Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 938


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Because there are examples of undocumented Knight, the power can be obtained from Chen Mo, which has become the definite answer.

Just now Tornado was still happy for Fuxue.

But now.

After Chen Mo’s reminder, she suddenly realized what this meant.

Meaning, Chuuxue is likely to become stronger than her.

It means more.

She may never need to protect her younger sister anymore.

Is this a good thing?

This should be a good thing. The younger sister can be stronger than herself, and she does not have to worry about what danger the younger sister will encounter.

But, but…

“In that case, what is the use of my elder sister!” Tornado couldn’t help but shout out loudly.

Arrogant and pampered can no longer conceal their feelings when they really encounter something worrying, because the expression of tornado is obviously full of panic, at a loss, and helpless.

She wants to protect her younger sister.

Because I am strong, but the younger sister is weak.

This is what Tornado has always been firm in his heart.

However, suddenly, the younger sister may no longer need to protect herself. Doesn’t that mean that to Fuyuki, she will become like Fuyuki’s so-called companions, worthless?

This situation.

Let the tornado panic instinctively.

“It seems that you already understand.” Chen Mo looked at her with a deep meaning, “If you replace the communication and connection between people with pure value, you will face your situation. Once Chuuxue’s strength surpasses you, your elder sister, and even the sisterhood between you, has lost value to her.”

Will panic, that’s right.

As long as you panic, you can break free from your own self-deception.

Then really realized.

The relationship between her and the younger sister is not the relationship between the protected person and the protector, but the “love” of all the population.


Tornado has now begun to realize how ridiculous what he said in the past and his denial of the establishment of a Fuxue group. Heaven knows those words may one day be applied to him.

Think again about Chuuxue’s dissatisfaction with her.

And the rigid relationship between two people…….

It will be abandoned.

My elder sister, who has lost its function and is still disgusted, will be completely abandoned by Fuxue, and I even lost an excuse to “protect” her to approach her.

“Finally admit that it was just an excuse.”

Chen Mo looked Tornado’s colorful mental activities all at once, almost laughed out loud.

In contrast.

The tornado is really about to cry.

As a girl with mild autism, although the actual age of Tornado is already a royal sister, her mental age may even be more mature than Fuxue, and now she doesn’t even care about Chen Mo’s sarcasm is just like paddles, and even his eyes completely lose their color.

“Don’t worry, what you worry about will not happen.”

Chen Mo’s gentle voice appeared in Tornado’s mind. Under the influence of the power, her eyes finally regained some focus and placed it on Chen Mo’s body.

“Although you never confessed it in your mouth, the bond between you and Chuuxue is not the’protection’ of you believe oneself infallible, it is family affection, it is’love,’ don’t you always know what Chuuxue is like People of, even those weak companions, she would rather carry the pressure you bring than abandon them, how can such a blow snow abandon you because of the strong strength, who wants to protect her What about elder sister.”

Chen Mo’s words seem to finally relieve the tornado from the fear of being abandoned.

But she is still a little weak.

In a low voice, it seems that I want to confirm again and again and ask the God in front of me.

“Really, really not?”

“hahaha.” Chen Mo couldn’t help laughing finally.

Where does the current tornado look like a domineering queen, I really want to be an 11-12 years old little girl, which matches her appearance very well.

I was so smiled by Chen Mo.

The Tornado reacted.

Her own younger sister, how could she not understand at all.

I was completely covered by guilt just now, scaring myself here.

“Have you laughed enough.” Tornado looked a little embarrassed Chen Mo, “You still laugh, don’t think of me as a child, I am already in my twenties, don’t laugh, have you heard it!” “

This is probably the first time Tornado has tried to use words to silence others.

She did it directly before.

But what’s the solution.

When you can’t beat it, it seems that only language can be effective in the end.

Chen Mo did laugh for a while, partly because he found it funny, and partly because he also knew that the qualifications of Tornado had been fixed.

“Rejoice.” Chen Mo stopped his laughter, but with a smile on his face, “One thing I am actually similar to you is that I usually don’t bother to talk to worthless people. I’m talking to you. Said so much, naturally because you also possess the character that I value.”

Tornado suddenly didn’t understand what it meant.

But she quickly opened her eyes.

There was a look of joy in his eyes.

“You mean, can I become-stronger too? Just like Fuxue?”

Although understood Chuixue will not abandon herself just because her strength exceeds her, but the contrast in strength still makes her feel depressed. For Tornado, it is her expression to protect her younger sister from harm. The way of love.

Experienced childhood imprisonment.

Tornjuan doesn’t want his younger sister to be harmed.

If this way of expression is completely deprived, then she will still have a feeling that the entire world is darkened.

And now.

If you can also gain strength…

“Protecting Chuuxue is your Willpower, your wish.” Chen Mo half-eyes narrowed, said with a smile, “I’ve said it a long time ago. I would not live like this for worthless people. If you chat a lot, you may not be ready before, but now you still have this qualification. Even for the younger sister, you will continue to advance on the road of becoming-stronger.”

The ultimate sister control, in fact, is the same as Uchiha Itachi.

Strongly protect someone’s wish, and can also be recognized by the Chamber of Commerce.

They will continue to become-stronger in the chamber of commerce.

Never stop.

“Keep moving forward?” Tornado still couldn’t fully understand Chen Mo’s words.

But she will understand soon.

Because Chen Mo has transferred some information into her mind.

About the merchant, about the jar, about the chamber of commerce.

Of course, this is the version of the traveling merchant.