Ninja, was originally forced to show a gentle smile, but it really became a little smile.

There is no Thor in this World.

“I’m not the kind of big breasted muscular girl.” Misaka Mikoto was clearly protesting Toni’s statement.


A series of electric sparks appeared on the crackle.

The smile on Butterfly Shinobi’s face suddenly stiffened.

what the hell?

The lightning surrounding Mikoto Misaka looked dumbfounded, almost unbelievable her own eyes.

Really Thor?


Her figure jumped back abruptly, firmly holding the sword in her hand.

“Blood, blood ghost?”

In this World, the first reaction to a superpower phenomenon is related to ghosts.

The blood ghost technique is strange.

It’s not surprising that a blood ghost with power control ability.

“Look, I was really wary.” Misaka Mikoto couldn’t help complaining to Toni.

“Resolve these corpses first, let me explain.” Toni glanced at Misaka Mikoto and stepped forward. For a moment, the figure came to Shinobu Ninja.

“Why do you want to leave this to me?” Misaka Mikoto couldn’t help but complain, but he was still obediently and honestly.

She only needs a split second to clean the murder scene in this place—to fly ash.

At this time, Butterfly Ninja, even her smile couldn’t be stretched.

so fast!

She didn’t see Toni’s movements at all just now.

I didn’t see it at all!

Be aware that because of her petite body, she has no strength. She can only train the flower breathing method that focuses on speed and response. Therefore, speed and response are her absolute advantages, even far more than normal ghosts.

And now.

It’s just an action on the other side, and she knows that this advantage has disappeared, and it has even become a disadvantage.

She can’t even see it!

Butterfly Ren was silent for a moment, still smiling.

“This is also blood ghost art?”

“Blood ghost art?” Toni eyebrow raised, it seems to have guessed the idea of ​​Ninja Butterfly, “Is it the ability of ghosts? So you see our ability, you think we are ghosts?”

“Isn’t it?” Ninja Butterfly eyes narrowed.

“Didn’t you say everything? We came here to kill ghosts.” Toni was shaking one’s head, but didn’t care too much. “Anyway, you must have some way to judge whether it is a ghost.”

“Sunshine.” Butterflies stared at Toni hard, “The ghost will die as long as the sun shines.”

“so that’s how it is, it’s a bit like a vampire.” Toni was nodded, lifts the head and looked at the sky, “There are four or five hours before dawn, so find a place to rest.”

Butterfly Ninja looked Toni, even she, at this time, was a little shaken.

Is it… really not a ghost?

I did not feel the aura of the ghost.

What’s the matter with that kind of ability?

Or to say… is it really a god?

Various thoughts flashed in Butterfly Shinobi’s mind. She only felt that the two people she saw tonight were really weird and powerful, but in any case, she was not willing to relax her guard.

“Where to go to rest?” Misaka Mikoto walked over, without lightning.

“Let me think about…” Toni looked all around, then lifts the head, “Go to the sky.”

“Okay, I want to take a hot bath.” Misaka Mikoto nodded.

Butterfly Ninja is still dazed.

Go to heaven?

Do these two people really regard themselves as gods?


“Let’s go.”

Toni extended the hand and held the Butterfly Ninja in her arms. Compared to her 1.8 metres tall figure, the Butterfly Ninja who is only 1.5 metres looks very petite.

“Wait, wait a minute.” Butterfly endured a little panic.


Toni’s figure soaring high into the air, even a popping sound appeared in the split second.

“aaaaaah——!” Butterfly Shinobu screamed suddenly.

She is not a girl in modern society. An ancient person was suddenly rushed into the sky at a speed exceeding the speed of sound. The subconscious scream was purely a physical reaction.

However, the whistling air in the ears, the higher and higher under the moonlight, and the farther and farther earth makes Butterfly Ninja’s heart like a Level 13 storm.

Already horrified to the limit.

“What the hell is this ahhhh!” She yelled frantically regardless of her reservations.

“hahaha.” Toni responded with Toni’s cheerful laugh, “When you get used to it, you will love this feeling, speed is passion!”

It seems that no matter which world Tony is, he enjoys speeding.

Pitiful Butterfly Ninja.

The stimulus received at this moment is really too great, but the long-term battle has been tempering Willpower, but at this time, I can’t pass out.

I can only hold Toni’s attre like crazy.

Then Toni laughed more pleasantly.

“The height is almost the same, it has exceeded the clouds.” Misaka Mikoto rushed around the lightning behind him.

Toni slowed down.

patted the waist of the chick in her arms.

“It’s already stopped. It would be a shame to see the beauty without eyes opened.”

Butterfly flicked, her closed eyes slowly opened.

Then I was dumbfounded.

In the entire sky, there is only a huge moon and a starlight in the distance. The clouds are underfoot, and the cold wind slowly blows in, blowing away the hair of several people, shining with the silver white moonlight.


For the ancient people who have never experienced the information explosion, this scene is shocked beyond belief.

This is especially true for Ninja Butterfly.

Because of the existence of ghosts, the dark night of this World means bloody battles and tragedies. Only when standing under the sun can you feel the real light.

And now.

Butterfly Ninja seems to realize for the first time that the night can be so beautiful.

Only the clouds blocked by the breakthrough.

“Really good.” Toni rubbed her hair with the other hand. “I thought you would faint. It seems that although you are young, you are already a mature fighter.”

Although the Butterfly Ninja is the most powerful one of dozen of people in this world, in Toni’s eyes, it is obviously only a minor girl.

And after a compliment, Toni said nothing.

A raised hand.

A huge cosmic battleship appeared in front of the three people.

The career started by Tony in this world is not the same as Tony in the world where Chen Mo originally went, but it is still a mechanical type.

Its name is-mechanical master.

Toni can control machinery freely, so her battles mostly rely on machinery.

For example, the flight just now was an underfoot jet device.

And now.

This spaceship is also her proud work.

Butterfly Ninja has been completely shocked.

This huge castle high in the sky in front of me.

Only the abode of God can explain it.

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