Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1648


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From Xian Ling’er’s point of view, going to the level ahead in an incomplete state is basically no different from courting death.

In the void, two deep blue flames floated, releasing the aura of the original flame, which is a small part of the origin of the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Two fires flew into the bodies of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er respectively.

The hot Flame Source broke out in the bodies of the two of them. They were extremely manic. It was difficult to refining it in a short time.

Three days is actually only enough for healing. If you want to refining the origin of Vermilion Bird, Xian Ling’er can’t do it.

Sitting down with his knees crossed, Xian Ling’er exercised his injuries, beautiful eyes glanced at Ye Qing beside him, snorted heavily, and then stopped talking.

Ye Qing expression calmly, just like Xian Ling’er, running the Essence Power within the body, he also took out some good Healing Medicine Pills in the system space to recover from his injuries.

Not long ago, Ye Qing shocked all over and released a powerful breath. The cultivation base actually broke through on the spot, reaching Celestial Phenomenon 6th-layer level!

Xian Ling’er beside him was taken aback, his eyes filled with incredible expressions.

The consumption is huge in the fire sea. After stepping out, the realm broke through on the spot, which is incredible!

Xian Ling’er was stupid on the spot and couldn’t understand Ye Qing’s situation at all. Didn’t he say that he had adjusted his state? Why is there a breakthrough?

From Celestial Phenomenon 6th-layer breakthrough to Celestial Phenomenon Seventh Realm, many innate talent monsters need a long time, at least hundreds of thousands of years.

Ye Qing breakthrough is light and easy, which is staggering.

“Ye Qing, what is your situation?” Xian Ling’er cry out in surprise.

Ye Qing spread his hands: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so helpless! I don’t know, why suddenly I broke through!”

Xian Ling’er was very depressed, her mentality was very unstable, and she worked so hard to recover from her injuries, but Ye Qing did well. After a short time passed, she adjusted her state to the best.

In an instant breakthrough, Ye Qing’s various states have reached Peak, like a full-blooded resurrection in the game, and it is even more powerful than before.

“Xian Ling’er Little Sister, what about it, you will heal slowly, I am ready to go through the barrier, if there is anything else you need to help, call me brother, I will definitely help you.” Ye Qing grinned said with a smile.

Xian Ling’er corner of mouth twitching, with a white face: “You haven’t refining the Vermilion Bird Surefire, so you have rashly opened a new level, it’s not good!”

Ye Qing smiled, with a confident look, hands behind ones back, raised his eyebrows and said: “A little bit of the origin of Vermilion Bird that’s all. Refining is very simple. Have you not succeeded in refining yet? Would you like me to help? ?”

Xian Ling’er was stunned when he heard Ye Qing’s words. How to listen to Ye Qing’s tone, it seemed that he had already succeeded in refining the origin of Vermilion Bird.

“Ye Qing, have you successfully refining the origin of your Vermilion Bird?” Xian Ling’er cried out in surprise.

Ye Qing indifferently smiled, the expression is very calm, did not deny Xian Ling’er’s statement.

“Oh my God, did you really succeed in refining? How long has it passed?!”

The surprise in Xian Ling’er’s heart is indescribable, didn’t expect a short moment to pass, Ye Qing has already refined and absorbed the origin of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire, it is terrifying!

“Isn’t it easy to refining? If you can’t refining, just say a word, I can help you.”

Ye Qing has a smile on his face, a look of harmless to humans and animals.

Xian Ling’er’s small face is full of surprised looks, thinking that Ye Qing is cracking a joke, didn’t expect it is true!

Ye Qing really succeeded in refining the origin of the Vermilion Bird Shenhuo, and it was completed within a short time.

However, what Xian Ling’er wonders is, can Ye Qing really help her refining Vermilion Bird?

If you want to refining Vermilion Bird, you need to have a powerful Power of Flame within the body, and even the Source Power of the flame. If it is a little worse, it will not be able to successfully refining.

If Ye Qing can help, the Vermilion Bird divine fire contained within the body must be very scary, otherwise it simply cannot succeed.

“Young Master Ye, do you really have the ability to help me?” Xian Ling’er stared at Ye Qing with a pair of big eyes, and the eyes flowed.

Ye Qing slightly smiled, it makes you feel like a spring breeze: “Of course, I will be willing to help others, as long as you shout a big brother, I promise to fulfill your wish.”

When Ye Qing spoke, his face was filled with a bright smile, which made Xian Ling’er subconsciously believe in Ye Qing.


Xian Ling’er’s sweet voice came out, the expression was very well-behaved, but in my heart there were a hundred and a thousand reluctances.

She lived in Great Ancient Era and has been alive for more than 200,000 years.

In terms of age, Xian Ling’er, let alone being Ye Qing’s elder sister, is not too much to be Ye Qing’s grandmother.

Of course, the appearance of Xian Ling’er is youthful and beautiful. It looks like a little girl. As the powerful existence of Xuantian realm, she has a good face.

“Okay, good younger sister, please cooperate, don’t move, I will help you refining the Vermilion Bird Surefire.”

Ye Qing’s face burst into a smile, a palm burst out as he spoke, and he patted Xian Ling’er on the back.

The tentacles are soft, very elastic, and feel great.

“hong long!”

In the palm of Ye Qing, a fiery flame spurted out, which contained the power of Hong Desolate God Yan Source Fire.

With the help of Hong Desolate God Yan, Xian Ling’er within the body of those restless Vermilion Bird divine fire origins quickly calmed down.

Speaking of the power of Flame Source, Ye Qing’s Hong Desolate God Yan is even better. In the past, it was a new kind of flame that was born from the fusion of three Flame Sources!

With the existence of Hong Desolate God Yan, Ye Qing wants to refining a small part of the Vermilion Bird Surefire is a matter of minutes, and it can also help Xian Ling’er refining.

In just two minutes, Xian Ling’er within the body’s Vermilion Bird Shenhuo source was completely refining successfully, and there was no trace.

Xian Ling’er was overjoyed in her heart, with brilliant colors in her eyes, didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

Now that after refining part of the origins of the Vermilion Bird Shenhuo, she has passed the next level with greater confidence.

“Ye Qing, thank you!”

Xian Ling’er smiles like a flower, and is extremely grateful to Ye Qing.

Ye Qing straightened his face: “What do you call me? Why did you just abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal?”

Xian Ling’er flushed and called “Brother” in a soft voice. Although she was a little reluctant at her age, in fact, you can get Ye Qing’s help just by calling her. It’s great, without paying any substantial price.

“Good younger sister, I’m going to continue through the barriers, do you want to be together?” Ye Qing asked with a smile.

Xian Ling’er is nodded again and again. Although her injury has not recovered, as long as she is by Ye Qing’s side, she will not encounter any danger.

Xian Ling’er wants to hug Ye Qing’s thigh. If you don’t run the Vermilion Bird Secret Realm second test with Ye Qing now, you may not be able to find Ye Qing in the future.

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