Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 833


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“Now, you should believe that we don’t what the hell is that.” Toni was a little triumphant.

For a creator, there is nothing more pleasant than his own work that shocks others.

Butterfly Shinobi suddenly became nervous.

No matter how incredible it sounds, it is already before my eyes.

Whether it is flying up out of thin air at such terrifying speed, or this castle in the sky.

No ghost can do it.

Even the ghost dance Tsuji Mimei couldn’t do it.

In other words, if there are ghosts that can do this, they would have cleared their ghost killing team long ago-who else can resist this terrifying speed.

“You, no, is Lord really here to eradicate ghosts?” Butterflies couldn’t help but clenched fist tightly, looking up at Toni with longing and timid eyes.

The ghost killing team does not believe in gods.

Because if gods really exist, how could they allow cannibals to wreak havoc like this?


If there is divine ability to wipe out all ghosts and save them from the shadow of ghosts, even if they are not gods, they will treat them as gods.

“Didn’t I already say it?” Toni looked at Butterfly Ninja’s eyes, and her heart was touched. She showed a bright smile, “This is our purpose and our mission, so don’t worry. Well, everything can be given to us.”

At this time, she suddenly understood the significance of the Chamber of Commerce sending them.

This World is not like those doomsday worlds.

They are still saved.

There are also such people who are fighting to save themselves.

Perhaps, it is these people’s wishes that moved the Chamber of Commerce to issue such a mission.

“Thank you…” Butterflies moved her lips, and in the end she could only spit out this word.

At the same time, there is some redness in the eye sockets.

If “God” can come sooner, isn’t it, her elder sister doesn’t have to die?

“Let’s go, take a good tour in my ‘castle’ and have a good meal.”

Toni took the Butterfly Ninja into the spaceship.

Just go in.

I immediately cut off from the cold outside and warmed up.

Plus the rays of light, which are as bright as daylight, the simple yet highlights the luxurious decoration and the automated robots that move around one by one.

Everything made the butterfly endure its eyes wide.

From time to time, there were lovely exclamations.

Even if she is a “zhu”, at this time she also behaves like an ordinary ten 8 years old little girl.

Toni looked at her like this, and she felt a little emotional in her heart.

She has always been wary of Chamber of Commerce. This is due to the character. She is wary of everything that might threaten herself, people around her, and threaten the existence of the world, not to mention the appearance of Chamber of Commerce. A powerful existence that can act wilfully.

However, as she understood it, she seemed to gradually understand Chamber of Commerce.

At the very least.

She is happy to do this kind of work of saving kind-hearted innocent people, even if there is no reward.

And the butterfly forbearance.

After taking a high-tech bath in the experience for oneself, putting on a comfortable and soft bath towel, and sitting on the sofa that looked like a cloud, the whole person was in a trance, even more exaggerated than when he first flew.

It really is the life of Divine Immortal.

She still doesn’t know how easy and comfortable washing her body is.

When the snow-white bubbles rubbed on her body, the charming fragrance almost made her drunk.

“Come on, have a good talk.” Toni smiled hehe and walked over and opened a bottle of champagne.

Drinking is one of Toni’s few hobby.

For genius, after all.

If you want to relax your brain completely, you can only rely on external forces.

Butterfly Shinobi sat up straight.


“Don’t be so restrained.” Misaka Mikoto waved his hand, blinked, and asked the first question before Toni, “How did the ghost of this World appear.”

“The exact time of appearance has been hundreds of years. After previous investigations, we realized that all the appearance of ghosts are related to a ghost…” Butterfly Ninja said everything she knew.

Of course, the headquarters of the ghost killing team was retained.

Although she has believed the rhetoric of the two in front of her.

But she has no right to decide on this kind of thing.

Only wait for the master of the ghost killing team to get the news before making a decision.

“In other words, all ghosts are made by this ghost named Ghost Dance Tsuji Wu.” Toni nodded, “It really looks like a vampire, a creature like a vampire is also derived from one The vampire who first appeared mutated.”

Moreover, Immortal Body and weakness are also very similar.

It’s just that this World doesn’t rely solely on skills and weaknesses to kill ghosts, but instead relies more on breathing methods that you have honed.

As for this breathing method, it actually uses the active energy in the air in this World.

is a cultivation technique that is valid only when it belongs to a specific world.

For Toni, neither effect nor strength is of much value.

“In other words, our main mission only needs to solve this ghost dance Tsuji no misfortune.” Misaka Mikoto said somewhat surprised.

It sounds a bit simple.

Although the mission of this World is very simple.

“So, do you know where the ghost dance Tsujimura is?” Toni asked, “If we know the address, we can go to solve it now, or grab it and let it gather all the ghosts Solve it together.”

Although the mission of this World is directly completed.

However, since the understood ghost has been cannibalism, Toni did not obey orders to delay.

If she has a travel mentality, every day she drags on, there will be countless new victims.

It’s a pity.

Butterfly Ninja shake one’s head.

“We have also been looking for the miserable trail of Oniwu Tsuji, but he is very cunning. We have never found him. Instead, we have sacrificed a lot of companions.”

“This is not easy.” Toni frowned.

“Why is this?” Misaka Mikoto couldn’t help but ask, “Listen to what you just said, in terms of strength, the ghost side has the advantage.”

The strongest pillar of the Ghost Killing Team also made many sacrifices when facing the subordinate of Tsuji Wu Mi.

It feels like the ghost ancestor’s wanton encirclement and suppression team.

But it feels completely reversed.

Butterfly Ninja just lowered his head in shame.

It is true that every ghost killing team and every pillar wants to find the place where Ghost Dance Tsuji is miserable, but even if they find it, their odds of success are very low, and all they can do is bet on their own Life, full fight.

“Then start killing ordinary ghosts.” Toni stood up, “Your knife can restrain ghosts? I’ll study it and help you upgrade your weapons.”

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