Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 843


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Butterfly Ninja is the first among all members to open a lot of cans, and for the rest of the columns, it also has a peculiar feeling.

And she soon faced her most important moment.


This determines her future development direction.

Butterfly endured nervousness and opened her Level 3 jar.

It seems that a good skill was developed before, and she didn’t pay too much attention to it until the last pot.

I raised my eyes and looked at Toni.

Although Toni didn’t say it directly, she could still see that Toni had some special expectations for her destiny props.

Butterfly Ninja is a little worried that she will disappoint this expectation.

Toni saw her thoughts and pretended to laughed relaxedly: “Even if it’s not the career we want, it doesn’t matter, even more how, I still have confidence in you.”

Even if Butterfly Ninja did not start a career in medical care, Toni would be a little disappointed at best, but he still wouldn’t have other ideas.

All in all.

Toni’s smile still gave Butterfly Ninja some encouragement.

She didn’t hesitate either, she opened the last jar with her elder sister for four years.

rays of light poured into her within-the-body.

Butterfly Ninja compared the eyes.

A faint trace dark green gas from her body surface, she was enveloped in rays of light, everyone looked a little nervous. Butterfly Ninja, only Toni understands that Butterfly Ninja is undergoing a special inheritance .

Knowledge, strength, talent.

The so-called destiny item is a comprehensive change of a person, whether it is race or knowledge, and even contains talents and special powers, just like her, after the transfer, she can even feel the cold machinery She can manipulate the lives contained in them, and can feel the invisible life force from them.

And now.

Butterfly Ninja is also going through this process.

After the rays of light gradually calmed down, she slowly opened her eyes.

looked an expectant look, and spit out two words gently.


“Pharmacist…” Toni repeated, her eyes lit up slightly, “It really is a career in therapy.”

Knowing that although it sounds ordinary, Toni is very aware of the characteristics of a job transfer. Apart from anything else, just a special limited pot has a lot of potential.

But Butterfly Ninja was not as happy as she thought.

She pursed her lips.

“A pharmacist is a profession that studies the mechanism of the human body, studies various magical medicines, and even poisons, but…is not good at resurrecting the dead, only good at turning the dead into various existences…”

Much of her desire for jars comes from her love for elder sister.

However, just this kind of love does not seem to be enough for her to open a career with a convenient resurrection.

Because she also has a passion for medicine and treatment, this is the responsibility her elder sister inherited from her.

Toni thought for a while.

It seems determined.

She directly took out her badge, clicked it a few times, and waited quietly.

The rest of the people didn’t know what she was doing, but they didn’t dare to disturb.


Suddenly a lazy female voice came from the badge.

“It’s Toni.”

“Tsunade, I want to buy a primary resurrection coin, can you make a price.” Toni said directly.

Suddenly, Butterfly opened his eyes abruptly.

Cover your mouth.

Just hearing the three words “Resurrection Coin”, I understand what Toni is doing.

“Yes, at the old price, 5,000,000 points.” Tsunade said directly.

“No problem.” Toni was nodded.

The two parties agree to the transaction, go through a process directly on the transaction interface through the badge, and then pay a certain delivery price to Chamber of Commerce. In just a few seconds, a brand new resurrection coin is held by Toni Hands.

5,000,000 points.

equivalent to the price of eighteen Level 3 jars.

It doesn’t sound like much, but Tsunade can open a primary resurrection coin with an average of twenty or so Level 3 jars. It is conceivable that it is definitely a high price.

This is monopoly.

Currently, Tsunade is not the only person who has resurrection ability and resurrection items.

Orochimaru can do it too.

However, Tsunade here is the simplest method, and it has no side effects at all.

So she is the most popular here.

“Take it.” Toni handed the resurrection coin to Ninja Butterfly.

Butterfly Ninja’s lips trembled slightly, as if she wanted to express her gratitude, but she almost couldn’t hold back her tears.

“No need to be like this.” Toni said with a smile, “I won’t talk about emotions and other sensational things, just point it out, you are worth this value in my heart.”

For members who have passed the novice period, points are not so easy to obtain.

Even Level 4 jars must be purchased with the corresponding quota, but Level 3 jars do not have this restriction. As long as there are points, there is no problem with how much you want to buy.

Yes, Toni is indeed bleeding a little bit.

But I can trade this value for the gratitude of the butterfly forbearance.

In her heart.

This is a big profit.

“Holding this resurrection coin, you can resurrect your elder sister, but don’t be here, because the resurrected person is undressed, go back to the house and resurrect.” Toni reminded.

“En!” Butterfly Ninja heavily nodded, holding this precious resurrection coin, turned around, moved towards the room and ran quickly.

The rest of the pillars, looking towards her back, there is comfort and envy.

Butterfly Ninja’s elder sister, but the former Zhu is also their companion.

Yoshiya Shiki turned his head, looked at Toni, and asked aloud: “Toni Lord, I wonder if the Lord who just traded with you has a profession that can produce resurrection items?”

“Yes, that guy took advantage of this opportunity to make a lot of money.” Toni was nodded and glanced at the people in front of him, “But you can’t trade. Only intermediate members are eligible to trade items. After the novice period, points can’t be bought with money.”

She can naturally see what these people think.

Frankly speaking, she would never hesitate if she could get some member subordinates with 500 points.

However, these columns are obviously not so impulsive.

Even the immortal Kawasiya is just thinking, without starting to talk.

For them.

As long as there is hope, it is enough.

Soon, everyone suddenly turned their heads.

In the sight that only they could feel, a light beam connected to the three rounds of the never-set sun emerged from the back room.

“That, that’s…” Youzhu seemed to realize something.

“Yes, Butterfly Ninja’s elder sister was also selected.” Toni sighed, “It seems that the world full of crisis is also full of hope. Your team is indeed rare.”