Sorry, I’m Cheating Chapter 1724


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In the fire cave, Ye Qing was surrounded by a group of fire black Qilin, and began to devour the origin of the fire in front of me!

The existence of Qilin Black Qilin was originally to protect the origin of the fire.

However, after Ye Qing ate Demon Beast’s intimate pill, those Qihuo Hei Qilin had a very close relationship with him, and simply did not stop him!

Ye Qing elated in his heart, swallowing the entire source of the fire of ten thousand tribulations into his body!

The complete origin of the fire of a thousand tribulations has terrifying power. Ye Qing swallows all of it directly, and there is a risk of explosion and death.

However, Ye Qing expression is calm, as if not worried at all.

If it is divided into many times to refining the complete source of the fire of all calamities, it will undoubtedly weaken the power of the fire of all calamities.

Ye Qing directly devours all the origin of the fire of a thousand tribulations, if it is successful, it will be able to get the greatest benefit.

However, this is also very dangerous.

If you are a little careless, Ye Qing will be consigned to eternal damnation, and it is likely to be wiped out!

Lin Xian next to her has an expression of worry in her eyes, fearing that Ye Qing will be in danger.

It’s just that Lin Xian’s heart is very clear, with Ye Qing’s perseverance, he will never give up.

“Xian’er, stay by my side, don’t walk around, maybe the Old Guys outside will come in!”

Ye Qing said, gradually closing his eyes, concentrating calmly, and speeding up the speed of devouring the fire of tribulation!

The complete source of the fire of ten thousand tribulations, impacted in Ye Qing’s body, making Ye Qing’s whole person become manic.

His body has become crimson, and within the body there is an extremely hot flame burning, as if it might explode at any time.

Lin Xian next to her, with a heart raised in her throat, she was extremely worried.

It’s just that Lin Xian simply has no choice but to help Ye Qing. He can only stay by his side and accompany him.

In just two minutes, Ye Qing’s within the body, the manic power, gradually became a lot weaker.

The Bloodline Strength of Ye Qing within the body has played a huge role in suppressing the terrifying flame within the body!

Rank 2 Supreme Dragon Blood vein shows the role of heaven defying. Whenever the terrifying flame wants to destroy Ye Qing’s body, the Bloodline Strength of Dragon Race has played a role, constantly repairing the body.

Rank 2 Supreme Dragon’s innate talent Divine Ability can not only suppress external enemies, but also suppress the restless flames of Ye Qing within the body!

In Ye Qing’s within the body, a path of the terrifying Dragon God Heaven Sealing pillar, everything exists in the town, making the origin of the restless fire of a thousand calamities become much quieter.

As time goes by, Ye Qing’s within the body, that manic flame, has swallowed a large part!

With only the last 30% left, Ye Qing can completely absorb the origin of the fire of a thousand tribulations!

“Brother Qilin Brother Qilin, if someone comes to make trouble later, please do it!”

Ye Qing thoughts move, and contact Qilin who is present.

After hearing Ye Qing’s words, the Qihuo black Qilins are nodded humane.

They regard Ye Qing as a friend. If a friend is beaten, how can they give up?

Ye Qing cannot directly command those powerful Qihuo black Qilin, but the effect is not significant.

With the relationship of friends, even if Ye Qing cannot directly control them, he can still use their strength.

Not far from the Fire Cave, in the void, a path of silhouette descends!

Ye Qing flashed a cold glow in his eyes, and instantly saw that the situation was not good.

The older generation powerhouses of Peak in Shuiyuan City have come here one after another, including the existence of heaven defying in the 9th layer of Xuantian.

Zhou Dahua was in the crowd, with terrifying killing intent flashing in his eyes, clamoring for Ye Qing to be broken into pieces.

Listening to those wild calls, a cloud of clouds flashed between Ye Qing expression.

In Ye Qing’s current state, wanting to fight against those powerhouses of Xuantian 9th layer Peak, it is still not enough!

The point is, Ye Qing is still in the process of devouring the fire of myriad tribulations, if it is suddenly interrupted, the impact on the body will not be small!

Ye Qing now can be described as if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off!

Before the powerhouses in Shuiyuan City rushed over, Ye Qing must completely refining and absorb the origin of the fire within the body!

“whiz whiz whiz!”

Said it is too late and then fast. In the blink of an eye, a large wave of powerhouses in Shuiyuan City were killed, including Zhou Dahua and the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe.

The two hated Ye Qing, and they wanted to kill Ye Qing immediately.

Now that they came to Jie Fire Cave, they did not hesitate to direct their spearhead at Ye Qing.

“Brat, you have offended our demon wolf tribe, you are destined to have no good end!”

The patriarch angry roar of the demon wolf tribe, waved a pair of magic claws, and charged at lightning speed.

Zhou Dahua in the crowd launched an offensive simultaneously, extremely swift and fierce, fully displaying the strength of Xuantian 9th layer, shocking the audience!

After feeling the murderous aura released by Zhou Dahua and the demon wolf tribe patriarch, the Qilin Qilin around Ye Qing all made angry roars.

They regard Ye Qing as their best friend, and of course they cannot allow Ye Qing to be harmed.

Therefore, in an instant, there was a large group of Qihuo Black Qilin who stepped up to protect Ye Qing.

Seeing those Qihuo Hei Qilin’s shots, Ye Qing finally sighed in relief. The effect of secretly thought Demon Beast’s intimacy pill is still good.

The only pity is that the time for Demon Beast’s intimacy is almost up. There is only ten minutes of effective time. Now it is estimated that there are only two 3 minutes left.

I want to completely refining and absorb the origin of the fire within the body within 2-3 minutes. It is not small!

However, there is no other way now, only brace oneself!

Under the suppression of the Dragon God Heaven Sealing pillar, the restless flame within the body has gradually subsided.

Ye Qing’s eyes are beating with two strange flames, one purple-golden and one crimson. As time goes by, within the body’s two heaven defying flames, it’s just a few moments away. Can be completely integrated.

When the time comes, the battle strength erupted by Ye Qing will be unimaginable!

Just when Zhou Dahua and the patriarch of the demon wolf tribe rushed out, Ye Qing heard the roar of Qihuo black Qilin around him, feeling elated in his heart.

Rao is the patriarch cultivation base profound of Zhou Dahua and the demon wolf tribe. He was attacked by many Qilin Qilin at one time. They were in very bad condition and kept roaring in anger.

“Damn brat, how can he control the black Qilin?”

“It shouldn’t be. Qilin’s tyranny is impossible and controlled by him!”

“Or, did he eat the legendary Demon Beast?”

All present were big shots of the older generation in Shuiyuan City, and they were more knowledgeable. When I looked at the state of Qihuohei Qilin, I guessed it. It is very likely that they were affected by the Demon Beast Pill!

In Shuiyuan City, there is no Demon Beast Pill, it is a first-order exquisite profound pill!

Ye Qing can have Demon Beast Intimacy Pill, so that all powerhouses present are heart startled. It seems that if you want to move Ye Qing, you can only wait for the medicine efficacy of Demon Beast Intimacy Pill to pass, or force an attack.

“Everyone, you must kill Ye Qing today, even if you fight with those Qihuo Hei Qilin, you will not hesitate!”

At the order of Zhou Dahua, many powerhouses took action one after another. Their cultivation base was above the Seventh Stage of Profound Sky. The battle strength was terrifying, and in an instant, many Qilins were hit hard.

After being injured, Jihuohei Qilin became even more violent, looking desperately desperate. Many powerhouses in Shuiyuan City that were killed were covered in blood and wounded very seriously!

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