Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 845


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Being held by Toni like this, Misaka Mikoto’s expression changed again and again, with a look of grief and indignation.

Obviously she also wants to build her own guild.

Sure enough, there is no such ability and luck at all.


Mikoto Misaka still did not make a firm resolution to join Toni’s guild.

The next 2nd day.

The arrive slowly protagonist finally came to the headquarters. When Tanjirou found out that all the pillars in front of him were members, he was confused.

Faced with Toni’s invitation, she didn’t even have the intention to reply. All she thought about was her younger sister.

There is absolutely no escape!

If you let these two middle-level members who came with the mission, and these columns with hatred of ghosts understood her younger sister as a ghost, she would never let her younger sister go.

Tanjiro was totally confused.

Among all the columns, there is only water column, Yoshiyuki Tomioka knows about Tanjirou’s younger sister.

He took a chance and found Tanjirou who was in panic and fear.

“The only way in front of me is to find a chance to restore your younger sister from the jar. Now it seems that both the worm and the style may have this ability.” Yoshiyuki Tomioka pointed out one to Tanjiro. Direction, “The style butterfly Chana is among all the pillars. Only one pillar is kind to ghosts. You can try to ask her for help, but I cannot guarantee the result.”

Tanjiro was unable to make a firm resolution.

If Huazhu disagrees, or there is no way, let this matter be understood by the rest of the columns, especially the two intermediate members.

His younger sister is in danger!

The days are just spent day by day.

While the ghost killing team continued to investigate the ghost dance Tsuji Mimei, they were also looking for opportunities to get Ryo to open the cans, but obviously, none of the overwhelming majority columns have this ability, and only a very small number of columns can do it.

For example, Yinzhu Yuchuang Tianyuan.

As a ninja, he was originally a clan heir, and he also has three beautiful wives, backed by other influences, and perhaps the richest of all pillars.

A week later.

They finally ushered in the news of their own yearn for something even in dreams.

“We have found no tragic traces of the ghost dance Tsuji.” When Yoya Sanya Shiki announced the news, his tone was more calm than expected. “He really became a member, but his money-gathering also made him show his feet As far as we know, several big businessmen suddenly retired today and no longer stand on the bright side. In fact, great probabilities have become ghosts.”

Chen Mo put the implementation in the second world listed earlier.

——Zhan·Crimson Eye.

The tone of this World is similar to that of Gui Mie has several points of. It is an atmosphere of oppression and a group of people who resist.

Chen Mo tapped his finger.

mission, issued.

Just a short split second, mission was immediately selected by the member who happened to be on the looked mission interface at this time.

Chen Mo looked at the character who grabbed the mission and was a little surprised.

Jean of Arc.

Yes, it’s Jeanne.

At this time, Joan of Arc is spawning monsters within the realm of Kinoe Iron City Doomsday. She not only fights by herself, but also tries to give the local characters the confidence to fight, and as compensation for choosing their world as the copy world, the local characters No matter what you want, no matter what your qualities, as long as you fight, you can get pots from the battle and grow quickly.

Jan of Arc clearly led a large group of people to possess this courage.

At this moment, she was gasp for breath in the gap of battlefield, looked at the badge, and obviously she was a little surprised, she actually grabbed the second mission.

The badge has a more vague description than the first mission.

[This is a ruler barren and brutal world, please give the people and the world a stable order, a peaceful life, and moved towards the potential to flourish in the future. 】

In addition to this mission description, there is a more detailed introduction that only members who execute the mission can see.

Includes the environment, power level, main influence distribution, etc. of the Zhanchi world.

Jan of Arc looked at these words repeatedly.

Well, she is illiterate.

However, mission is not just a text description, there are corresponding cognitions.

From these cognitions, Joan seems to see some suffering people, full of dangerous nature, brutal officials, and difficult environments, as if there is no hope at all.