Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 838


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Suddenly, all the columns responded.

A few columns rushed out.

Several pillars guarded the delivery house Shiki Yoshiya, cautious and solemn moved outside.

And when they arrived outside the house.

All were stunned.

Because of the two women, they were very quietly suspended in mid-air ten meters high from the ground.

They are all wearing kimonos, with wavy sleeves, one body is shining with bright lightning, the other underfoot is also emitting rays of light, and the air current visible through naked eye is spinning all around them.

Spiritual God.

The breathing method absolutely cannot do this, except for ghosts, there is only Spiritual God.

And now, in broad daylight.

this time.

All columns must not accept this reality.

Spiritual God has really come.

And now.

The Spiritual God in the eyes of the two everyone is sitting quietly communicating.

“Is this really necessary?” Misaka Mikoto seemed very sorry.

“Girl, you are still too young.” Toni disagrees, she seems to be enjoying it, “Not good, if you are a good shocker, it will be a lot of trouble, and you don’t want to be doing a ghost killing mission I have to deal with some humans.”

Misaka Mikoto has nothing to say.

She just feels too ashamed.

Pretending to be Spiritual God and so on……

No matter what, I have already done this step, and I will install it with Toni.

The two of them fell to the ground under everyone’s gaze. Before they landed, there was even a breeze blowing off the tip-toe dust layer.

“God Lord.” Ninja Butterfly responded first.

She is the only one who has seen these two “God Lords” here.

“We waited for a day and didn’t respond, so we came without permission.” Toni had an easy-going smile on her face. “After all, we have time to stay in this World, at least we can finish it earlier. mission .”

“mission ……”

Sanya Shiki Yoshiya said this word silently in her heart, seeming to think of something.

But at this time, it was too late to make him think.

He walked out of the guard of the pillar.

“Yoshiya Shiki, I have seen two gods Lord.” A long gave a bow.

“You don’t need so much politeness, I know who you are.” Toni’s gaze looked at the scar on Yoya Shiki’s face and raised her eyebrows slightly. “You don’t seem to be a normal injury.”

“It’s a curse.” Misaka Mikoto said instead of Yoya Shiki. She stared for a while, surely nodded, “It’s not very brilliant, but it’s natural. This is the first time I have seen such a curse. However, It is not difficult to crack.”

She directly extends the hand a little bit.

A purple lightning followed her fingers into the delivery room and Shiki Yaoya’s body.

The rest of the pillars were taken aback.

Especially Immortal Kawasiya.

Don’t look at him just standing up against Yoya Shiki’s decision several times, but in terms of loyalty, among all the pillars, Shinya Immortal Kawa is at least ranked in the top three.

But before he waited for anything, he was directly held back by the butterfly.

“Look!” The Butterfly Man pointed to Yoya Shiki’s cheek.

Lightning wandered constantly on Yoya Shiki, especially on the scars of the cheeks, but did not cause any damage as imagined. Even under this lightning, the scars on Yoya Yashiki’s face were Significant reduction!

It disappeared in just ten seconds.

The appearance of a delicate and pretty man was revealed.

He seemed to realize something himself.

extend the hand, touching his cheek with some trembling.

No more.

The curse of the birth house for generations is gone.

“Master!” Immortal Kawamiya looked at him with some worry.

“I am fine.”

Shiki Yoshiya took a deep breath, swept his clothes, and prostrate oneself in admiration directly and knelt down.

“Yoshiya Shiki, thank God Lord.”

“Just raise your hand.”

Misaka Mikoto said quickly, seemingly unaccustomed to someone bowing down like this, but he didn’t know what to do.

No matter what the strength is.

Her values ​​have been cultivated in Academy City over the past ten years.

That kind-hearted and casual lively girl.

And Toni.

Secretly gave her a thumbs up.

She may be able to heal this kind of curse, but it is definitely not as simple as Misaka Mikoto. After all, the direction is different. Misaka Mikoto’s profession is a “sorcerer”.


The rest of the columns, without any hesitation, followed behind their lord and knelt down.

Includes Butterfly Ninja, and Immortal Kawamiya.

This kneel.

Not only for the lord, but also for myself.

It is for the ancestors and fighters of the ghost killing team who have been fighting with ghosts for hundreds of years.

“Get up.” At this moment, even Toni was a little uncomfortable. She waved her sleeves. “Don’t you blame us for being so late… Actually, we are also for the mission. Come, it’s a mission sent to us by God.”

The God in her mouth refers to Chamber of Commerce.

If it weren’t for the Chamber of Commerce or this mission, they would not be able to come to this World, let alone save these people, and end the suffering of this World.

Of course.

Some people are late, don’t blame me, blame God.

“The two gods Lord, please enter the cold house.” Yoya Shiki, who kept the posture of prostrate oneself in admiration, kept the posture to the lowest level.

The rest of the columns are mostly the same.

No matter what status they have, and what status they have.

In front of hope.

All are equally humble.

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