Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1656


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Soon, the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor was smelted and absorbed by Ye Qing.

With Ye Qing’s innate talent, the speed of absorbing blood essence is incredible. Compared with Xian Ling’er, it has two levels.

Supreme Dragon God Bloodline gave Ye Qing enough capital to integrate the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor.

Actually, Ye Qing is not as weak as the Bloodline thought by Vermilion Bird illusory shadow.

Although Ye Qing is only the first-order Supreme Dragon Blood vein, he has completely awakened, and his body is strong and unparalleled.

Not long after, the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor was completely integrated into Ye Qing’s Bloodline.

His Bloodline is still based on Supreme Dragon God Bloodline, but it has some more Vermilion Bird Bloodline features.

Vermilion Bird is good at using fire. The Great Desolate Vermilion Bird released by Ye Qing has even more terrifying power.

Compared with the original Hong Desolate God Yan, it has undergone a fundamental change.

Ye Qing’s accomplishments in flames are invincible in the whole world unparalleled in the world.

“Well, next, we can try to open a new level!”

Ye Qing slightly smiled and glanced at Xian Ling’er beside him.

Xian Ling’er slightly nodded, feeling the power of Ye Qing, I couldn’t help being shocked.

With the strength of Xian Ling’er, when I watch Ye Qing, I feel like I can’t see through.

In the sky, Vermilion Bird illusory shadow drifts from.

He absolutely didn’t expect that, with the strength of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er, he was able to pass the third test and will open the last level of the Vermilion Bird secret!

Since ancient times, Vermilion Bird illusory shadow has seen a lot of Heaven’s Chosen from Dragon Race and Vermilion Bird One clan, including the powerful existence of Xuantian realm.

However, their achievements in the secret of Vermilion Bird are far inferior to Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er.

The two can be described as masterpieces, they are the most outstanding Heaven’s Chosen that Vermilion Bird illusory shadow has seen in the mystery of Vermilion Bird.

“Very well, I really hope you can pass the fourth test and get the true inheritance of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor!”

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow slowly said, in the past, he was a guard next to Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, of course, I hope that the secret art of Old Ancestor can have an Inheritor.

Ye Qing burst into a smile on his face and slowly said: “Senior, can you tell me, what is the treasure of the fourth test?”

Ye Qing asked about treasures before he even started to break through the barriers, and he felt a little impatient in his heart.

According to common sense, the treasures in the first three levels of the Vermilion Bird secret are very precious. When it comes to the fourth test, the treasures are definitely better.

Of course, Ye Qing asked what treasure was, and he had other thoughts in his mind. If treasure was not expensive, he wouldn’t be too lazy to break through.

“youngster, for your outstanding performance, I will tell you in advance that the treasure of the fourth test is the secret art of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, the seal of Supreme Vermilion Bird!”

Vermilion Bird illusory shadow speaks slowly, the eyes blooming with essence!

The Supreme Vermilion Bird seal is a middle grade mysterious technique, and it is the Supreme Treasure throughout the Great Ancient Era!

Be aware that the characters who are qualified to cultivation middle grade mystery skills in Great Ancient Era are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

After Vermilion Bird illusory shadow explained the treasure of the fourth test, Xian Ling’er lovable body trembled, the mood became obviously excited.

The legendary Supreme Vermilion Bird printing method belongs to the secret art of Old Ancestor. In the past, Old Ancestor battled running amuck throughout the world!

As long as the body within the body has the Bloodline of the Vermilion Bird One family, there is a chance to practice the Supreme Vermilion Bird printing method.

Of course, Ye Qing, as a member of the Supreme Dragon Race, was originally not qualified to cultivation Supreme Vermilion Bird.

However, after smelting the blood essence of Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor, Ye Qing can actually be called a member of the Vermilion Bird One family.

“Very well, Senior, please help us open the fourth test!”

Ye Qing’s eyes bloomed with the brilliance of his debut, Supreme Vermilion Bird printing method, he must cultivation, he is bound to win!


