Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1654


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Xian Ling’er was overjoyed and started to refining the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor.

Ye Qing thoughts move, control the Vermilion Bird in the sky to complete its origin.

The deep blue flame burns and beats in the void, distorting the void.

Ye Qing’s fine light flashed in her eyes, controlling the deep blue flame, and blending into her body.


Within the body of Ye Qing, the two Flame Sources gradually merged, and great changes soon took place.

On the power of flame, Hong Desolate God Yan is stronger. In just a few minutes, Hong Desolate God Yan swallowed the origin of Vermilion Bird’s divine fire.

Purple-golden’s Hong Desolate God Yan, releases a more powerful aura, shaking the earth and the earth.

In the purple-golden flames, there is a trace of blue flames. After consuming the complete origin of the Vermilion Bird divine fire, Hong Desolate God Yan has undergone an essential transformation.


While raising his hand, Ye Qing released an extremely hot flame, which burned violently in the void, and even the space of the Vermilion Bird secret realm became no longer stable.

The combination of Hong Desolate God Yan and Vermilion Bird Shenhuo clearly exploded with more heaven defying power.

Ye Qing moved in his heart and called it Great Desolate Vermilion Bird!

The newly born flame made Ye Qing satisfied, and the flame released shocked the Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky.

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow at first I thought that Ye Qing could not completely refining Vermilion Bird.

But now, Ye Qing not only completely refining it, but also gave birth to a new kind of flame, which is simply terrifying!

On the other side, Xian Ling’er was still refining Vermilion Bird blood essence, and felt that Ye Qing had completely refining the origin of Vermilion Bird’s sacred fire, and she was shocked!

According to Xian Ling’er’s guess, I thought it would take at least a few days for Ye Qing to refining Vermilion Bird.

After all, that is not just a little bit of the origin of the Vermilion Bird, but the complete Vermilion Bird.

In the Great Ancient Era, many geniuses of the Vermilion Bird One clan need a long time to refining the origin of the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire.

Ye Qing completed it in just a few minutes, which completely exceeded Xian Ling’er’s expectations.

Xian Ling’er felt more and more that Ye Qing is deep and unmeasurable, it is like a pool of invisible deep water, it is invisible!

On the contrary, in the process of Xian Ling’er refining the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, he encountered many difficulties.

With the strength of Xian Ling’er, the heart of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor cannot be completely refined, but only a small part of the blood essence is absorbed, and I feel unbearable. The body seems to explode.

However, even if Xian Ling’er only absorbed a small part of the blood essence, the injuries on his body have recovered a lot.

She was injured in a battle in the Great Ancient Era, and within the body lacked the blood of Vermilion Bird.

Now with the help of Vermilion Bird’s blood, Xian Ling’er’s injury has recovered at least 50%.

In the future, as time goes by, as long as Xian Ling’er continues to refining the blood of Vermilion Bird, it will not be far from recovering completely.

“Young Master Ye, I feel so hot, can you help me?”

Suddenly, Xian Ling’er spoke, feeling her body hot and unbearable.

That is the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, the burning sensation brought by it, if it can’t be relieved, she may burst and die.

Even if she is an expert of Xuantian realm, her body is still not comparable to Ye Qing.

With the power of Xian Ling’er’s body, I absorbed too much Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor blood essence at one time, and I definitely couldn’t stand it.

Actually, Xian Ling’er is greedy.

With the strength of Xian Ling’er, if you are more prudent, you won’t be like this, and you will be in danger of exploding at any time.

Ye Qing corner of mouth twitching, didn’t expect Xian Ling’er even a little bit of forcing.

How strong is your body, don’t you have any points in your heart?

You can’t refining too much Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor blood essence, but you still have to do it, isn’t it a death?

Ye Qing is helpless, and I am familiar with Xian Ling’er. I can’t watch Xian Ling’er vanished fragrance and crumbled jade in front of him.

“That’s all, I’ll help you, take off all your clothes, I will help you get through the bloodline and regulate your body!”

While Ye Qing spoke, his figure resembled a big bird, flashing from across the sky, and descending next to Xian Ling’er.

Xian Ling’er is stunned, what’s the situation? Help her unblock the Bloodline, why take off her clothes?

Even if Xian Ling’er has survived more than 200,000 years, it is the great power that Great Ancient Era exists, but she has been pursuing Martial Dao Cultivation, simply without Dao Companion.

More than 200,000 years, Xian Ling’er has always been alone, guarding himself like a jade, let alone undressing in front of a man, even the man’s hand has not been actively touched.

It is almost impossible for her to be honest with Ye Qing in front of Ye Qing, she will not agree.

“Impossible! You never want to take advantage of me!”

Xian Ling’er said in a loud voice, seeing through Ye Qing’s true intentions.

It’s all a lie to help her unblock the Bloodline and restore her body, that’s all that she wants to eat tofu.

Xian Ling’er has lived more than 200,000 years and has encountered many men’s harassment. I understand this.

Ye Qing is helpless. In the process of helping to clear the Bloodline, there can be no clothes blocking, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

It is very likely to fail, and it is even possible that Xian Ling’er cultivation deviation.

In short, helping Xian Ling’er to clear the Bloodline is a very dangerous thing. No clothes can block Ye Qing’s movement.

The slightest obstruction is very dangerous.

Therefore, Xian Ling’er must be naked and throw away even the most personal ones.

Ye Qing stretched out his hands, with a face full of helplessness, and explained to Xian Ling’er that it was amazing.

“Xian Ling’er, you have to know, it’s not that I have to help you, but you ask me for help!”

Ye Qing embraces his hands, his face is calm, if it’s not for acquaintance with Xian Ling’er, he would be too lazy to help.


Xian Ling’er was stunned, knowing that Ye Qing’s words were true.

It is definitely a very dangerous thing to refining more Vermilion Bird blood essence. If you have more clothes on your body, it will be more dangerous.

“How on earth? Tell me quickly, your answer!” Ye Qing said indifferently.

However, Xian Ling’er flushed with shame, preferring to endure the blood of Vermilion Bird within the body instead of asking Ye Qing for help.

Two minutes passed, Xian Ling’er suddenly screamed, and the white skin on her body turned red. It was burned by Vermilion Bird blood essence.

Vermilion Bird blood essence contains the terrifying Fire Element breath, and the power is endless!

Xian Ling’er obviously can’t support it for long, and it’s life-threatening at any time.

“Xian Ling’er Little Sister, what the hell are you doing? Have you lived for 100,000 years without being seen by a man?”

Ye Qing is helpless, he is outspoken, and he doesn’t care about the embarrassment of saying this.


Xian Ling’er blushed. In her long time of more than 200,000 years, she did not get along with a man. When a man saw her pure and innocent body, it was even more impossible.

“Forget it, I’ll serve you. It turned out to be a girl who has lived more than 200,000 years. At most, I can close my eyes and ignore you!” Ye Qing touched his nose and said slowly.

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