Selling Jars Starting From Hokage World Chapter 940


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The tornado has left.

With a nervous mood, I went to meet her younger sister who was still opening the jar.

I believe that after this, I got a tornado of growth, and I can get along well with the strength of Fuxue.

Actually, the reason why Chen Mo pointed out the strength of Saitama is to see what happens after the people of this World know Akatsuki’s power of Saitama.

Worship? use? friendly?

In any case, Saitama’s last life on this planet will not change the same as before.

Late night.

I snapped up a lot of daily necessities and felt satisfied. Saitama finally came back. To his regret, not at all, the delicious food was waiting for him to come home. Chen Mo was just sitting on the balcony and drinking With tea, looked Moon.

“It looks boring.” Saitama put down his things and walked over. “I said it a long time ago. Why don’t you go to buy it with me? It’s really cheap today. One more person can bring in more Pile of things.”

He sits directly opposite Chen Mo.

Also lifts the head.

Can see a round of Mangetsu.

But not at all, what changes in expression, instead, the rays of light reflected by the Moon on his bright head are more like a big shiny light bulb.

“It seems that you have indeed begun to leave the category of ordinary person in your mind.” Chen Mo turned his gaze back and stared at this powerful mortal. You, like this, often have a daze like this, thinking about life, thinking about the future, or other messy things.”

Saitama was taken aback.

Pinching his chin, as if there is such a time.

Especially during the time when I was out of work, I felt very confused. Looking at Moon in the middle of the night, I was able to drink and drink by myself for most of the night.

However, now he can recall the scene at that time, but he can’t recall the mood at that time anyway.

When did it start?

It seems that it has indeed started to deviate from the average person.

“Get to know more people, Saitama.” Chen Mo said suddenly, “The changes that have occurred in your mind are not curses, or special external forces, but simple, powerful and numb The inner influence, even me, can’t do anything deliberately. You need to get in touch with things outside of combat and make friends who have nothing to do with combat.”

“Is this…” Saitama thought for a while, and then nodded, “If this is your suggestion, then I will try it.”

For a long time, he will not do anything that he finds uninteresting.

But now.

At the very least, accepting Chen Mo’s advice does not seem boring to him.

It feels good that someone cares.

“Eating hot pot and eating hot pot, I bought a lot of ingredients today, and let me invite you to eat it again.” Saitama focused on eating again.

Only when it comes to eating, he will slightly act like an ordinary person.

At the very least, the expression is much richer at once.

And Chen Mo mentioned such a simple 3rd day.

Saitama, brought a person back.

To be precise, a reformer.


It occupies the position of the second protagonist among the destiny. It is the dísciple of Saitama. It is nicknamed by sand sculpture netizens as “with the most expensive funds, the most brutal beating.”

“Chen Mo.” Saitama looked quite happy, “I’ll take a friend back with me, as you said.”

“A friend?” Chen Mo looked at Jenos thoughtfully.

“Hello, my name is Janos.” Janos is obviously a little nervous, “I want to correct it. I am not a friend of Saitama Teacher, but the dísciple of Saitama Teacher.”

It can be seen that Jenos clearly knows what kind of existence the person in front of him is.

In the entire Heroes Association, it has been completely spread.

An omnipotent “God” who can bestow strong strength on the rest.

Even Genos has a special channel to know something that only a few people know, that is, “Saitama” who lives with “God” is also an expert with terrifying power, according to someone who is unwilling to The S-Rank of the reveal name tells that it is the power that can easily destroy the world.

And such two people, such a place.

He just came in with a stack of money and some good ingredients.

How could Jenos not be nervous.

“hahaha.” Chen Mo couldn’t help but laugh a few times after watching his inner drama, “Don’t worry about so much, this is Saitama’s home, since he treats you as a friend, he can come naturally.”

“Yes, thank you very much!” Genos just relaxed slightly.

“Let me tell you, Chen Mo, Janos is super nice.” Saitama extends the hand patted Janos’s shoulder, raised the bag in his hand, “obviously this is the first time I met, just give it away Valuable gift, I have decided, and Janos will be my friend from now on.”

So the gift is more important?

Chen Mo glanced at Saitama.

shaking one’s head in your heart.

Although Saitama may seem a little silly, especially when it comes to getting along with people, in fact, his instincts are very sharp.

Jenos is not the lucky one who discovered his strength.

More, because they get along well.

This is fate.

“Saitama, you go get hot pot, Jenos, sit here.” Chen Mo patted the position in front of him.

“Yes!” Janos became nervous again.

“Hey, can Janos be your guest too?” Saitama seemed to have guessed what Chen Mo was going to do, and seemed a little surprised.

“It can only be said that it has this potential, but it still needs a little sculpting.” Chen Mo not at all covered up.

“Oh oh, then you talk, I’ll cook the meat.” Saitama took the bag in his hand and walked to the kitchen, and finally stuck out his head, “Give me a little bit of that super delicious base, now If you eat hot pot without the kind of bottom material, you feel it tasteless.”

“There was a little left last time, I put it on the left cabinet.” Chen Mo said with a smile.

It really looks like a few good friends have a dinner together.

If there are more girls, the atmosphere will be better.

But Jenos, obviously now is not in the mood to think about the girl. When Chen Mo said that he has this potential, he felt like he was hit by the happiness of dropping from the sky.

Have potential?

What Chen Mo said to Banggu at the beginning, but also spread out as a kind of information.

Although Jenos has not joined the Heroes’ Association, he has his own channels to know these things.

“First of all, your desire for power is to find the reformer who destroyed your family in the first place.” Chen Mo re-placed the realization on Janos, tapping his fingers on the table, dark The eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.