Vermilion Bird illusory shadow in the sky, between the waving of the arm, a bright radiance appeared, which directly opened a layer of Small World.

Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er, broke into Small World.

Vermilion Bird Secret Realm was originally a Small World, and a new Small World was opened in Small World. I have to say that there are many tricks in the Vermilion Bird Secret Realm.

The new Small World is a Fire Cave in which there are many Vermilion Bird hono.

In front of Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er, there is a suspended chain bridge.

If you want to pass, you must walk over the chain bridge!

At the other end of the chain bridge, there is continuously the Vermilion Bird Hono.

If you want to pass the chain bridge, you can only fight against the powerful Vermilion Bird hono.

Ye Qing’s eyes are full of brilliance. Looking at Xian Ling’er, they can see the worry in each other’s hearts.

Vermilion Bird Hono, very strong!

Moreover, there are many, which can be called continuously. It is not easy to pass the chain bridge smoothly!


Ye Qing let out a low roar and began to pass the barrier. He knew that the longer the delay, the harder it would be to successfully pass the barrier.

Amidst the floating figure, Ye Qing’s silhouette, like a phantom, came to the chain bridge.

Looking at the situation in front of the chain bridge, Ye Qing’s eyes became thicker.

The chain bridge has been occupied by those Vermilion Bird hono, and the strength that Vermilion Bird hono shows is at least in the Heavenly Venerate 9th layer!

Among a group of Vermilion Bird hono, there is even the existence of Xuantian realm.

“hong long!”

Ye Qing didn’t say a word, he chose to do it directly, and displayed a killing move.

one after another thunderbolt, spreading beside Ye Qing.

in a flash, he displayed the Thunderbolt Scud and used mystery skills to fight Vermilion Bird Hono.

Vermilion Bird Hono was burning with flames, extremely hot, and it was the sacred fire of Vermilion Bird.

Whoever gets caught in the flames of Vermilion Bird will definitely not end well.

However, Ye Qing is proficient in flames, with Great Desolate Vermilion Bird body protection, simply not afraid of those flames.

“hong long!”

The powerful Thunderbolt Scuds were displayed, shaking the sky and the earth. Ye Qing’s strength was unimaginable. In a moment, he blasted the fire slaves of the Heaven Venerable Realm on the chain bridge.

There are only two Huo slaves in the first stage of Xuantian, which is a very easy solution.

Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er each had automatic hands, and the two powerful Huns of Xuantian realm were still beaten to collapse.

It’s just that on the other end of the chain bridge, there are more Vermilion Bird honos appearing.

The first wave of Vermilion Bird Hono, but only fifty.

The second wave, the number has risen to one hundred!

Moreover, among the one hundred Vermilion Bird honobos, there are still three Xuantian First Stage existences, making it more difficult.

Ye Qing’s eyes are dignified. It seems that he must use the thunderous method to kill all the Vermilion Birds as soon as possible. The shorter the time to pass the chain bridge, the better for him!

While the figure flickered in the sky, Ye Qing started again, and displayed the low grade mysterious technique, Thunderbolt Scud!

At the same time, Ye Qing showed the horror of the Great Desolate Vermilion Bird.

A purple-golden flame was released, and even the Vermilion Bird hono of Xuantian realm could not resist, and was instantly hit hard.

“Ye Qing, hurry up!”

Xian Ling’er showed a swift approach, blasting a lot of Vermilion Bird Hono.

Some Vermilion Bird honos don’t have to be killed completely, as long as they blast out the chain bridge, those Vermilion Bird honos will be finished.

The bottom of the chain bridge is an endless abyss, and a hot flame aura is released. Presumably there is a fire sea below. If anyone falls into it, the end will be miserable.

Just when Ye Qing and Xian Ling’er charged and were about to pass the chain bridge, only the last 50 meters were left.

Mutation suddenly emerged, and reappears more Vermilion Bird Hono from thin air, the number reached two hundred!

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