Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1653


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Human Race and the powerhouse of the Underworld, simply did not speak, as if they were just illusory existences in the illusion.

Their task is to attack the Vermilion Bird ancient palace that’s all. If blocked, they will explode with all their strength.

The design of the third test of Vermilion Bird’s Secret Realm Trial was like this. Those powerhouses that attacked the ancient palace of Vermilion Bird have certain limitations in number and strength.

Over time, all powerhouses that attacked the Vermilion Bird ancient palace added up to more than 400 people that’s all.

The number of people has not continued to increase.

And Xuantian Realm’s powerhouse is four.

With the abilities of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er, it is indeed very difficult to deal with the powerhouse of the four Xuantian realms.

However, it is still within the acceptable range, if Ye Qing fights with all his strength, there may not be no chance.

Human Race and the powerhouse of the Hades looked at each other in blank dismay, the two powerful existences joined forces and each displayed trump card means, and they released big moves.

Ye Qing kept his face calm all the time. When the two Xuantian realm powerhouses started their hands, they heard a swish, and a big golden light stick flew out.

The void burst, Ye Qing’s As-You-Will Golden Cudgel, carrying the power of Hong Desolate God Yan, even released some Vermilion Bird divine fire.

When passing the first two levels, Ye Qing swallowed a part of the refining Vermilion Bird sacred fire, so it can be released to increase the power of the flame.

hong long!

The Human Race powerhouse in the sky suddenly uttered a scream, and his body slowly fell like a kite with a broken line.

The fight between him and Ye Qing was just a matter of moments. Before he could react, he was hit hard and lost the ability to fight.

Slowly speaking, in fact, everything happened in an instant. Ye Qing took out As-You-Will Golden Cudgel at the same time he displayed Thunderbolt Scud.

An afterimage appeared in the sky, Ye Qing’s thunderbolt flying legs, the speed is incredible.

One leg down, only to hear a rumbling sound, the Xuantian realm powerhouse of the Underworld clan can’t hold it either.

Even if his cultivation base profound, in front of Ye Qing’s exquisite legwork, he has no resistance at all.

The four Xuantian realm powerhouses who came to attack the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, and in a blink of an eye, there was only one Sky Splitting Ape, still struggling to support it.

When the Thunderbolt Scud was displayed, Ye Qing’s domineering and unrelenting, Tyrant Absolute in the Whole World, broke out terrifying lethality in an instant.

Under the suppression of Ye Qing, the Xuantian realm expert among the Human Race and the Hades, unable to withstand a single blow.

Ye Qing’s low grade mysterious skill, Thunderbolt Scud, is too strong, and the mysterious skill of cultivation arrives at perfection realm is enough to provide the ability to leapfrog.

In front of Ye Qing, the powerhouse of the so-called Xuantian realm still has no arrogant capital.

Among the powerhouse that besieged the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, there was only the Ape in the Sky.

Xian Ling’er tried his best to fight against the Sky Splitting Ape, gradually suppressing it.

However, with the strength of Xian Ling’er, it will take some time to defeat the mighty Sky Splitting Ape.

Ye Qing succeeded in defeating the two Heaven’s Chosen from Human Race and the Underworld, and stepped out to help Xian Ling’er.

Ye Qing checked the situation in the field. Suddenly, his figure flew out like a bolt of lightning and came to the sky above the head of the Sky Splitting Ape.

“hong long!”

When the Thunderbolt Scud is displayed, Ye Qing is like a Heavenly God dropping from the sky, unstoppable.

Only hearing a deafening rumbling sound, Ye Qing’s leg was hit on the spot, and the body of the sacred ape was burst, which is not Ye Qing’s enemy!

The third test of Vermilion Bird’s Secret Realm Trial. So far, Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er have completed it.

Many powerhouses that came to attack the Vermilion Bird ancient palace completely collapsed under the fierce attack of Ye Qing.

In the third test, the performance of both of them was remarkable.

In the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, the full source of the beating Vermilion Bird divine fire, and the heart of the legendary Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, are all Supreme Treasure.

However, Ye Qing is very clear in his mind that he and Xian Ling’er are just in illusion now.

All treasures in the illusion must be illusory, not real.

If you want to get the treasure of the third test, you have to leave the Vermilion Bird ancient palace.

“hong long!”

Ye Qing repulsed those powerful realm powerhouses, and then used his aggressive methods again.

Against tactics, thunderbolt scuds and other big moves, one after another on display, erupted with terrifying power.

Just listen to the sound of hong long long, the rest of the powerhouse that besieged the Vermilion Bird ancient palace were all shot out by Ye Qing.

After flying all the powerhouses that besieged the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, the trial of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er third test was finally completed.

Ye Qing is elated in his heart, the scenery in front of him begins to change, and the silhouette of Vermilion Bird ancient palace gradually disappears.

