Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1655


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“Well…that’s fine, but you have to take the Martial Dao vow, never peek!”

Xian Ling’er thought about it seriously, then nodded.

In Xian Ling’er’s mind, his pure body cannot be seen by anyone.

Even if Ye Qing’s innate talent monster has all sorts of amazing methods, Xian Ling’er will not agree.

The so-called lonely self-admiration is best used to describe Xian Ling’er.

In terms of appearance, Xian Ling’er is indeed a peerless woman, and she can be called a great beauty.

But to be honest, Ye Qing has seen so many beauties along the way, Xian Ling’er can only become an ordinary that’s all.

The beauty is beautiful, but it has not attracted enough attention from Ye Qing.

Mainly, Ye Qing has seen too many peerless beauties. Among the soulmates around, which one is not capable of causing the downfall of a nation?

“True Ink, I want me to take the Martial Dao vow and tell you, absolutely impossible! Since you want to die, I don’t bother to help you.”

Ye Qing said, he waved his big hand, turned and left, not wanting to waste time on Xian Ling’er.

Xian Ling’er is anxious, if Ye Qing really leaves, she is really likely to fall!

“Brother, don’t go! You promise me that you don’t need to eyes opened during the healing process for me. You don’t need to take the Martial Dao vow.”

Xian Ling’er compromised, and thought about it seriously. With Ye Qing’s identity and strength, what I must have said must count, and I won’t be a gangster.

Even if Ye Qing does not swear, he is still trustworthy.

Xian Ling’er made a decision, the voice fell, and the whole person fell to the ground, angrily.

She was hot all over, like a piece of charcoal, and the clothes she was wearing, even without her taking the initiative to take off, had already been burned.

Xian Ling’er, lying on the ground, is almost dying.

At this time, any martial artist from Celestial Phenomenon realm will kill Xian Ling’er.

Ye Qing stepped out, walked to Xian Ling’er’s side, and reached out to help him up.

The touch is great, Ye Qing couldn’t help but feel like a heartbeat.

Don’t look at Xian Ling’er who has survived more than 200,000 years, but it is well maintained. As the powerhouse of Xiantian realm, it looks good and looks like a girl who is 18 years old.

Wait a minute, it looks like?

Yes, cough cough, Ye Qing’s promise is bullshit, for him, promises are used to break.

Take a look at Xian Ling’er, he won’t die anyway.

Furthermore, Xian Ling’er is currently in a state of fainting, simply don’t know.

Ye Qing is not very interested in Xian Ling’er, but the problem is that he has a heart to appreciate the beautiful things in the world and a pair of eyes to appreciate the beauty.

The beautiful things are right in front of his eyes. How can they not appreciate it?

After a glance, Ye Qing made a judgment on Xian Ling’er’s figure.

Overall is great, it can be called A+ level!

If Xian Ling’er knew about Ye Qing’s behavior and commented on her, it would be possible to pass out on the spot.

Ye Qing pressed his hands on Xian Ling’er’s back, and in the process, showed the power of Supreme Dragon God Bloodline.

Even, in order to help Xian Ling’er stabilize the violent Vermilion Bird blood essence within the body, Ye Qing did not hesitate to waste his blood essence.

Supreme Dragon God Bloodline can blend with Vermilion Bird blood essence and neutralize the tyrannical atmosphere in Vermilion Bird blood essence.

After all, in the distant Great Ancient Era, Supreme Dragon Race and Vermilion Bird One clan, this is the same qi, connected branch.

In the past, many Young Masters of Supreme Dragon Race married girls from the Vermilion Bird One clan, and they intermarried with each other. The affinity between the two bloodlines was very high.

With the help of Supreme Dragon God Bloodline, the blood of the violent Vermilion Bird Xian Ling’er within the body finally became quiet.

Ye Qing continued to infuse a lot of blood, with Supreme Dragon God Bloodline, strongly helped Xian Ling’er heal his injuries, and guided Xian Ling’er within the body’s Bloodline to run.

In just three hours, the Vermilion Bird blood essence of Xian Ling’er within the body of the riot finally settled down.

Ye Qing shines brightly in her eyes, sighed in relief in her heart.

Xian Ling’er is an expert of Xuantian realm anyway, and if he recovers from his injury, he can be stronger.

Next, in the mystery of Vermilion Bird, there must be more difficult levels. Ye Qing needs to cooperate with Xian Ling’er.

After the Vermilion Bird blood essence in the body riot stabilized, Xian Ling’er gradually regained consciousness.

The moment Xian Ling’er opened beautiful eyes, she saw a handsome face, Ye Qing!

Xian Ling’er exclaimed, didn’t expect, Ye Qing did not keep his promise and opened his eyes.

“You…you hypocrite, I want to punish you!”

Xian Ling’er screamed, originally thought Ye Qing was an upright gentleman.

But she found that she was thinking too much, Ye Qing simply is not an upright gentleman, she said that she didn’t have eyes opened, but she turned out to be…

“Punish me? Xian Ling’er, I just helped you heal your injury, didn’t expect you to abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal!”

Ye Qing complexion sank, the jade hand lifted by Xian Ling’er, gradually put it down.

speaking of which, Ye Qing is Xian Ling’er’s life saving benefactor, if Xian Ling’er shot Ye Qing, it would really be thankless wretch.

Xian Ling’er’s injuries have recovered a lot, and now his strength is even stronger, with the strength to fight Ye Qing.

However, Xian Ling’er still pays attention to principles. He didn’t go wild in front of Ye Qing, but was coldly snorted and ignored Ye Qing that’s all.

Ye Qing’s mouth raised slightly: “Xian Ling’er Little Sister, can’t blame me! I just have itchy eyes, so eyes opened to see that’s all.”

Xian Ling’er let out a constant anger, and the expression became more grim.

“The world is so beautiful, there are always beautiful things to appreciate, it’s amazing!”

Ye Qing smiled faintly, Xian Ling’er lovable body trembled, only then discovered that after waking up, he was only angry and forgot to put on clothes.

Xian Ling’er feels distressed. In short, encountering Ye Qing is like encountering a hit nemesis.

Turning around, Xian Ling’er turned her snow-white back towards Ye Qing.

In the storage ring, I took out some clothes and Xian Ling’er put them on to avoid embarrassment.

body moved, Xian Ling’er stood up, expression returned to calm, after all, he was a great character who had lived for 200,000 years, and his mentality was still very stable.

Furthermore, Xian Ling’er found that there was nothing abnormal in her body, presumably Ye Qing did not really do anything deviant when she fell asleep.

“Ye Qing, can we start the trial of the Vermilion Bird mystery fourth test now? Are you ready?”

Xian Ling’er expression is arrogant, and his attitude towards Ye Qing seems to have changed a lot. Instead of the previous intimacy, he is a lot stranger.

Ye Qing knows that she is sulking, and she doesn’t click, with a bright smile on her face.

“I’m not in a hurry yet, isn’t there a lot of the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor? I’m refining first, and then it’s not too late to start a new trial.”

Ye Qing said calmly, her eyes blooming, the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, that is absolutely good treasure, can’t be wasted!

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