Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1647


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Xian Ling’er is speechless, but now she needs help. Without Ye Qing’s help, she would probably not be able to walk through the last 100 metres.

But, I don’t know why, Xian Ling’er saw the silly smile on Ye Qing’s face, and she didn’t have the idea of ​​asking Ye Qing at all.

“The ghost believes you arrived before one hour! You must have just arrived soon!” Xian Ling’er curl one’s lip.

Ye Qing indifferently smiled, pointed at the Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky: “If you don’t believe me, you can ask him!”

Xian Ling’er beautiful eyes condensed, looking towards Vermilion Bird illusory shadow, cupped the hands, and slowly said: “Senior, did he arrive before one hour?”

The Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky is slowly nodded.

Xian Ling’er heart startled, didn’t expect Ye Qing really so powerful.

She gritted her teeth, and when her lovable body moved, she was about to rush towards the last 100 metres of the fire sea.

The blue Vermilion Bird divine fire surrounded her body, and a vast profound energy was released to bless her body.

However, under the protection of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire and profound energy, it is still difficult for her to break through.

The flames that came out, the power was too horrible, they were burning her lovable body, and her whole body seemed to have turned into a soldering iron, and she felt powerless.

In the end, there was only 50 meters left. Xian Ling’er couldn’t move forward. The lovable body swayed and she was about to fall to the ground.

“Young Master Ye!”

When he was about to faint, Xian Ling’er gave a soft cry and had to ask Ye Qing for help when facing life and death crisis.

If Ye Qing does not make a move, Xian Ling’er is likely to die in the fire sea, consigned to eternal damnation.

Ye Qing corner of the mouth raise: “Really a stubborn Little Sister. If you ask me for help early, you won’t have to suffer!”

While Ye Qing spoke, his footsteps stepped out like lightning, came behind Xian Ling’er, and with a big wave of his hand, he hugged Xian Ling’er’s lovable body and held it in his arms.

Xian Ling’er still retained consciousness, did not really faint, after feeling the special smell on the man’s body, he wanted to break free.

However, a piece of Hong Desolate God Yan gushes out of Ye Qing’s body, which wraps her lovable body.

Those purple-golden Hong Desolate God Yan, under the control of Ye Qing, did not at all hurt Xian Ling’er, but formed a layer of defense beside Xian Ling’er.

With the protection of Hong’s Desolate God Yan, Xian Ling’er is finally a lot easier and can resist the high temperature of the fire sea.

“Young Master Ye, thank you!”

Xian Ling’er flushed, even though she was stubborn and didn’t want to accept help from others.

However, at the juncture of her life and death crisis, Ye Qing still extended a helping hand. She felt gratitude in her heart, and she had a better impression of Ye Qing.

In her opinion, Ye Qing is a pretty good person except for being a little conceited and frivolous. Handsome, strong, innate talent monster, and willing to help others.

“Xian Ling’er, why do you have to be brave? Get into my arms earlier, isn’t it all gone.” Ye Qing said with a slight smile.

“You! Get cheap and sell well!” Xian Ling’er flustered and exasperated, biting her silver teeth.

Ye Qing haha ​​smiled, hugged Xian Ling’er’s light waist, stepped out again and again, and quickly walked out of the last 50 meters.

The fire sea with a length of 30,000 li cannot exert any pressure on Ye Qing.

Finally, the hottest flames still cannot affect Ye Qing.

On the contrary, Ye Qing swallowed a part of the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, feeling elated in his heart.

Although it is not the strongest source of Vermilion Bird Sacred Fire, after devouring a large amount of Vermilion Bird Sacred Fire, Ye Qing feels that his ability in Fire Attribute has increased.

The Vermilion Bird illusory shadow floating in the void was shocked.

He is the least optimistic about Ye Qing, didn’t expect. On the contrary, Ye Qing helped Xian Ling’er successfully break through!

According to the rules of the Vermilion Bird Secret Realm trial, after successfully passing the first test, you can get the treasure rewarded by the Vermilion Bird One clan Old Ancestor!

“Two, congratulations to you for successfully passing the first test of the Vermilion Bird Secret Realm trial. Now, you can all get a small portion of the origin of the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire!” The Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky slowly said.

Xian Ling’er is overjoyed. In contrast, Ye Qing’s reaction is rather flat.

It’s just a small part of the origins of Vermilion Bird that’s all, not all of the origins of Vermilion Bird. Ye Qing is still a little unsightly.

Presumably, you have to pass more levels in Vermilion Bird Secret Realm to get all the origins of Vermilion Bird.

“Senior, how can I get all the origins of the Vermilion Bird Sagefire? A little bit is not enough to plug the teeth!”

Ye Qing said in a tranquil voice, the Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky was taken aback, didn’t expect a part of the origin of Vermilion Bird as a reward, Ye Qing was not satisfied.

“youngster, you need to know what you want! I want all the origins of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire, almost impossible, but if you work hard, you may be able to get more of the origins of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire!” Vermilion Bird illusory shadow whispered Come.

The origin of all the Vermilion Bird divine fires is too expensive, and it is difficult to bear with Ye Qing’s cultivation base.

Even the peerless powerhouses of Great Ancient Era, they may not be able to refining all the origins of the Vermilion Bird.

“younger brother, you are still satisfied. Some of the origins of Vermilion Bird’s Sacred Fire are very good. Do you think anyone can get the inheritance of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor?” Xian Ling’er said with curled lips.

Ye Qing touched his nose: “Forget it, there should be another chance next, what is the second test? My big knife is already hungry and thirsty!”

Xian Ling’er stood next to Ye Qing, suddenly corner of mouth twitching, speechless in her heart: “younger brother, we just walked out of the fire sea, what are you in a hurry? Or should we adjust our status first to deal with the next Level.”

The Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky clicked nodded: “The little girl said yes, every time you pass through the level successfully, you will have three days of rest and adjustment time, so you don’t have to rush through the level.”

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow is well aware of the difficulty of the Secret Realm trial. Therefore, it is best to maintain the best condition every time you open a new level, otherwise it will be difficult to successfully pass the level.

Xian Ling’er raised her small face: “Senior has said that we can adjust the time for three days, which is great!”

Ye Qing expressed calmly and indifferently: “Adjust for three days? Don’t be a joke, my child is still waiting outside! The sooner the Secret Realm trial ends, the better!”

Xian Ling’er complexion slightly changed: “Even if you are in a hurry to get out, you can’t kill yourself! If we rush through the barrier, the chance of failure will greatly increase!”

Xian Ling’er was in a hurry. During the first test of 30000 li fire sea, her profound energy within the body was exhausted, and her body was still wounded. She was injured by Vermilion Bird.

In three days, Xian Ling’er was able to heal his injuries and basically recovered.

“I can’t wait for three days anyway. I will give you one hour at most. After more than one hour, I will enter the barrier ahead of schedule.” Ye Qing said indifferently.

In fact, Ye Qing was not injured during the first test of 30000 li fire sea, and the loss of Essence Power within the body was quickly refilled.

Even if Ye Qing is allowed to pass through the barrier now, he will have no problem, just take care of Xian Ling’er’s state that’s all.

“You! Okay, if you want to court death, you have to go through the barrier first!” Xian Ling’er was so angry that his loving body trembled.

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