Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 836


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After spending the past few years in Marvel World, Misaka Mikoto is no longer the original little girl…Of course, there are some things that are unfamiliar, and she doesn’t like doing them herself.

But there is no objection to companions doing these things.

“But.” Toni took another bite of the hamburger that was not finished, and said vaguely, “Didn’t expect this World mission to become a hide-and-seek game.”

This is not just hide-and-seek.

In their eyes, the ghosts of this World are too weak.

You can kill whatever you want.

Who knew that clearing the boss turned out to be a bullshit, and simply didn’t show up.

“There is no way to hide-and-seek games.” Misaka Mikoto was helpless.

“So too.” Toni shrugged.

One day later.

The headquarters of the ghost killing team has a solemn atmosphere.

The pillars that were originally scattered throughout the country to kill ghosts are now all gathered.

Moreover, it is urgently concentrated.

No one knows what happened except Butterfly Ninja.

At this time.

But before they had any talks, they were called directly into the house.

A man in vintage clothes with obvious scars on his face sat here very quietly.

“Master.” All columns, all under one-knee kneels at this time.

Because the man in front of him is the leader of the ghost killing team-Yoya Sanya Shiki.

Although he is weak, he makes all the pillars truly acknowledge allegiance.

“No courtesy.”

At this moment, Yoya Shiki’s voice came.

“Master.” A white-haired man with a scar on his nose couldn’t help but start to talk, “I don’t know if I was called to wait urgently. What happened?”

He was hunting down a ghost last night. If it were not for Yoya Shiki’s emergency summon, he would never come back.

“don’t be impatient, Shimi.”

Sanya Shiki Yoshiya’s voice is unusually gentle, as if there is a kind of strange power, even the short-tempered immortal Kawasiya Shiya slowed down at this time and lowered his head again.


Yoshiki Shiki, who has always been calm and gentle, suddenly became a little excited in her voice.

“This time I am calling you all because I have finally met the real dawn. Whether it is the ghost dance Tsuji Mime, or the December ghost, under this dawn, there will be no fear.”

“What–!?” All the pillars suddenly lifted the head together.

Staring at his lord.

If the average person said this, they would not have such an exaggerated reaction.

But that said.

It is the lord of the ghost killing team, Yoya Shiki.

Even if everyone here regards killing ghosts as their lifelong goal, no one can compare to Yoya Shiki in dedication and responsibility. After all, the entire ghost killing team was created by Clan Sanyashiki. When they got up, even their entire clan maintained a huge price.

“Rebirth, you can tell everyone briefly.” Yoya Shiki gave a few breaths, and his body seemed to be weak.

Although he is young, he is indeed very weak.

Weak to the point of being breathless even with excitement.

“Yes.” Butterfly replied, looked at the comrades around him, and brewed some words, “In short, I met two gods.”

“…” The others looked at each other in blank dismay.

They couldn’t think of this kind of start.

“Ninbo, the god you are talking about is…” Another woman in the column, Ganlu Temple Mili curiously asked.

“It is the true god, possessing powerful mighty power.” Butterfly Ninja said with a smile, “and they are here to help us.”

“What a joke!”

Butterfly Ninja hasn’t finished speaking yet, the immortal immortal Kawa Minya can’t stand it anymore.

He even stood up abruptly regardless of whether it was in front of the lord.

“What god!? Are you an illusion of a ghost? If this World has a god, why does a ghost appear?”

No wonder he was so excited.

This World, there is no god to help people, only evil spirits that cannibalize people.

So, the ghost killing team does not believe in gods.

And with his mortal body, with the knife in his hand, sweep all ghosts.

Now, Butterfly Ninja said that she saw God?

So many people have died, and evil spirits have been rampant at night for hundreds of years.

At this time, said that a god appeared?

“Miya, you calm down.” Yoya Shiki started to talk.

“Master, I will never accept it!” Undying Chuan Shiya took a deep breath, and expressed his attitude very firmly, “No matter who the guy that Butterfly Ninja meets who claims to be a god is, even if I die, I will never Believe it! I will never admit it!”

Although the remaining pillars did not speak any more, they also showed suspicious expressions.


They also don’t believe it.


Yoshiki Yoya gave a somewhat helpless expression.

“I didn’t believe it at first either.” He said slowly, “But, I believe it now. Not only do I believe, I am also willing to give some to thank God for his gift.”

“Lord!” Undead Kawamiya looked at his lord in disbelief.

No trace of politeness said that Yoya Shiki, who is trusted by every pillar, is the core of the ghost killing team. It doesn’t matter if the ghost killing team is gone, just can’t live without him.

And now, this spiritual representative has said such words?

The expressions of the rest of the pillars have also changed a lot.

They feel that Yoya Shiki has been deceived.

“Come up,” said Yoya Shiki.

Then several subordinates brought up an iron cage.

Remove the black cloth covering it.

There is a ghost bound tightly by chains.

Several posts frowned at once.

This is the headquarters of the ghost killing team. For them, it is a very sacred place. I don’t know why a ghost was brought to this place.

Furthermore, this kind of behavior is very dangerous, maybe it may expose the headquarters.

“Everyone, we have been fighting ghosts for hundreds of years.” Yoya Yoya Shiki looked at everyone, “During this period, countless people died in the night of fighting ghosts. Among them were our relatives, Senior and junior… bring countless sadness and pain.”

No one spoke, everyone listened quietly.

Even the immortal Kawamiya was quiet at this time.

“In the earliest days, it was not that we had not prayed and pleaded with God, but that was useless, so we did not believe in God and did not worship God.” Yoya Sanya Shiki’s voice seemed to be caught in a long thought. After a pause, he suddenly laughed and smiled very happily, “And now, when I no longer count on God, suddenly God has brought gifts and hope, forbearance, let everyone see.”


Butterfly Shinobi stood up and took out a ball from the cutious and solemn inside of her arms.

“Everyone, this is the power that those two gods give us.”

She held the ball and showed it around like everyone else.

Then placed it on the ground, in front of the ghost.

All Zhu stared at her movements, including Immortal Kawasiya.

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