Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 939


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Tornado digests the information in his mind.

Compared to a look of shock.

It felt like a sudden realization.

No wonder, in this world, there are people who are able to be so strong. If they come from outside the world, it doesn’t seem so strange.

The power that can realize all wishes…

“Can I grow up.” Tornado asked Chen Mo with his eyes almost beaming.

“So you know you are naive?” Chen Mo chuckled slightly.

“No!” Tornado struggled, “I just don’t want to look like this child anymore, and when are you going to tie me up?”

Tornado still has a bit of resentment towards his child figure, which is no longer growing.

Especially many times she was mistaken for Fuyuki’s younger sister.

This resentment.

It’s about the same as Saitama’s resentment for his hair.

“It’s easy and easy to say, but difficult to say.” Chen Mo moved his fingers to release the bondage of the tornado. “After all, this is not the deepest desire in your heart. It depends on luck. If you are lucky, maybe it will be solved with one jar, if you are not lucky…then who knows.”

“Can’t you move your fingers to help me solve this problem?” Tornado moved his arm, but didn’t do anything, just panting with rage sitting in front of Chen Mo.

Perhaps she didn’t even notice it.

After realizing what kind of existence she was in front of her, she became more and more revealing her original appearance.

That is, a child-like mentality.

“as far as I’m concerned, even if it is a problem that can be solved with a finger, why should I help you.” Chen Mo squeezed his chin, then interrupted Tornado and wanted to continue Saying, “In my opinion, you are more cute like this now.”

“…” Tornado’s expression froze.

If it were the rest, she would definitely scold abnormal for no trace of politeness.

But when it became clear what kind of person it was in front of him, it was still a little screaming.

“When you think about it in your mind, it is already a curse for me.” Chen Mo laughed again, “rest assured, I can tell if an evil intent is not, and I am not A restrained person.”

“That…” the tornado is somewhat cautious and solemn looked Chen Mo, “abnormal?”


Chen Mo’s expression has a faint trace unnoticeable stiffness.

Then reluctantly shaking one’s head.

“Just bad taste.”

“It’s not funny at all, okay!” The tornado seemed to confirm that Chen Mo really wouldn’t be angry, suddenly increased his voice, his hands wrapped around his chest, and light green rays of light appeared on his body, “You Help me with my fingers, I don’t want to for a lifetime. It’s all like this.”

If the tornado is more mature, this time you should act like a normal girl.

It’s a pity.

Just such a begging tone is very rare for her.

So, Chen Mo simply highlighted a word.

“Stop talking.”


The dragon scroll gritted his teeth, and looked Chen Mo as if he wanted to give him a superability package.

“Aren’t you able to communicate well with others?” Chen Mo drank a cup of tea slowly, and seemed to say suddenly with emotion, “Even if you are as strong as me, you will still enjoy this kind of conversation, so you In the past, thoughts that communication was worthless should be thrown into the trash can as soon as possible. After that, you should get along well with other people, especially your younger sister.”

“Why did it suddenly become the same as the old father.” Tornado fiercely stomped his feet, his hands ringed his chest, “hmph, I don’t need to talk about the relationship between Fuyuki and I, hurry up and give me my jar Right, and my membership badge.”

Chen Mo chuckled twice.

He was really nostalgic just now.

Actually, after he left Naruto World, including in Pirate World, he rarely interacted with members like this.

Instead, it is somewhat constrained by position.

At the moment, I think this is also an interesting experience, as if in his heart, he actually yearns for the identity and life of a traveler.

When the Chamber of Commerce is really on track, maybe he can continue his journey.

Give her the members of Dragon Roll.

Because of the strength, Tornado can’t buy too many cans. Her strength strictly speaking has exceeded the limit of junior members and can reach the level of intermediate members. Therefore, the only thing that can be given to her is one turn Job jar.

The use of tornado no trace of politeness.

The last one that came out turned out to be a fine divine sense teacher.

Yes, this is what Chen Mo used.

“It’s not bad.” Chen Mo was a little surprised. “This profession, even within the realm, can be regarded as a very powerful one, and the whole life can be gradually sublimated. Even reaching the level of’True God’… Even if it is detached from everything, its probability is greater than that of a general occupation.

“Is it so powerful?” Tornado did feel the change in his ability to read.

If you say, the previous use was just instinct.

Now, even if it is on the right track.

spiritual energy has changed from tangible to intangible. A condensed planet rotates in the mind, but thoughts move. The majestic spiritual energy is like a part of Willpower, even thinking becomes agile.

Although it is just a job transfer pot.

But because of the perfect fit with the original ability, the strength of the tornado still has a huge increase.

“Even if Fuxue finished opening the jar, it shouldn’t be my opponent.” Tornado seemed quite happy.

“Don’t be smug so soon.” Chen Mo’s smile was slightly mysterious, “On your planet, there is another existence who has reached the high-level membership level.”

“Oh?” Tornado was obviously taken aback, “high-level member?”

She already has relevant information in her mind.

Very clearly.

Even if I am now, I can only reach the level of an intermediate member.

And high-level members.

Is it possible to destroy the existence of the planet with your fingers?

On this planet, are there high-level members?

“Don’t use such an expression.” Chen Mo motioned to all around, “I can’t just find a place to live in peace, although I don’t care about these insignificant little things, but at least there must Things that interest me.”

The Tornado also reacted violently.

The message did say that God lived with a bald head and seemed to have a good relationship.

So that bald…has the strength of a high-level member?

On their small planet, there are such people, and no one knows?

“Keep on working hard, your road is still long.” Chen Mo picked up the tea again.

And this time, it means serving tea and sending guests off.