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The body of Xian Ling’er is Vermilion Bird, which has the same origin as Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, and cannot be successfully refined in a short time.

Ye Qing succeeded in a moment, making Xian Ling’er speechless, shocked and numb.

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow drifted over, looking towards the two people below, and slowly said: “Congratulations to you for passing the second test. Next, you will enter the Ancient Battlefield. If you perform well, you can get a complete Vermilion. Bird is the origin of the fire, and even got the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor!”

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow The illusory voice came out, Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er were both shocked and excited.

The origin of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire, plus the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, the reward of the Secret Realm third test, is indeed heaven defying!

Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er are both tempted. They want to start the third test as soon as possible. Now Xian Ling’er does not intend to heal.

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky, with a big wave of hand, the sight of mountains of daggers and seas of flames disappeared quickly. In front of Ye Qing’s eyes, there appeared a fantasy world, powerful and powerful, powerhouse as clouds!

In that world, the powerhouse of Great Ancient Era is fighting, and the battlefield seems to be the place where the Vermilion Bird One clan is located.

Ye Qing body moved, stepped into the world ahead, broke into it, and the objects in the foreground changed for a while, filled with the ancient mysterious atmosphere of the Great Ancient Era.

“Did we come to the Great Ancient Era? Impossible, the Great Ancient Era has passed more than 200,000 years. Who is so capable to go back in time?!” Xian Ling’er muttered, eyes full of Surprised.

Ye Qing’s complexion was condensed, and he sensed something was wrong. The world they entered was definitely not a reality, but an illusion!

The terrifying thing is that in the illusion, there are still many terrifying powerhouses, and many of them are the existence of Xuantian realm.

“Xian Ling’er, do you know, what is this place?” Ye Qing said suddenly.

“I know, this is the Holy Land of the Vermilion Bird One clan, Vermilion Bird ancient palace!”

Xian Ling’er has a solemn face, Great Ancient Era, she is Heaven’s Proud Daughter in the Vermilion Bird One clan, and of course she has been to the Vermilion Bird ancient palace.

Many of the treasures of the Vermilion Bird One family are placed in the Vermilion Bird ancient palace.

Outside the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, there are many powerhouses that are fiercely attacking and want to break into the ancient palace.

“That is Heavenly Wolf Clan, and many powerhouses of Black Qilin, Sky Splitting Ape, Hades, and Human Race!” Xian Ling’er beautiful eyes seemed to freeze.

The tribe that is attacking the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, she can call her name, and many of them died after the First World War.

Ye Qing’s heart was shaken, and finally saw the Taikoo picture, only shocked in his heart.

“Then, is it the picture of the Great War I?” Ye Qing said suddenly.

Xian Ling’er expression solemnly: “Yes, but that’s just a tip of the iceberg that’s all. The Ancient Battlefield is so vast that it involves all Immemorial Races.”

Ye Qing remained silent, and became more curious about the Great Ancient Era.

Xian Ling’er added: “In the past, the Old Ancestor fell, and my ancient Vermilion Bird One clan was besieged by many powerhouses. The loss was heavy and almost annihilated! However, our clan still has some great abilities, which will remain indestructible. , The treasure of the family was preserved.”

Ye Qing slightly nodded, as far as the eyes can be seen, divine sense sweeps, in the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, the complete origin of the Vermilion Bird divine fire was discovered.

Those powerhouses that besieged Vermilion Bird ancient palace may have come for the complete origin of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire!

“I understand, the test of the third test is to simulate the first battle of the Vermilion Bird One clan. We are on the scene. If we can grab the treasure, we will pass the level!” Ye Qing said suddenly.

Xian Ling’er un’ed: “It’s not too late, let’s act quickly.”

Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er rushed to the Vermilion Bird ancient palace. Those powerhouses of the ancient times that were besieged could also see their existence, and some powerhouses came to intercept them.

Among the ancient powers, not all of them are the realm of Xuantian, but a small part. After all, this scene was created to test the descendants of the Vermilion Bird One clan. The overall strength of the enemy is not the true level of Great Ancient Era. .

If you really return to Great Ancient Era, Xuantian realm is like a Chinese cabbage, how can Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er get through?

The first to stop Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er’s ancient powers, but the Heavenly Venerable Realm world, Xian Ling’er took action and easily solved it.

Ye Qing showed amazing battle strength, waved As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, and blessed with Hong Desolate God Yan, and soon broke a blood path, about to break into the Vermilion Bird ancient palace.

In the process, only two powerhouses of the Xuantian realm came to stop them, namely the Primordial Heavenly Wolf Clan, and the power of the Sky Splitting God Ape.

Xian Ling’er and Swire Heavenly Wolf Clan’s powerful battle, stalemate.

With the power of thunderbolt, Ye Qing burst out the strongest means in an instant and joined forces with Xian Ling’er.

Even in the illusion, Ye Qing can still use As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, and can also burst out terrifying strength, shaking the sky.

Under the joint offensive of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er, Taikoo Heavenly Wolf was bombarded on the spot, making a scream in the air.

There is also a divine ape in the sky, the offensive is equally sharp, with his arms swept over, with a mighty force, it trembles violently in the void.

Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er joined forces to strike, and the power cannot be underestimated. The strong body of the Primordial Sky Splitting Ape flew upside down, not an opponent.

In a flash, Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er successfully broke into the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, and the treasure in the ancient palace is right in front of you!

Seeing that they can drive straight in, Xian Ling’er releases the breath of the Vermilion Bird One clan, which shows his identity. Presumably the clansman guarding the ancient Vermilion Bird palace will not embarrass Xian Ling’er.

“Brother, hurry up, the complete origin of the Vermilion Bird Shenhuo is here!”

Xian Ling’er urged, beautiful eyes filled with expectations.

Ye Qing was also a little excited. After breaking into the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, the guards did not stop him.

Soon to succeed, Ye Qing feels elated in her heart.

However, suddenly, Ye Qing stopped, grabbed Xian Ling’er’s jade hand, and motioned her to stop together!

Xian Ling’er looked suspicious: “Brother, what are you doing? You can succeed now, why stop?”

Ye Qing has serious eyes, browses tightly frowns, seems to have thought of something, and realizes something is wrong.

Everything went so well!

From their approach to the Vermilion Bird ancient palace to the formal entry into the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, everything was too easy, basically they didn’t encounter much difficulty.

To be reasonable, the third test of Vermilion Bird Secret Realm is definitely more difficult than the previous two levels.

Ye Qing’s divine light flashed in mind, suddenly wanted to understand, at first their thoughts were wrong!

Not to snatch treasure from the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, but to guard the Vermilion Bird ancient palace!

Be aware that Vermilion Bird Secret Realm is a trial stage for the youngster of the Vermilion Bird One clan.

The trialist is either the Vermilion Bird One clan or the Supreme Dragon Race, both of them.

In the third test, the Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor who created the level, the most hoped to see, should be the trialist to help protect his home.

Rather than robbing wantonly like those invading ancient powers!

“Xian Ling’er Little Sister, we must guard the Vermilion Bird ancient palace. If we rob the treasure directly, the third test will fail.” Ye Qing said solemnly.

“This… By the way, it is very possible. I didn’t expect. Thanks for reminding you in time!”

Xian Ling’er’s face was solemn, and after thinking about it, he realized that Ye Qing was right.

What Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor wants is not plunder, but protection!

What she and Ye Qing have to do is to resist the invasion of the ancient powers!

The task is extremely arduous, and the great ancient powers are constantly emerging, unstoppable! With only two people, I am afraid it will be difficult to hold Vermilion Bird ancient palace!

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