Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 846


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Jan of Arc was attracted by this mission.

She looked all around.

Different from this world that has been completely dilapidated, people in this mission world still have hope.

It’s just that the mission can have two people, and she can invite one more person.

But who to invite?

Jan of Arc can easily think of the Shinshihoori who has the best relationship with her, but after thinking about it for a while, she is shaking one’s head.

mission is to give the people of that world a happy environment. In other words, it is not simply overthrowing tyranny.

If it’s just fighting, she can do it alone, because the risk rating of this World is not high.

So, she needs a companion who knows how to bring happiness to the people.

Jane quickly thought of someone.


This King Knight, who has failed miserably in history, has achieved unprecedented success in modern society. Her loyalty, her character, and her love are exactly what people in the world need today.

People need a ruler who will never betray them, everything is for their sake, and they love them very much.

People’s happiness can be seen in the cheers that Altria received.

In the world today, Wang Chu has spread all over the world.

Jan of Arc returns to his world and goes to the residence of King Knight.

not at all received a block.

Actually, the relationship between Joan of Arc and Altria is also very good. After all, they are heroes who love the country and the people deeply, plus they look very similar, but when they stand together in the same clothes, Everyone feels that they are a twin, even if they are themselves, they have a natural sister feeling.

Of course, it’s easy to tell…

Jan of Arc met Altria and explained his intentions, and in a instant was agreed.

“Thank you very much for your trust.” Altria’s expression is serious, “I will definitely complete the mission for us. In addition, as a reward for inviting me, I will give the points I got in this mission Give it all to you. I only need the qualification of Level 4 jar.”

Of course she can give nothing.

However, Joan of Arc is only her friend, not her subordinate. Such a mission to obtain a reward should naturally give a corresponding return.

Jan of Arc is also used to Altria’s harsh, even somewhat rigid style.

I also solemnly nodded and agreed.

Then next moment, smiles appeared on both faces at the same time. The atmosphere like negotiation before disappeared without a trace. One is not Saintess, and the other is not King Knight, just like two people of similar age. The same as his sisters.

“Altria, I invited you this time, but I was complained by God Split for a while.” Joan seems to be a little guilty of God Break Huoori, after all, she has a better relationship with God Break Huoori .

Although no guild has been established, the islands are already connected.

The copy is also together.

In the eyes of the rest, the two of them are already real teammates.

Altria seemed to hesitate for a while, and said: “If she doesn’t agree, you can still leave the opportunity to her.”

“Don’t worry, I have discussed with her, and she also thinks that you are more suitable for this mission.” Jeanne said with a slight smile.

“Do you bring happiness to the people… I will bet on the glory of King Knight, I will definitely do it!” Altria pinched her little fist as if she was making a firm resolution for herself.

“We all believe in you.” Joan looked at her, with a little envy in her eyes.

She worked hard on her own, and she was only able to fill her hands with blood to protect her country, but she never really got the love of the people. In the final analysis, she only got a little bit in the name of God. It’s just trust.

But Altria.

But he is a real person who can bring happiness to the people.

“Why are we going?” Altria asked, pulling Joan back from thinking.

“Anytime,” Joan said.

“Let’s go then.” Altria actually doesn’t at all need special treatment.

Although she has been loved by the people in modern society and has received unprecedented voices, her previous failures still left deep marks on her. She no longer adheres to the “perfect king”, but works hard Learn new knowledge and assign a considerable part of the rights to the Knights of the round table who followed them to this World.

If you just leave temporarily, there won’t be any problems at all.

The two people paid the cost of the transfer, left this World and came to the realm of Zhan Chi.

The place where I descended was a forest.

Both of them are armors, fully armed.

“The air is very good.” Altria took a deep breath, “But the magic is much more irritable than our world, this level of irritability, I am afraid it is difficult to control with skill.”

“However, it can be absorbed and digested through exercise.” Joan continued Altria.

Neither of them is an average person. Whether it is their heroic status or their job transfer, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

Only through the explanation of this World on mission, combined with my own insights, we can roughly understand the situation of this world.

And what happened next confirmed their views.

Dangerous species.

A group of dangerous species resembling dinosaurs emerged from the jungle and completely surrounded them.

Of course, for the ordinary person, certain death situation, not at all, will change the expressions of the two middle-level members.

They looked towards a certain direction at the same time.

There, there are two people who are coming.

It’s fast.

If two people dare to run in the forest of this World, their strength must be good.

In just a moment, two people appeared in front of Joan of Arc and Altria.

A black hair red pupil, holding a Longsword in his hand.

A blonde and golden pupil, with a fiery figure, wears a leather jacket that only covers important parts.

It is exactly the two important supporting characters in this World-Aka Hitomi and Leone.

The split second where the two sides met, whether it was Red Eye and Leonay, or Jeanne and Altria, were all taken aback.

The reason for the red pupils is because they did not expect to see two women wearing armor in the forest.

Altolia was dumbfounded because they were suddenly notified of the badge.

Yes, notice.

Although they didn’t show it out, the corresponding cognition has flooded into their minds.

The two people in front of you are both “member reserves.”

The so-called member reserve refers to people who are eligible to become members but have not yet exiled badges.

Yes, this is part of Chen Mo’s rule improvement.