Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 834


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Upgrade weapons?

Butterfly froze for a moment.

“Forge, forge a knife?” She asked somewhat overwhelmed by favor from superior.

God will upgrade your weapons?

How powerful that should be!

“Forge knife? No, I am not a knifesmith.” Toni had a black line on her face, and said proudly, “Wait, it seems to me too easy to deal with this weak creature. , At worst is a nuclear fusion reactor, 100% simulated solar energy, to ensure that ghosts can feel the heat of the sun at night.”

It’s really not difficult for him.

There are even ready-made technologies.

even more how, you only need to combine the knife to see what ingredients can produce effective destructive power to ghosts. This is a very simple thing. It was analyzed as early as when I saw Butterfly Ninja at first , That is just a special kind of radiation.

Even let her do it, it’s a little overkill.

“Leave it to her, it’s a trivial matter.” Misaka Mikoto yawned and stood up, “Then I will go to my room to sleep, good night, forbearance.”

“…Good night.” Butterfly replied.

I looked at Misaka Mikoto, and then at Naruto.

She has a hunch.

I’m afraid it will be difficult to sleep tonight.

After all, it is high above the clouds in the depths.


2nd day.

Butterfly Shinobu, who slept comfortably, dressed neatly and walked out of the room.

I glanced at the room a bit memorably.

She couldn’t sleep at first.

But this bed, this quilt, and this temperature are so comfortable.

Always remember the business, otherwise, Butterfly Ninja really doesn’t want to crawl out of the bed.

“Get up, Shinobu.” Misaka Mikoto walked over with sleepy eyes, still wearing frog pajamas. This kind of costume is really weird in the eyes of Butterfly Shinobi.

But also very cute.

“Hello, dear Thor.” Butterfly Ninja said hello nervously.

Then Misaka Mikoto’s expression froze.

“Don’t listen to her nonsense, I am not a Thor. Let me tell you, Thor is a big sister with golden hair, big pectoral muscles and eight-pack abs, at least two meters tall.” Misaka Mikoto danced and danced. The Butterfly Ninja explained that she firmly refused to recognize the name of Thor.

Butterfly Ninja’s mind Chunin can’t help but think of Thor.

Then shivered.

Too sinful, this is disrespect to God.

“Mikoto, you brought Shinobu to the laboratory, I have brought breakfast here.” All around suddenly came Toni’s voice.

Butterfly Shinobi was taken aback, but was quickly held by Misaka Mikoto and ran all the way to a room.

There are various compact instruments here.

It is Tony’s laboratory and research site.

Butterfly Ninja is a little trembling with fear. Seeing a certain rotating manipulator, he quickly bent over and apologized, as if he regarded it as a Spiritual God.

“Come and see the special weapons I have prepared for you to attack ghosts.” Toni sat on the main seat, gnawing on the hamburger, with a smug look on her face.

She actually got it all done in just one or two hours.

Hearing the weapon, Butterfly Ninja couldn’t care much anymore, and quickly walked over.

She had been looking forward to it last night.

As long as they can slightly increase their efficiency in killing ghosts, it will be enough to wake her up from dreaming.


Butterfly Ninja still has a little extravagant hope.

If you can really make a powerful weapon that is so powerful that even Oniwu Tsuji has a chance to kill, then she will definitely build a shrine for these two gods, as a Priestess, and worship for generations. .

“First of all, this.” Toni took out a small ball in his hand. “I call it a 360° no dead-angle sunbathing, Jarvis, which simulates the dark night environment.”

“Yes, Young Lady.” Jarvis’s voice suddenly sounded.

Then all of a sudden, the whole environment dimmed, and Butterfly Ninja could even lift the head to see Moon and starlight.

like a It’s like being outside.


Ka-cha, it seems that something was thrown on the ground.

split second.

The whole room is as bright as day!

Butterfly looked dazedly. The light clusters slowly floating in front of me, feeling the warm feeling of the sun shining on me, and then I looked at all around, and seemed to finally realize what I was in front of me at this moment .

The sun!

God made a little sun! ?

“How?” Toni didn’t know when she put on a pair of sunglasses. “Because I don’t know the situation of ghosts, so I’m a completely simulated sunlight component. If it’s a human, it’s a Comfortable sunbathing, but if it’s a ghost, hehe, it’s no different from being exposed to the sun. According to you, even the ghost dance Tsuji can’t survive.”

What else can Butterfly Ninja say?

She was already shaking, completely speechless.

No matter how she can imagine.

Can you create a little sun?

Holding this means that you have been sheltered by the sun. Even if you are a child, you will not be afraid of what the hell Wu Tsuji has no misfortune.

Butterfly Ninja can already imagine that scene.

There is no need to fight anymore.

What blood ghost art, what December ghost, even if the ghost dance Tsuji has no miserable relatives, in front of the sun, it will only be the result of melting.

Butterfly held her mouth and plop knelt down, her tears could not stop.

“Thank you, thank you…Thank God Lord.” She was even a little incoherent.

But apart from excitement, there is sadness inside.

If it can be earlier.

I can see these earlier.

The elder sister will also be happy, and she won’t have to fight so hard and die, and she will be able to see the day when there are no ghosts in this World.

“Didn’t you say that, we are here to help you.” Misaka Mikoto bent down and helped her up, comforted, “So rest assured, everything has changed since we arrived.”

“…” Butterfly Shinobi wiped her tears and smiled in a low voice, “Thank you… I just thought of my elder sister.”

When talking about elder sister, tears couldn’t stop again.

They are the only ones.

Only can I understand that this combination of the greatest joy and the greatest sadness.

“It seems that your elder sister should have been sacrificed in the battle with ghosts.” Toni suddenly started to talk.

“Toni.” Misaka Mikoto couldn’t help but glance at her.

Everyone can guess, but it shouldn’t open up the wounds of others.

But Toni just said each minding their own business: “If, I mean, if your obsession with your elder sister is deep enough, there is still a chance to save everything, I mean, resurrect your elder sister and see her again.”

The butterfly lifted the head abruptly, tears were still flowing.

Resurrect elder sister?

She opened her lips slightly, as if she wanted to ask, but was very scared, afraid that she would get a disappointed answer.

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