The world presented to him has returned to the secret realm of Vermilion Bird.

After Xian Ling’er came out, there was a feeling of a world away, as if walking in the distant Great Ancient Era.

Now that the success comes out, Xian Ling’er’s heart is finally sighed in relief. After completing the task, he is satisfied, and then just waits for the reward.

Across the heads of Xian Ling’er and Ye Qing, there is a Vermilion Bird illusory shadow suspended.

At this moment, the shock in Vermilion Bird illusory shadow’s heart is beyond words.

He originally thought that Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er would definitely not be able to pass the difficult third test.

Because the third test has to fight against the mighty realm powerhouse of Xuantian, it is not so easy to complete.

The Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky, the bright light glittering in the eyes, realizes Ye Qing’s heaven defying.

In a short time, Ye Qing completed the difficult task.

Xian Ling’er stood beside Ye Qing, beautiful eyes filled with expressions of surprise.

She thought it would be a difficult battle, but didn’t expect that Ye Qing showed amazing strength, even she was taken aback.

Everything went smoothly. Under Ye Qing’s brutal offensive, all the invading enemies who attacked the Vermilion Bird ancient palace were driven away!


They left the illusion and came back to the secret realm of Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow hovered above Ye Qing’s head with deep eyes. After seeing Ye Qing’s heaven defying ability, Vermilion Bird illusory shadow was completely stunned.

He didn’t expect that Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er completed the third test in just a moment in the illusion.

What’s more commendable is that Ye Qing at first knew what he was going to do, not to snatch the treasure in the Vermilion Bird ancient palace, but to guard the Vermilion Bird ancient palace.

There is no doubt that Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er performed very well, and they are considered Perfection to complete the third test of the Vermilion Bird Mystery Realm!

According to the rules of the trial, if the trespasser can complete the mission with Perfection, the reward will be very good. Not only does it have the complete origin of Vermilion Bird, but also the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor!


Vermilion Bird illusory shadow Between the waves of the arms, two treasures appeared in the sky. It is the existence of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er yearn for something even in dreams.

Just listen to Vermilion Bird illusory shadow and slowly said: “Two youngsters, look at what you need, the original flame and heart are yours, you can allocate it yourself.”

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow said slowly, his figure floating in the void, looking down at the two people below, wanting to see how they choose.

While speaking, the Vermilion Bird illusory shadow controls two treasures, floating beside Ye Qing.

Ye Qing’s gaze is looking at the origin of the Vermilion Bird in the sky.

In Ye Qing’s current state, the best choice for him to master Hong Desolate God Yan is to integrate the complete origin of Vermilion Bird.

If the two Flame Sources can be combined, Ye Qing’s power in flames will definitely be stronger.

As for the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, Ye Qing is a little interested, but it seems that it is not as useful as the full source of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor.

“Ling’er Little Sister, you are refining the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, which can help you recover from your injury.”

Ye Qing waved his hand, and took the initiative to give the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor to Xian Ling’er.

In fact, in the process of the third test, Ye Qing’s performance of shocking and stunning, made the most contributions.

Even if Ye Qing asks for two Supreme Treasures, only a little soup for Xian Ling’er, Xian Ling’er can’t say anything.

Ye Qing’s generosity made Xian Ling’er stunned.

“Brother, are you sure you want to give me the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor? Actually, I want some Vermilion Bird blood essence.”

Xian Ling’er thought for a while, then whispered.

According to Xian Ling’er’s original idea, as long as she can get the blood of Vermilion Bird, she is satisfied and can repair her injury.

Now, she can get the heart of Supreme Treasure Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, which has completely exceeded expectations.

Be aware that the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor contains powerful Vermilion Bird blood essence!

There are those Vermilion Bird blood essences, which can not only repair Xian Ling’er’s injuries, but can even enhance Xian Ling’er’s strength.

However, Xian Ling’er felt that she had no credit, so she rashly accepted Ye Qing’s gift, feeling a little sad.

After getting along with Ye Qing in the Secret Realm of Vermilion Bird, Xian Ling’er has regarded Ye Qing as a friend instead of just using the relationship.

“Okay, I’ll accept it quickly. Since you call me brother, what good is it, of course I think of you immediately.”

Ye Qing smiled and was very generous. In fact, Ye Qing knew in his heart that with the strength of Xian Ling’er, it might not be possible to completely refining Vermilion Bird blood essence, and there must be a lot left.

When the two negotiate, there is no need to allocate how many treasures they own, it all depends on how much they can refining and absorb.

According to Ye Qing’s estimation, with the strength of Xian Ling’er, it is impossible to completely refining the complete origin of Vermilion Bird.

The heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, Xian Ling’er can only absorb a small part of that’s all.

After the two discussed, they started to act on the spot.

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