Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 837


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The pillars don’t see anything from the appearance of this little ball.

I just think the production is very delicate.

The biggest guess is that it will be poisonous and so on.

It’s not that no one has developed new weapons against ghosts, including the production of poison sacs, but it turns out that most of them are useless.

Except for the like, using swords and injecting toxins directly into the ghost’s within-the-body, other methods can’t allow the ghost to absorb the toxins—as long as it feels wrong, the ghost will close its breath, and The lethality that touches the skin is close to nothing.

In the audience, the most concerned is the ghost.

He never thought he would encounter such a terrible thing.

obviously just a little demon.

obviously be very careful when eating people.

But why.

Why was caught in front of the pillar of the ghost killing team!

This is a pillar!

Even the December ghost Lord may be killed if they meet.

There are so many here!

Ghost shivering.

And Butterfly Ninja, there is no longer a sale.

I directly pressed the button to activate the weapon.

It’s broad daylight.

Everyone can only see that the light ball emits bright rays of light, which seems to be accompanied by temperature, as if there is a burning flame inside, shining warm on the body.

“What kind of weapon is this.” Undead Kawamiya snorted.

However, no one answered.

Even he himself was shocked all at once.

Because the ghost screamed.

The rays of light emitted by the ball shone on the ghost, as if it were directly irradiated by the sun. The ghost screamed with blue smoke and screams, as if being burned by a fire, and then Everyone turned to ashes.

The immortal Kawamiya suddenly stood up.

His eyes rounded.

Open your mouth slightly.

It seemed that I wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything.

He had successfully killed ghosts before joining the ghost killing team.

The way he kills ghosts is to restrain them, wait until dawn, and then watch the ghosts fly ash annihilation under the sun.

Just as before.

“This ball, this ball…” Immortal Kawamiya swallowed saliva, the sound in his throat didn’t seem like he had said it himself.

“This is not a ball.” Among all the pillars present, only Shinobu Shinobu remained calm. She explained, “This is a weapon made by gods. Just like you see, it is a round of small The sun, even at night, can emit the brilliance of the sun, and any ghost will scattered ashes and dispersed smoke-even the ghost dance Tsuji Mimei!”

This is the fact before everyone.

The immortal Kawamiya lifts the head and took a look.

It seems that I want to find loopholes. For example, the ceiling is moved, or someone shines the sun in with a mirror.

But, none.

Yes, it’s just that this round is emitting a ball of rays of light like the sun.

“Amitabha.” Tears were flowing from Yanzhu’s sorrowful Yuxingming eyes, “How touching, the viciousness of ghosts finally attracted the wrath of God, how sad, all ghosts will be here rays of Scattered ashes and dispersed smoke under light……”

The rest of the columns have also reacted at this time.

“Unexpectedly…it is such a divine object.”

“It’s incredible, don’t you have to fear any ghosts at all.”

“Find Ghost Mai Tsuji Mime! The rest is to find him!”

“Ninja, can you tell me how you met God?”

Each Zhu’s face has a look different from the past.

After all, every pillar here is training, fighting, and fighting hard to kill ghosts.

And now.

An ultimate weapon like this appeared in front of them.

Although this is a veto of their efforts, who doesn’t want to eliminate all ghosts?

Butterfly Ninja seems to have expected such a scene long ago.

The smile on her face at that time seemed a little different from the past.

Then, tell me what I have encountered.

Everyone listened, did they make exclamation sounds?

Two Goddess?

Can you send out lightning and take her out of the sky above the clouds?

in the sky fortress?

It sounds like a fairy tale, but after having witnessed this magical and powerful weapon, everyone is left in awe.

If it is true.

That’s the real god.

“Everyone.” Yoya Shiki slowly started to talk, and everyone looked towards him, “That’s how it is, and I gathered you all for this matter. Obviously, completely eliminate ghosts and let The dawn of Oniwu Tsujimura paying the price for the grief he has brought us for hundreds of years is right in front of me. I have made a decision-to pay for all of the clan, enshrine the two Goddess, just to kill the ghosts! “

Although all the columns are called, it is obvious.

Yoshiya Shiki has made a decision.

In fact, there is no hesitation. Clan and the ghost killing team exist to kill all ghosts. This is their responsibility, their mission, and the meaning of their existence. If divine ability Enough to do this step, paying all this is also as it should be by rights.

The rest of the pillars are silent.

The news, everything in front of them, the lord’s words, for them, suddenly shocked.

I don’t even know what kind of response should be made.

The sight of Yoya Shiki, looked towards Shiya Immortal.


The immortal Kawamiya who was still saying that even if he died, he would not believe in God, lowered his head and bit the teeth.

“If God can really kill Ghost Mai Tsuji Wu Mi, then it doesn’t matter if I am a servant or a slave!”

The short-tempered of Immortal Kawasami is because he hates ghosts enough.

The first ghost he killed.

It is his mother.

Since then, his life is to live to kill ghosts, not only to kill ghosts, but also to get revenge.

Shiki Yoshiya nodded.

He was not surprised by the reaction of Immortal Kawasami.

And just when he wanted to say something and so on.

A voice suddenly sounded.

“You don’t need to be a slave, just cooperate. Our goal is to clear away the evil of this World.”

All the pillars were taken aback.

Undead Kawamiya has pulled out the sword and stood in front of the delivery house Shiki Yoshiya.

Watched everything around me vigilantly.

Here, but the headquarters of the ghost killing team, all the pillars are all gathered together.

In this case, some people can sneak in silently.

Only Butterfly Ninja was stunned for a while and heard this voice.

“God Lord, is that you?” she asked cautious and solemn.

“Yes, we are already here.” Toni’s voice came again.

She has used the monitor to see all the reactions of everyone in the meeting just now, and even analyze it.

At the same time.

There was also a scream outside.

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