Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 935


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Chen Mo nodded.

The metal bats at this time are actually qualified for the power of the can.

“Very good.” Chen Mo raised a hand, put it on the balcony guardrail, raised his chin, “How about it, do you want more power?”

“Can you beat you?” The metal bat is not at all shocking.

“There is this hope.” Chen Mo shrugged, lightly said with a smile, “In other words, what I give is actually this kind of hope, that is, the hope of conquering everything, defeating everything, and realizing everything.”

Even to other members, Chen Mo said the same.

The ultimate goal of becoming a member is to become a transcendant.

It even includes surpassing him.

It’s just that…it’s basically impossible to do this, because Chen Mo won’t stop and wait.

“Then I want it.” The metal bat was also unambiguous.

“Then go over there, pay and get your power.” Chen Mo waved his hand.

The figure of the metal bat came to the other side at the split second. He seemed to be a little dumbfounded, then he realized it, then his eyes were frenzied, and then, piles of cans appeared beside him.

Sure enough!

The rest immediately thought of undocumented Knight.

The reason for the strength of the undocumented Knight is a secret in the association, but in fact, many people know it, at least S-Rank knows all of them.

He got the jar from this “God”.

And now.

Has the metal bat also gained such power?

Banggu looked at Chen Mo, and the atom Samurai next to him glanced at each other. Both seemed to be looking thoughtful.


There are people here who care more about the rest.

“Sir.” Blowing Snow Ninja, he kept taking a step forward, “If my elder sister does anything to offend you, I will apologize to you for her.”

“wu wu wu.” Tornado struggled harder, but it didn’t work.

From her perspective, I can clearly see Chuuxue’s expression.

It was fear, trembling.

There is worry and courage.

Fubuki is just a small B-Rank, weak and helpless, at least in Tornado’s eyes, but it is such a B-Rank, but at this time, she bravely stood up for her and mustered courage Plead with the terrifying Great Devil King.

“You say Great Devil King anytime.” Chen Mo glanced at her, and the voice appeared directly in her mind, “The voice in your head, I can hear perfectly clear, rest assured, I I just want to test blowing snow.”

Tornado’s body stiffened.

With an incredible expression.

All the things in my mind are all understood?


Even why I became a hero?

“Of course.” Chen Mo’s voice sounded again, “Isn’t it just looking forward to the back of the person who saved you, so I also want to be a hero like him, this idea is very young, there is nothing sorry.”

“wu wu wu.” Tornado struggled more intensely.

She has always been dismissive of the relationship between people, but she is looking forward to others. If this kind of thing makes other people, especially Fubuki understood…

Well, the worst case for arrogant and pampered is undoubtedly the person whose true heart is valued known as Akatsuki.

But what does it have to do with Chen Mo.

Chen Mo turned his gaze on Chuuxue’s body again.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have someone to serve me here.” Chen Mo said in a tranquil voice.

“But, but my elder sister did come to you and did not leave.” Chuixue was a little anxious, “You are so powerful, you must know where my elder sister is.”

Actually, in Chuuxue’s opinion, her elder sister tornado is very likely to be here.

I didn’t see it.

What’s going on, I am afraid that only Chen Mo in front of him can give him the answer.

“I am so powerful, why should I answer your question?” Chen Mo’s expression remained calm, “Besides, even if I really want to punish tornado, what is the effect of your request?”

Two consecutive questions made Chuuxue dumbstruck and unable to reply.

But she squeezed the fist tightly.

Looked Chen Mo who is still stubborn.

Not a word.

Obviously, this is her last effort for her elder sister tornado.

“Your efforts are worthless in Tornado’s eyes.” Chen Mo looked straight into her eyes, his eyes were deep, and he couldn’t see any thoughts at all. “You should be very clear about this. No matter how many people you gather and how hard you work, it is still worthless in front of a real expert.”

“It’s not worthless.” Chuuxue bit her lip, as if she was going to give up. “This power may not be worth mentioning in front of you, but for me who is weak, relying on others to gain more My own stronger strength is because of my weakness, so I should contact others!”

The same sister, the same superability.

One person is extremely powerful, one person, but only trifling B-Rank.

Buixue may have been unwilling.

But, more often, she just wants to prove her worth.

Chen Mo half-eyes narrowed.

“Not bad.” He finally gave this evaluation, and suddenly smiled, “So, do you want to surpass the tornado?”

“You mean…”

Fu Xue looked at Chen Mo’s smile, and his heart suddenly began to thump violently.

She came for her elder sister and never thought that she could gain this kind of power.

But now, it seems…

The vigorous shake one’s head dispelled the inner desire.

“Now, I want my elder sister to be safe.” She said in an almost imploring tone.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Mo lightly said with a smile, “Don’t think your elder sister is too stupid, she not at all offends me.”

“That…” Chuuxue looked a little eagerly Chen Mo.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Mo no longer denies that the tornado is in his hand, “I’m asking if you want to exceed the power of the tornado.”

“…think!” Chuuxue fiercely’s nodded.

Since the safety of the tornado was confirmed, her heart also burned with the desire to prove herself.

Only people who are naturally weak can understand the importance of strength.

There is no power.

My Willpower, my own value, and even the closest people are not recognized.

“Then you go there too.” Chen Mo raised his hand a little bit, and the figure of Blizzard was instantly moved to the other side.

Then, no matter what, continue to struggle tornado.

Chen Mo’s sight was placed on Bangu’s body.

“So, is you next?” Chen Mo said with a smile.

“Your Excellency, are you testing us.”

Banggu’s hands are behind him, probably the one with the most relaxed expression of all.

I saw two examples of metal bat and Fuxue.

He can naturally see what Chen Mo is doing.