Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 936


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Obviously, Chen Mo is giving different people that kind of magic jar.

Giving strength to different people.

But it does not seem to be given casually.

There seems to be a certain standard.

Banggu saw this.

However, Chen Mo was shaking one’s head.

“The test? It’s not.” He said with a smile, “It should be said that the audit is more accurate. I know your heart, your Willpower, and your aptitude, but the point is whether you know it. “

According to Chen Mo, these people can directly become members.

However, they themselves need to know how they got this qualification.

I need to know more.

What Chamber of Commerce really needs, what kind of Willpower is it, and what kind of requirements do they have.

Banggu seems to understand.

But it doesn’t seem to understand.

“Look, does the old man have this qualification?” Banggu asked.

“It’s up to you to decide, not for me.” Chen Mo shrugged, said with a smile in a relaxed tone, “Actually, there are two points, first, do you desire power? Second, you are willing What kind of price will be paid for this power.”

After hearing these two points, many people’s eyes shimmered slightly.

The strength of the undocumented Knight is what everyone sees.

For these heroes, it is impossible to say that they don’t want to, especially the one who looked at someone who was only weaker than them not long ago, almost overnight, possessed terrifying power.

It is just a purely comparative psychology.

It will also induce people’s desires.

“I desire power.” A hero, some impatient ran out, unable to restrain his excited expression, and shouted, “And I am willing to pay all the price for strength!”


This is a man who is very obsessed with power.

“oh?” Chen Mo prolonged his voice, neither slow nor hurried said, “The cost of everything?”

“Yes!” The A-Rank hero could hardly contain his desires.

“Then let me put it to the test.” Chen Mo stood up from his seat and looked up at the man who looked up at him. He simply highlighted a few words, “Look straight at me.”


The A-Rank hero suddenly knelt on the ground.

Crash-bang dripping with sweat on his forehead.

There is infinite fear in his eyes.

He saw “everything” from Chen Mo.

Really lose everything.

The death of relatives and friends, the destruction of the world, and even my own hands and feet, my own ears and nose, and the admiration of others, the admiration of others…

Everything, all is gone.

At the price of this, strength was gained.

Although it’s just a short split second, for the A-Rank hero who stood up, it seemed to have experienced endless pain.

He yelled like crazy.

“No more! I don’t want any more!”

Then he crawled around and ran back frantically. Everyone could see his completely lost self-control, teary expression.

“What did you do to him?” Bangu was dumbfounded.

Because he could see that this man’s spirit has collapsed.

Maybe there is no longer the ability to continue being a hero.

“I didn’t do anything.” Chen Mo returned to his seat, “Just as he said, took everything from him, of course, in the illusion, it seems that he is not like He has such a strong heart as he said.”

“…” Bangu was silent for a while and couldn’t help but said, “Why didn’t the rest of the people go through such a test?”

“I said, this is not a test.” Chen Mo looked condescendingly, Banggu, and everyone, “I know who is qualified, your heart, your past and future, everything of you can’t escape me It’s just that some people still need a little sculpting, and Xiang just now, he doesn’t even have the qualifications to be sculpted, I just let him understand this.”

People’s hearts will change.

However, for Chen Mo who can see the future, this change is also destined.

Some people really can’t.

Even if you become a member and come to the Chamber of Commerce, you will lose the motivation to move on, and you are more willing to stay in a weak world within the realm, and rely on your own strength to enjoy a luxurious life.

Of course, such people cannot be recruited into the Chamber of Commerce, because if there are too many, it will affect the atmosphere of the entire Chamber of Commerce.

And Banggu, also understood the meaning of Chen Mo.

“It’s incredible.” Bangu put his hands behind him, showing a thoughtful expression, “So, all I need is determination, right?”

“Yes.” Chen Mo replied in the affirmative. “If the metal bats and Fuxue are carved for unpolished jade, then you are about to take shape, and there is undocumented Knight, in his heart It is even stronger than your majority of people in this World. As long as the opportunity is in front of his eyes, he will do everything to seize it.”

This is why.

The first one Chen Mo found was undocumented Knight.

The heart of the undocumented Knight is simply born for members.

There is even a feeling that the criteria for becoming a member is based on him.

And Bangu.

It depends on his choice.

Will you continue to rush forward, or retire and enjoy life?

Banggu fell into thinking.

“You don’t need to worry and give me the answer now.” Chen Mo held up a cup of tea, “I will stay in your world for a while, and there are some interesting things. Some interesting people have not appeared. For example-your dísciple.”

Banggu’s pupils shrank suddenly.

He lifts the head here.

There seems to be some incredible looked Chen Mo.

As the Grandmaster of boxing, he has had many dísciples throughout his life.

However, he now knows exactly which one Chen Mo is referring to.

The traitor who even amazed him.

“Is he qualified too…” Bangu’s voice trembled.

The rest of the people looked a little surprised at Bangu, especially Atomic Samurai.

Because Atomic Samurai is very clear, from Banggu’s voice, he feels a certain kind of fear.

He is the Great Grandmaster, whose spiritual realm is close to Perfection.

“I don’t need to answer this question.” Chen Mo shrugged, “I didn’t say that only righteous people can get strength from me. The heart of your dísciple, the degree of cherishment in me, is not Undocumented Knight is comparable.”

That is indeed someone who Chen Mo values ​​very much.

After all, in the original destiny, that person went from a weak person to a realm that defeated everyone.

If it weren’t for Saitama.

That is a standard fantasy villain stream protagonist.