Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 937


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Yes, Chen Mo was referring to hungry wolves.

It is also the dísciple of Banggu.

The original work shows in detail the process of the hungry wolf from the ordinary person to the weird beyond the dragon level. The hungry wolf in turn stands in the perspective of the weird, thinking that the weird who is constantly bullied by the heroes is essentially the weakling party, so He hates heroes, but his inner determination has become stronger in battle after battle.

At this moment, Chen Mo said this dísciple.

Even Bangu can’t take it lightly.

“That person is the person I am most worried about.” Banggu looked Chen Mo, “You should know how many people will encounter misfortune if such a dangerous person gains power.”

“I think, I have said it very clearly.” Chen Mo is still the tone of neither slow nor hurried, “Anything has two sides, justice and evil, there is no difference to me, because evil The disciples will also have a flash of Willpower.”

“…Is that so.” Bangu lowered his head.

He already understands.

The standard of other side evaluation is determination, not morality.

In this case…….

For this already terrible world, it may not be good news. God, not even Savior.

Think about the power of undocumented Knight.

If hungry wolves also have such power, then those waiting for this World will fight more cruelly, even more how, I don’t know if this “God” will favor strangers, maybe in front of him, strangers It also has the same status as human beings.

“In this case, I have no choice.” Bangu lifts the head, “It’s not that I don’t want to live a leisurely life in comfort, but circumstances do not allow it.”

“You are wrong.” Chen Mo shaking one’s head, said sharply, “It is not the world that does not allow you to live a comfortable life, let alone any situation, it is just your own heart.”

“…” Bangu showed a helpless expression.

I was completely seen through.


From the beginning, after embarking on this path, he was greeted with impossible peace. Perhaps from the very beginning, he did not have a second option.

Then, Bangu was also moved by Chen Mo to the place with Fuxue and the metal bat.

Go and open his jar.

Chen Mo is not worried about their money problems, because behind these three people are standing heroes association.

At this moment, they have begun to contact the Heroes Association.

You only need to receive from the Heroes’ Association first, strengthen your strength, and use this strength to slowly kill the powerful heroes to repay the loan. This kind of transaction will naturally not be rejected by the heroes.


Chen Mo glanced at Atomic Samurai.

“You go too.” He didn’t even need to say a word.

The atom Samurai who pursues the sword dao is like an eagle eye. As long as the more powerful sword dao is in front of him, he will be impossible to refuse.

Of course, except for the crooked ways of being a weirdo.

In the seriousness of Atomic Samurai, when a swordsman starts to pursue power instead of sword dao, he has already taken the wrong path.

Four people, all have the qualifications to become members.

The rest of the apart from this people are all ineligible. Some of them may also have the heart to meet the standard. However, in the age of traveling merchants, you can become a member if you are qualified. The argument.

Everything is the Willpower of the traveling merchant himself.

Therefore, when Chen Mo got up and returned to the interior of the apartment, no one could say more, and no one could take one step further.

This attitude is already very obvious.

No matter how unwilling, the rest of them can only turn around and leave.

As for Chen Mo.

Cross-legged looking at Eldest Miss, the tornado bound by an invisible rope in front of him.

At this moment, Tornado is facing Chen Mo in a completely inelegant posture, glaring at her, looking at this expression, if it can move at this time, even if it is impossible to use superability, it will pounce without the slightest hesitation Bite hard with your teeth.

“If you can show such an expression, in this world, it’s only me.” Chen Mo chuckled instead.

“hateful…” Tornado seems to be able to use only such scarce words.

Because she felt that if there was a quarrel at this moment, it might only make this person happier.

And Chen Mo looked at her for a long time.

Suddenly asked softly, “How is it, do you feel the feeling when your younger sister is facing you?”

“What?” Tornado didn’t understand what Chen Mo meant.

“Didn’t you also think about using power and the identity of the elder sister to force your younger sister to stay obediently and honestly by your side, protected by you?” Chen Mo took a sip of steaming tea, which seemed to be The long exhales one breath saying, and then looked at her slowly, “Is this kind of weakling feeling, have you experienced it a bit?”

“…How can this be the same.” Tornado’s gaze has moved a bit, but it is still stubborn.

“Yes, there are indeed differences. For example, you have a love for Chuuxue.” Chen Mo shaking one’s head, “But you know that this is not the point.”

The tornado is actually an elder sister who is not good at expressing, a little clumsy, and some arrogant and pampered.

I ignored Chuuxue’s heart.

However, with a little adjustment, she is still eligible to become a member.

“Then what’s the matter with you?” Tornado bit his lip and twisted the beginning, obviously still in his mouth. “The matter about me and Fuxue…what do you understand?”

“Here again.” Chen Mo sighed then said, the voice appeared in Tornado’s mind, “Didn’t I say that, everything in this world can’t hide my eyes, including your heart, you Destiny, arrogant and pampered in front of me is meaningless.”

“…hateful!” Tornado could only say this word again.

For arrogant and pampered, this ability to see through the heart is simply the greatest natural enemy.

No thoughts can be hidden.

Stubbornness turned into words and deeds that even felt ashamed of myself.

“If this continues, the position between you and Chuuxue will be completely reversed.” Chen Mo was drinking tea leisurely again, neither slow nor hurried said, “Give up talking and contact, If you think this is worthless, you will lose your last advantage of expressing your mind——strength, the strength of Chuuxue will soon surpass you, and you have never thought about what you will rely on to contact you at that time What is the relationship with Fuxue.”

Tornado’s eyes widened suddenly.

Will Chuuxue’s strength surpass her?

She never thought about this problem.

In her eyes.

Chuuxue is very weak, very weak, so she needs the help of her elder sister.

But if the other way around…

Blowing Snow Ninja can’t help but shiver.

She didn’t at all doubt Chen Mo, she also saw everything just now.