Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 841


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The sudden expansion of membership disrupted all the layout.

For Toni and Misaka Mikoto, Mission Difficulty is undoubtedly increased.

But it can still be considered simple.

The strength of their current members is not comparable to that of a few members. Even if Tsuji Wumai and his subordinates spent the entire rookie period, their strength is simply incomparable.

The dozens of additional Level 4 cans are a huge gap.

even more how.

On their side, there are also a lot of new members.

After Toni pondered for a while, he started to talk and said: “Finding Ghost Dance Tsuji’s center of gravity not at all changes, but before that, it is necessary to increase your strength. In addition, as far as possible, try Qualified ghosts conduct raids.”

“Is it just buying the jar?” Butterfly Ninja’s fingers have been pinched, “The jar can fulfill all wishes, and that includes resurrection.”

“Of course.” Toni looked at Butterfly Ninja, her eyes seemed to glow, “Ninbo, since you have such a wish, then choose the medical jar. The resurrected props have the greatest probability of appearing in the medical jar series. “

In the entire membership circle that Toni knows today, there are very few members of the medical profession.

After all, not everyone has medical aspirations.

The most famous at present is Tsunade.

After the Chamber of Commerce reform and the opening of the transaction, just selling resurrection coins made Tsunade fiercely a lot.

Toni looked really hot.

If a guild is to be formed, the members who have changed jobs in the medical field will definitely be in demand, and there is one with this potential right now.

“The price… is expensive.” Butterfly endured her members and looked at the price displayed on it, a little uncomfortable.

Among all the pillars, she is already considered the richer person.

However, there are not many cans that can be bought at all.

“I can support you.” Toni slowed down her voice, revealing her little tail, “Money is only useful for newcomers like you, and it is basically useless for members of our level. I am very optimistic about you. If you are willing to be my companion and join the guild I belong to, I can be responsible for all the funds of your novice period, so that you can reach the limit of junior members overnight. Not surprisingly, you tonight There will be an elder sister who will resurrect you.”

As the rays of light dig into the corner of the wall, many Zhu’s expressions have changed a little.

But Tanya Shiki Yoshiya’s expression remained unchanged.

Butterfly Ninja was obviously hesitant.

The tangled glanced at Yoshiya Shiki.

She still respects the lord very much, and according to the concept of this era, changing the lord at will is obviously an act of spurn.

Yoshiya Sanya Shiki slightly smiled: “The purpose of the ghost killing team is to kill ghosts. After sweeping away all the ghosts in this World, the ghost killing team should disappear with the ghosts in history. You too Should have the right to make the remaining choices.”

This paragraph made Toni give him a surprised look.

You know, he is also a member now.

Naturally, he should understand that what is in front of him is a broader world.

But still said this.

He not at all wanted to use his current identity to bind these members to his side all the time, and then continue his rights as the master in that broader world.

This open-mindedness makes Toni a little optimistic.

“For your reasons, after you kill the ghost, you can join my guild.” Toni hand sweeps turned out to be an invitation to all Zhu, and she showed her confidence as a rich man. Smile, “Of course, this is just an invitation, no matter what choice you make, the ghost will definitely kill, and as long as you agree, I will pay you all the wealth of the novice period.”

All the pillars couldn’t help taking a breath.

All wealth?

They have already digested the cognition of members in their minds, and they can naturally understand what an astronomical figure is.

No trace of politeness said that in this era, even the richest man in the entire country may not be so rich.

If what Toni said is true.

That means that they can quickly get this huge fortune, quickly open the can, and quickly become stronger.

Even so.

The pillars looked at each other, and no one made a decision all at once.

Toni’s luck is actually very good. Although each column here has different characters and different abilities, they all meet the standards of “both righteousness and courage” in this era.

Promise Toni’s condition, that is to really change a lord.

Naturally need to be cautious.

Toni recorded everyone’s reactions and expressions, secretly surprised, but at the same time, there was also a feeling of finding a treasure.

No one agrees all at once, which means that at least no one is thinking about cheating her money.

Know that this kind of invitation means that she pays first in exchange for a less binding promise.

“Toni Lord.” In the end, Butterfly Ninja was the first to start to talk. She showed a tangled expression, “Maybe, let me think about it.”

“Of course.” Toni was very generous and nodded, “As long as we are still in this World, you can make a decision any time.”

At this moment, she suddenly felt a little grateful that when she first met, she did not behave well at all.

Of all the pillars, the one she valued most was Butterfly Ninja.

Misaka Mikoto looked at all this silently beside him, a little envious.

But there is no way to envy.

Who made her run out of money?

If Toni can successfully recruit these people this time, no, even if it only recruits part of it, the guild will basically take shape.

If one of these people can open a guild-type career…

Misaka Mikoto is very envious.

The meeting lasted until very late. During this period, it was not all about the ghost dance Tsuji’s miserable things, but more, it was a group of cute new people who were not at all talking about the Chamber who was not at all in consulting with the boss. of Commerce situation.

And the bosses know everything they can talk about.

Until late at night.

Toni and Mikoto Misaka return to their rooms.

As soon as they were about to separate, Toni suddenly called Mikoto Misaka.

“Mikoto, you almost want to give me an answer.”

Toni has a smile on her face, and she can see that she is in a very good mood.

“Do you have to give it now?” Misaka Mikoto’s face collapsed suddenly.

“I know, you always wanted to build a guild by yourself, but it was difficult.” Toni spread his hands together, “but there are a lot of things to take care of.”

“I can do it too.” Misaka Mikoto was a little unconvinced.

“But you don’t have money.” Toni hit the nail on the head.